Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Dub 2.0

This format is best realized with 16 teams, and it is possible that Dub 2.0 will contain that many in the future should I decide to expand. For now, for the purposes of this post, I am going with the fantasy that 14 'Dubbers' stick with this. The divisions and schedule can and will be adjusted based on the number of GMs we end up with.

I will note that if I do not get 8 teams, I will not be continuing in any way. 8 for me is barely enough for the league I envision, but I will grow it from there if we can get a starting point.

Also note that should we get any less than 10 current members of the WTHL, we will be starting fresh; a complete wipe of keepers, contracts, and draft picks. We will have a snake lottery draft, with random determination of order. 10 or more current members, and we continue with everything as is, with regards to history.

And now, here is DUB 2.0. Digest it over the next few weeks, maybe months. We will talk.


This will remain basically the same, though with no pre-lottery - just 8 out of the 14 teams - and it will be based on the post playoff standings.


There will be a slight change here. Instead of a 3 year contract, we will be reducing it to 2 years. If we continue with the history we have now, all current contracts will keep the 3 year commitments, but all new ones will be 2 years.


One-Win Head-To-Head Format - Daily Roster Changes

Each week, you will either WIN, LOSE, or TIE based on your week overall across all stats, instead of a win/lose/tie per category (another option within H2H). This system is better for not padding wins and losses with blowout weeks. A win is a win is a win is a win. A loss is a loss is a loss.

(based on 14 teams - an example of 16 can be found here)

The 14 teams will be split into 3 divisions, and it will be based on the standings the previous year (though will be randomly selected in Year One of this new format - unless we get all 14 current members join; then it will be based on average rank history). We will have 1 division of 4, and 2 divisions of 5. This design is intended to push and build upon rivalries. More divisions are better as well, than say just 2, for playoff purposes. Here's how each years divisions will be determined:

Division A = Top 4 teams after playoffs (The Final Four)
Division B = Remaining 4 playoff teams + Top Rank of those who did not make the playoffs.
Division C = Remaining 5 Teams

Likely going with the following division names:

C: Porters Pals
B: The ZZZambonies
A: Pussy Pounders


Each season is normally comprised of 22 weeks, but some years have 21. Every season has 3 weeks of playoffs no matter if 21 or 22.

Division A will face their own division 4 times in the season (12 games) and everyone else once (10 games). In a year with only 21 weeks, they will not face one non division team, randomly selected

Division B a C will face their own division 3 times (12 games) and everyone else once (9 games) + 1 cross division rank showdown (based on previous years standings): 1vs1, 2vs2, 3v3, 4v4, 5vs5.

BTW: You can view an example of a 16 team schedule here. 14 will be trickier, but similar.


The top team in each division will be awarded top seeds. All other teams essentially enter a wild card race with the top of those remaining being the final 5 seeds. There will be 3 weeks of playoffs - 8 teams, 4 teams, championship - in final 3 weeks of the year.


There are some changes and additions that come with this shift in focus to Head-To-Head, but many things remain the same.

Regarding Stats:
These will remain exactly as they were, including the additional inflation on point-getters - it's been a philosophy of The Dub for this long, so it will remain now.

Regarding Rosters:
These will remain exactly the same as they were.

Regarding Injury Reserve Slots:
Instead of the 2 IR slots that we have, we will have 1 IR and 1 IR+. The difference is that IR+ allows you to put DTD and OUT players in that slot. IR will still only allow actual IR players.

Regarding Transactions:
There is maximum of 2 transactions per week and a YEARLY maximum of 40. NOTE: 2 moves X 25 weeks (including playoffs) = 50 total. There will be opportunities to gain yearly transactions through the season however, and yes, the can be included in trade addons. You can only use 2 per week no matter what, however. Anything gained or lost is regarding the yearly totals.

Regarding Minimum Games:
There is no weekly or season minimums for players, but Goalies MUST play 3 games a week. And this is is an absolute must (please see the tanking provisions below for more).

Regarding Tanking:
Tanking provisions are a necessary beast I've learned, and there is nothing really built into the system for it. Here's how we're going to handle it here:

- Goalies absolutely must play 3 games a week. Just losing the week - all goalie stats are lost if minimum is not met BTW - wont be the only punishment, as it could be what's desired if doing some cheeky tanking.

- 50% or more of players must play every night. Purposefully benching most players any night in effort to try and lose a week easily wont be tolerated.

Should either of the above be broken, you will lose 2 moves on first infraction, 2 moves plus a randomly selected draft pick of your worst 5 on your second infraction, and 5 moves plus your top draft pick on your 3rd. Infractions carry over 2 seasons.

