Saturday, September 27, 2008

Welcome to '08-'09

16 Team* - 20 Player - Rotisserie
20 Stats - 25 Transactions - 15 Trades

FEE: $20.00
Winnings: 1st - $200, 2nd - $100, 3rd - $20
Early Bird Entry by Sept. 21st
Draft Day: September 28th
Season opens on Oct 4th.

Everything you need to know about the league is found in the links to your right.

Things you Should Know

It's a rotisserie league. To see how it works, go HERE.

Pay attention to Max Games.

Contests n' Competitions

Weekly Point Gain Competition:
Every week the team with the biggest point gain will be rewarded a free transaction (Add/Remove).

Monthly Top Spot Competition:
Every 4 weeks, the team who was ranked number 1 on average most during the month will be rewarded a free Transaction (Add/Remove). (NOTE: This is slightly altered from last year. It’s not just who’s on top at the end of the month anymore. It’s an average, which is more fair)

Christmas Charity Drive
The team in the very last spot on Christmas day will be given some charity to help their pathetic team: 3 free Transactions!

All Star Competition:
At the All Star Break, the team on top in each of the stat categories will be rewarded 1 free transaction (Add/Move) for each stat (20 total).

*NEW* Easter Egg Competition
The team(s) with a +/- of exactly 0 will get 2 transactions. If none, too f'n bad.

Addons to Trades

In an attempt to make our keeper league a little more interesting, I'm adding some additional personal touches to trades. As teams try to lock their final rosters in before the end of the season, you can use the following addons to your advantage:

Trading Draft Positions (NEW)
This year, we have the ability to trade draft picks for next season (For example, Team C can trade a player and their 2nd round pick to Team D for a player and their 3rd round pick). Again, this can come in handy as you try and lock up your keeper players throughout the year.

Trading Transactions
Like last year, teams are able to attach transactions (add/removes) to their trades (For example, team A can trade a player and 2 transactions to team B for a player) This is a handy incentive come the end of year where some teams have none left while others have plenty.

Just let the Commish know when one of these scenarios takes place.

Lottery Draft in '08-'09 (and Beyond)

Next season, we will be switching from a random draw draft to a lottery style much like our sister organizations the NHL. Below is how it’ll work:

The bottom 8 seeded teams (9-16) draft places will be decided on a by a lottery, each getting a certain number of entries based on their ranking. For example, the team ranked 16th will get 8 entries; the 17th will get 7, 16th - 6, etc.

The top 8 teams from last year will fill places 9-16 in the draft with the top seeded get 16th and last pick. The 2nd seed with get 2nd last and so on.

PLEASE NOTE: Draft picks for next year can be traded between teams which can cause slight alterations to above. Go to the trading section for more info.