Wednesday, April 11, 2018

2017-2018 Champion

It was a Cinderella year for this GM, who started the year with a handful of keepers and no draft picks before the 12th round. Through hard work and determination he turned his team into gold throughout the year, first winning the Presidents Trophy as the seasons top team, before toppling all his competition in our first ever Head-To-Head playoffs - to become the leagues second 3 time champion, let alone our first H2H Champ. Congratulations No Homers. Incredible year.

King Flameheads takes home 2nd place after losing in the final week.

Greatness ended up beating Caribous for 3rd place. It was a tie at the end, but the season record between those two decided the victor.

Fantastic year everyone! #H2HForeva

(P.S. The digital cup files are lost and I can no longer update it. I have to work on something for us)

Friday, March 23, 2018

2018 H2H Survey Results

As posted on the league forums, here is the 2018 H2H Survey results:
*11 GMs responding

Most of the league were interested in upping the dues and fees, and thus increasing our prize pot. 72.7% said to up the dues to 25 bucks. 72.7% said to up the loser fee to $2.50, or higher. Only one person said they weren't interested in increasing anything. We have a majority here, and we will indeed increase dues and fees starting next season.

With regards to the playoff fees, this was kind of split. 45.5% said to not add playoff loser fees at all, and 54.5% said to add at least 2 bucks. We don't have a clear majority here, so I think we'll refrain from adding it. I will note however, that any one GM would only have to pay an extra 5 bucks as you can only lose once in the playoffs, and the prize pot increase is always nice. Still, we don't have a clear majority, so....

Amazingly, 100% of GMs are satisfied with the changes to the lottery system, and we'll be instating this immediately. Also, 72.7% said to revert to POST-playoff standings for the draft order after the first two rounds (the lottery rounds). We'll be doing that.

There is a bit of a divide here on transactions, but we do have a majority, enough of one to make a decision. 63.6% said that 2 moves a week is perfect. We'll keep things the same, but had we gone to 3 moves per week, the majority would have wanted to increase the yearly total to at least 50 (63.6%).

IR and IR+ : 
The majority want to switch how we do things here; 63.6% wants 2 IR+ and 1 IR instead of the other way. We'll change it for next year.

The majority did not want to remove any player stats (81.8%) nor any goalie stats (72.7%). There was some interest in getting rid of the harder to get stats, but not enough to consider this topic any further - ever again hopefully.

With regards to the question on GAMES STARTED, 72.7% said they were not interested in adding this. Had it gone the other way, the majority were not interested in adding any player stats to counter balance the added goalie one (72.7%). When asked if everyone wanted to turn all the stats on, or keep things as they are, 90.9% said that what we had now was perfect. No changes.

So, there is a total divide here. Half the league like 3 games as the minimum required, and the other half want it increased. There is a slight edge towards keeping it at 3 (54.5%), but 45.5% want it up to at least 4, with one GM wanting even more. We'll keep it where it is for now, but if the crowd who want more wish to rally next year and convince everyone to change, we'll listen.

Oh, and by the way, 81.8% said there was no need for extra penalties to be imposed on GMs who don't reach their minimums. There was a mix of everything for the desired penalty had we instated one, with most wanting transaction removals over draft pick swaps.

This section was nearly unanimous, so let's report it and get to the meat and bones that's coming soon.

90.0% said to keep our current format of division leaders getting top 3 seeds, and 'wild cards' for the rest.

100% said NO to a 6 team playoffs.

And finally, 72.7% said that locking non playoff teams is the way to go. BUT I WILL NOTE: There is a new conversation on this that may lead us to revisit the topic in the future for some slight adjustments.

Most GMs would enjoy expanding, or at least discussing this in the future. 36.4% said that 12 is perfect.

The biggest debate of the year, and truly the topic that is the heart of the league in many ways. That's perhaps why there is a clear divide. The league is split on weighted vs unweighted basically, when you boil all this down. Let's just dive in.

54.5% said they were satisfied with both the division and schedule setup. The rest were unsatisfied mostly with the schedule setup: 27.3% just the schedule and 18.2% both division and schedule.