Regarding weekly awards:
I will be bringing back a weekly award of free moves. It will no longer be the mover and shaker, however, but instead the Ass-Kicker of the Week. This will be awarded to the team that has the highest points spread in a win. Each Ass-Kicker will not only gain free transaction, but also an entry into a lottery to win free entry into the following season (just the entry fee, not any losses in that season).

Regarding dues, winning, losing, and monetary bragging rights:
The entry fee of each year will be $20.00. There will be a weekly LOSER FEE as well, whereby the loser must add $2.00 to the pot. A tie will be split, a buck a piece.
(14 X $20.00 = $280.00) + (7 x $2.00 x 22 = $308.00) = $588.00

We will have a 'Presidents Trophy' where the top team PRE-Playoffs gets $88.00

The Playoff Champion gets $350.00, and runner up gets $150.00


We may need an expansion draft of some sort if we go with 16 teams - or if we only get 8 - which is the ultimate way to go. We can make it work with anything less than that though, provided we have even teams, but we have to adjust the schedule that was outlined above. This will be handled by the commish, if necessary.

If we do need to expand, here's the rules (and we will need to expand in pairs if we do)

For Keepers:
- Current teams get to protect 8 players from their team.
- New GMs A and B play rock paper scissors 2 out of 3 to determine who picks players first (if not possible, then a random draw).
- One by one they select 8 players from the rosters of the current teams. Each team cannot select more than one player from any one team.
- Current teams then select their final 2 keepers from their roster.
- One by one the 2 new GMs select their final 2 keepers from the roster of the originals.

For Draft:
The 2 new teams will be awarded 1st and 2nd seed in the lottery. Team who selected a keeper player first, gets 2nd seed. Second selector gets top seed.

Should this expansion possibility become a reality, all above could be slightly adjusted to handle the influx.


Most of the above details can be adjusted in future years via the same democratic methods we employed in the past. For the first year, this is what we'll go with though. It is totally uncertain what exactly the makeup of Dub 2.0 will be, but this is the shell in which we will build upon. I'm extremely excited for this evolution

Monday, May 16, 2016

Lottery Draft Results 2016

10 GMs took part in this past weekends' year-end bash, and it was a fun ol' time as per normal. It actually may have been the most we have ever had at one of these things, so that was special to be part of. We could have taken the opportunity to make a variety of changes, but we didn't - drinking was too much fun. We did, however, change one thing regarding the weight of the pre-lottery. It will now be a descending order of balls from 6 to 1, according the to how the teams placed, giving better odds to the team with the 9th pre-lottery pick.

As always, we did indeed conduct the lottery to determine the order of picks for next season. Not too many huge surprises this year, with the 3 teams with the best odds retaining their pre-lottery positions at 1, 2, 3. Here's how it all turned out:

The draft lottery page has been updated to include a whole new sheet for the 15 teams that will now be drafting. Everything has been adjusted accordingly after the loss of Zig Zag Zambonies (aka THE DEAD ZONE) this past season.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mover & Shaker January

The month of January was King Flamehead's month, evidenced by the fact that you can count on one hand the number of days that this team didn't hold onto the number 1 spot. The analysts in the league are quick to note that KF has at least 20 games played - up to 70 for some of his top competitors - more than of any other team, however, meaning this command could potentially be inflated. There are 3 other teams within the top tier - Flames, No Homers, and Milltown Moose - who are all hoping that their games in hand eventually topple King Flamheads, but time will tell if the games yet to be played are as productive as those which KF has already locked in. With the top 4 teams being at most 17 points away from each other, this is still very much a heated race.  Even the extremely tight second tier - 4 teams within 3.5 point of each other - is remaining competitive, with any of them them having potential to climb that ~30 point gap to enter the top tier and push for the win. They have work to do, but the potential is indeed there. Fading, yes, but there.

In moving and shaking we have the GM-less team taking one of the prizes - again. That's two months in a row that THE DEAD ZONE has taken one of the mover and shakers; their 17.5 point gain this month solidified it. And proving again that January was King Flamehead's month, he wins the other award, with an impressive 26 point gain since January 1st. With that, he wins a free transaction.

The stats:

Friday, January 1, 2016

Mover & Shaker December

Never before have we had such parity in this league. In the past month, no less than 5 teams have started the day in number one position on different days, and right now there is less than 20 points separating the top 5 teams. It's an all out battle between more teams for a longer duration than ever before. But the battle that highlights this roundup is the one between No Homers and Milltown Moose. Through some contentious jibber-jabber throughout the season, the gauntlet was thrown down, and a side bet was born between the two; whoever finishes higher than the other, gets his dues paid for the year, by the loser. As it stands at the moment, these two teams are in the top two positions, with No Homers having an ever so small lead of only 1.5 points. If this positioning keeps up to the end, their dues will be paid for by winnings. Who gets the name on the cup, and the bragging rights, is yet to be determined... if it's even these two that hold out. As we've mentioned, there is a tight race this year.