There was a split here with 54.5% not wanting to make a change to how we currently decide the divisions, that being the year before's ranks. 27.3% liked the idea of division leaders from the year before 'drafting' the division makup one by one. We wont make the change for now, but it's something that perhaps could be discussed in the future. GMs could sway back and forth on this one I believe.

Ok, take a breath.

The debate at heart throughout all this is whether or not we want a divisionally weighted schedule, or a totally (or as close to as possible) even one. There are minor disagreements on either side of this aisle, but those are the two main elements.

When asked if GMs would prefer to face every team just twice - except one team - removing all divisional weights basically.... 54.5% said yes. 45.5% said no. Aye carumba.

We'll get back to the above results. When discussing in division weighting, here's what we found out.

72.7% DID NOT like the idea of just increasing in division games to 4 (4x3=12 and 1x8 and 1* schedule).

When asked if GMs would like a 2 div system, 63.6% said no, they would prefer the current 3 div system.

When asked if a 4 division 2 'Conference' style league would be preferred, 54.5% said NO. Seems this one was an intriguing option for several though, it should be noted.

With all the options on the table for GMs to choose from (within a divisionally weighted system, that is without the even schedule option among them) 54.5% said they prefer the keep things exactly as they are. 36.4% would prefer some sort of 2 or 4 division setup. 9.1% like 3 divisions, but more games in division, which does give the slight edge to 3 divisions over 2 or 4 in the end. There isn't a clear majority in any of this really, but it looks like it will be 3 divisions for the foreseeable future.

Okay folks, the divide is simple when you boil things down. If we keep a divisionally weighted system, the majority believe this 3 division even in games and out, 10 and 10 (plus 1*), is the way to go.

The big issue here, the big debate, the methodological argument is; do we want the divisional weights? Half the league say no. These GMs want an even schedule. They want to face everyone twice except one team.

So... the war rageth on.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

2017-18 Lottery Draft

Our lottery system can indeed be a real cruel bitch to some, but also extremely rewarding to others. It was definitely both this year. It truly is a wild thing to see 1 of 2 balls being selected out of a 40 total - and a shitty thing for Omar Epps's Nipples who had this happen to him, pushing his selection down to 8th pick from 2nd odds he had. The horrible luck wasn't only his to bear, however, as Caribous saw a similar fate in dropping to 7th pick from 3rd odds. On the other end of the spectrum, the 9th odds team No Homers - his picked now owned by Greatness - saw his position rise all the way up to 3rd, and Milltown Moose, who had 8th place odds, rose to 2nd overall! Pretty amazing.

The draft picks tracker page is now updated, and you'll see two sheets there; one with all 14 teams who played last year included, and one without. The 12 team final one has all of inTIMdators and Untrust's picks removed, with all the ones below it bumping up accordingly.

There were 4 GMs in attendance for this lottery, and while we were all together havin' a time, we also picked the games for the final and first weeks of the year, randomly by draw. These two 'Rival Games' were needed to fill out the 22 week schedule when we dropped a couple teams. The schedule is now fully complete and at any point you can see what your year looks like. When the leagues open up, these will be input exactly like this week by week.

Onward we go - September 1st is Keeper due date.

Friday, April 14, 2017

GUIDE TO DUB 2.0 -- 2017/18 Season

Everything you need to know about the Wasting Time Hockey League is (/will eventually be) here.

Before the 2017/18 season, after a couple years of debate, the commissioner took executive action and changed the league from a rotisserie format to Head-To-Head. It was a tumultuous time, but we got through it and have now developed H2H Dub style. Here's how things go.

Head-To-Head Details / Game Play Notes
Lottery Draft / Keeper League / Trades / Expansion

League Name: Wasting Time Hockey League
Custom League URL:
League Fee: $25.00 (Dues, but loser fees also)

- LOSER Fee: $2.00 per weekly loss is owed to the pot. If tied, that is split a buck a piece.
Prize Payout: With 12 teams: [(12 X $25.00 = $300.00) + (6 x $2.00 x 21 = $252.00) = $552.00] Presidents Trophy: $52.00 Playoff Champions: $300 for 1st, $150 for 2nd, and $50 for 3rd
Scoring Type: Head-To-Head
Max Teams: 16 (Current 12)
Roster Positions:
C, C, C, LW, LW, RW, RW, W, F, D, D, D, D, U, G, G, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR, IR+
Stat Categories: 
G, A, P, +/-, PIM, PPP, SHP, GWG, SOG, FW, BS, H, W, L, GAA, SV%, SHO
Draft Type: Live Draft (w/ Lottery)
Post Draft Players: On Waivers (2 days)
Max Transactions: 40 per season, 2 per week

Minimum Goalie Games Per Week: 3 Games
Waiver Time: 2 Days
Max Trades: NONE: Trade Reject Time: 5 DAYS
Trade End Date: 2-3 weeks before end of season

--Head-To-Head Setup --

  • 3 Divisions - 4 in Each - Top teams get top seeds
  • The week to week schedule can be found here
  • Teams that do not make the playoffs are locked.


One-Win Head-To-Head Format - Daily Roster Changes

Each week, you will either WIN, LOSE, or TIE based on your week overall across all stats, instead of a win/lose/tie per category (another option within H2H). This system is better for not padding wins and losses with blowout weeks. A win is a win is a win is a win. A loss is a loss is a loss.

(based on 12 teams - this will be adjusted based on final number of participants each year)

The 12 teams will be split into 3 divisions of 4 teams, and it will be based on the standings the previous year (though will be based on average rank history in year one of H2H). This design is intended to push and build upon rivalries. More divisions are better as well, than say just 2, for playoff purposes.

Here's how each years divisions will be determined:

Division A = Top 4 teams after playoffs (The Final Four)
Division B = Remaining 4 playoff teams
Division C = Remaining 4 Teams, the non playoff teams

Each season is normally comprised of 22 weeks, but some years have 21. Every season has 3 weeks of playoffs no matter if 21 or 22.

Each team vs each divisional team 3 times = 9 Weeks
Each team vs each non divisional team 1 time = 8 Weeks
ONE game vs divisional rival (1v4, 2v3) = 1 Week
ONE game vs each non divisional rival (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4) = 2 Weeks
ONE game vs Random Rival (determined by draw with other stipulations) = 1 Week
TOTAL of 21 Weeks

LINK: You can view the schedule here.

The top team in each division will be awarded top seeds. All other teams essentially enter a wild card race with the top of those remaining being the final 5 seeds. There will be 3 weeks of playoffs - 8 teams, 4 teams, championship - in final 3 weeks of the year.

The teams that are kicked out in the first round enter a Consolation Round for the final two weeks where they will compete for draft picks in their group. The winner will gain 5th pick in the lottery rounds; the runner up getting 6th pick; the 3rd place consolation team getting 7th; and the loser getting 8th.

There are some specific things about head-to-head that you should know. Be sure to check out the season game play notes found here.


There are some changes and additions that come with this shift in focus to Head-To-Head, but many things remain the same.

Regarding Stats:
These will remain exactly as they were, including the additional inflation on point-getters - it's been a philosophy of The Dub for this long, so it will remain now.

Regarding Rosters:
These will remain exactly the same as they were.

Regarding Injury Reserve Slots:
Instead of the 2 IR slots that we have, we will have 1 IR and 2 IR+. The difference is that IR+ allows you to put DTD and OUT players in that slot. IR will still only allow actual IR players.

Regarding Transactions:
There is maximum of 2 transactions per week and a YEARLY maximum of 40. NOTE: 2 moves X 25 weeks (including playoffs) = 50 total. There will be opportunities to gain yearly transactions through the season however, and yes, the can be included in trade addons. You can only use 2 per week no matter what, however. Anything gained or lost is regarding the yearly totals.

Regarding Minimum Games:
There is no weekly or season minimums for players, but Goalies MUST play 3 games a week.

Regarding weekly awards:
I will be bringing back a weekly award of free moves. It will no longer be the mover and shaker, however, but instead the Ass-Kicker of the Week. This will be awarded to the team that has the highest points spread in a win. Each Ass-Kicker will gain 2 free transactions.