In moving and shaking this month, we had 2 teams that made 30+ point gains. Here's the kicker though; one of these teams is under control of the league, having it's GM recently take a hike. That free move will be nullified, but the top gainer of points this month, Omar Epps Nipples, will indeed gain his reward. The 33 point upwards movement this month deserves it.

The Stats:

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mover & Shaker November

Another month has concluded in the beloved dub, and one thing is for certain; the top tier of teams are extremely competitive this year. This is great to see, considering in most years we have a couple teams blowing the rest of the league out of the water for many months of the year. Not this year, however; this year we have the top 3 teams being 1.5 points away from each other, the top 5 teams only 8 points away from each other, and the 7th place team is only 16 points back from 1st. Pretty incredible stuff so far, but the most notable thing right now is seeing a perennial contender competing when he probably shouldn't be. At the start of the year Greatness sold off much of his stock in effort to prepare for future years, like a few other teams did this year. Even after doing this, the team remains in the top 3, after spending much of November 1st overall. Simply amazing really.

The movers and shakers this month come from the top tier, as they likely will all season while the bottom tier all tank and prepare for the future. This time around, No Homers and King Flameheads had the best gains - 35 and 21.5 respectively - as they positioned themselves well within top competition. For the great months they had, they both win a free transaction.

The Stats

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mover & Shaker October

It's nearly a full month into the 11th season of our beloved league, and as per normal things have been extremely interesting thus far. The season began with last years top contenders immediately selling off most of their player assets in a tactic to ensure many of the very best players return to their rosters for future years. This set off a trade flurry as the teams who weren't giving up this year pushed to get as many of those assets as they could. All teams were basically forced to make a decision of whether or not to make a run this year or not, pretty much immediately. Everyone joined in, selling whatever assets they could, for either players or picks depending on their current outlook. As of this morning, there have been 33 trades made already in this early season, involving 89 player movements, along with 94 trade pick movements. Even at this very early junction, most of the teams are completely unrecognizable to the teams they started the year as.

After the bulk of trade activity calmed down, a top 8 / bottom 8 prediction was made by yours truly, based on gut feelings of the on paper rosters. As of right now, that prediction is near perfect, save two teams throwing it off. Ploughman's Posse hasn't quite held onto his early strong start, and has fallen just out of the top tier of 8. And Greatness appears to have the opposite issues; even after selling off top talent, he sits in 3rd place overall, seemingly unable to tank the season correctly. It's still extremely early, however, and whether or not this prediction comes true, or how it will fall out exactly within those tiers is yet to be known. Rotisserie is a bitch, and sometimes the unknown can bite everyone in the ass.

We have a slight change to the Mover and Shaker award this season. Instead of doing this every 4 weeks - Sunday to Sundays - the awards will be declared on the 1st of every month, as a recap of sorts to the month prior. This first month is an easy calculation, based on everyone being tied for 1st at the start with 144.5 points. We have 9 teams above that mark currently, with the top two being Milltown Moose, and The inTIMidators. Their gains of 52.5 and 37.5 points respectively, not only put them in the top positions of the league, but also crown them the 1st month's Mover and Shakers, gaining them a free move each.

The Stats:

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ready To Rumble

September 1st has come and gone, and with that the deadline for keepers and trading has now passed. The keepers have been locked into the system, and all other roster players are officially free agents waiting to be drafted, or not. The players page - if filtered on 'All Available Players', which is default - will now have all 160 keepers removed from that list. You will likely still have to remove these players from your Pre-Draft Rankings if you want to see what's available or not in there, should you be the type to use the Pre-Draft Rankings option.

In addition to this, the draft picks for all 13 rounds of drafting have also been set up in the yahoo system. If you go to the 'Draft Results' page within the 'Draft' section of the league, you will see where all your picks are. Of course, this is always available on the blog as well.

As a reminder, draft day is on Sunday September 13th, starting at 9:00 PM Newfoundland time. Trading will officially open again immediately after the draft is complete.

The NHL begins it's games on Wednesday October 7th.

Let's get ready to rumble!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Off-Season Trade #6

Milltown Moose continues to be busy in his rebuild after regaining his team late last season. He and No Homers pulled of a straight up pick swap trade this morning:

From Milltown Moose:
4th Round Pick
4th Round Pick (via Ploughman's Posse)
13th Round Pick (via Roly Snipes)

From No Homers: 
2nd Round Pick (via Figjam)
8th Round Pick (via Caribous)
8th Round Pick (via Zig Zag Zambonies)