Regarding dues, winning, losing, and monetary bragging rights:
The entry fee of each year will be $25.00. There will also be a weekly LOSER FEE as well, whereby the loser must add $2.00 to the pot. A tie will be split, a buck a piece.

(12 X $25.00 = $300.00) + (6 x $2.00 x 21 = $252.00) = $552.00

We will have a 'Presidents Trophy' where the top team PRE-Playoffs gets $52.00

The Playoff Champion gets $300.00, runner up gets $150.00, and 3rd gets $50.


The divisions and schedule are designed with rivalry building in mind.

12 Team - 3 Division - 2018/2019 Season
The divisions in year one were based on the overall rank history of the Dub. In all future years they are based on the previous years standings. The Final 4 will be Division A. The remaining 4 playoff teams become Division B, and the non playoff teams will be C.  The order of the teams are based on end year, post playoff rankings (though was end season rankings in 2018-19).

Each team vs each divisional team 3 times = 9 Weeks
Each team vs each non divisional team 1 time = 8 Weeks
ONE game vs divisional rival (1v4, 2v3) = 1 Week
ONE game vs each non divisional rival (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4) = 2 Weeks
ONE game vs Random Rival (determined by draw with other stipulations) = 1 Week
TOTAL of 21 Weeks


14 Team Schedule format: They are currently based on the overall rank history of the Dub, and in all future years they will be based on the previous years standings. The Final 4 will be Division A. The remaining 4 playoff teams, plus the top outside become division B, and the remaining 5 will be C.
NOTE: These may be adjusted for accuracy and best layout before the season begins.

14-Team Schedule
With a 14 Team format, we'd have 3 divisions: 2 containing 5 teams who all take on their own division 3 times; and 1 division of 4 teams who take on own division 4 times - both play every other team in others divisions once. Depending on a 21 or 22 week year, a 'make-up game' may have to be played, or not played. The schedule is based on 22 week years atm.
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The rules for trading players during the season are fairly strait forward and can be found below:
Any player can be traded for any player, whether they be a Keeper player or not. There will be NO league voting or commissioner voting for any trades during the season. What two GM's decide is a fair trade is up to them.

Off-Season Trading: (BACK IN 2018)
Players can be traded in the off-season should any GM's wish to do so, and can include swapping draft picks for the upcoming season, but not beyond.  The trading window will open on August 1st. All trades must be finalized before the keepers are selected on September 1st. Thus, trade deadline day is the end of day September 1st of each year.

Trade Add-Ons
You can use the following trade addons to your advantage. Should you wish to process a trade with either of these scenarios, both GM's must notify the commish with the details to ensure validity.

Trading Draft Positions
Each team has the ability to trade draft picks for the following season (For example, Team C can trade a player and their 2nd round pick to Team D for a player and their 3rd round pick). For each of these types of transactions, there are a couple of guidelines:
There must be an equal number of picks exchanged. Team A cannot trade 2 picks for 1 pick, for example, as the system will not allow that.
The trading of draft picks can only be for the following season and not any season beyond that.
Picks can be Re-Traded however many times necessary.

Trading Transactions
Teams are also able to attach transactions (add/removes) to their trades (For example, team A can trade a player and 2 transactions to team B for a player). This is a handy incentive come the end of year where some teams have none left while others have plenty. It it important to note  however that you cannot trade these in the offseason.

NOTE: Neither of the above addons can occur without players being swapped as well. These are addons only and cannot be used independently. For example, one cannot trade a transaction for a draft pick (as of now).

3+ way Trades
Trades can worked out between any number of GM's, but please note these important rules:
There must be email confirmation involved all GM's involved in the trade before it's valid (mainly if it involves addons)
Once a 3+ way trade commences, it cannot stop. No GM can back out when the first trade is made. A penalty will be enforced if this happens.

Should there ever be a dispute in any trade between GM's about the number of transactions or trade swaps (or anything) involved in any trade, all GM's involved in the trade will suffer a penalty.

The players (and/or addons) which were involved in the original trade(s) will be swapped back to the original owner. More importantly, each GM will also lose 5 transactions (for making the commish have to fuck around). If the team has no transactions left, the penalty will be a force down of 3 draft positions, swapping with the teams below them.