Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 13

Because I'm late getting this posted and rewared, I'm going to keep my diatribe short and sweet this time around.   The 20cent InTIMidators gained 20.5 points last week (up to Sunday past) and that was by far a good enough gain to win.  With that, his max transactions drop from 19 used to 18.  Congrats.

Stats here.  Rub to enlarge.  I mean, click.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mover and Shaker Week 12 - Team of the Month Three

Mover and Shaker - Week 12

It was quite an amazing week for a couple of teams, and quite shitty for most of the rest.  It was quite amazing to see this morning that all but 4 teams dropped in points over the past 7 days, which is something I don't believe has happened before.  What's quite spectacular about this is that 2 of those 4 teams took a combined 49.5 points away from everyone else.  In the end though, as always, we can only have one winner (unless it was a tie) and in the case of the past week, that winner is Flames who gained 27 points beating our SharpClawedMoose who gained an equally impressive 22.5.  The Flames' number of transactions drop from 8 to 7.

Team of the Month Three

History has been made once again this week and like last week (with regards to the M&S award) it involves Figgy.  For the first time ever we have two teams tied as the Team of the Month.  Both Figgy and Untrust's battle wages on with both teams finishing in the top spot twice out of 4 weeks and 2nd the other two weeks.  Their average placement in this case is 1.5.  With that, they both win a free transaction.  Figgy drops from 10 used to 9 and Untrst from 21 used to 20.

Congrats everyone.  Stats below.  Click to enlarge.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 11

This weeks Mover and Shaker breaks some new ground in this league, achieving something that (I believe) has never happened before.  It is typical for a Mover and Shaker to be awarded to a team that is ranked lower rather than higher, as they have more ground available to move up.  This week however, one teams grab of 15 points while being ranked in the top 2 positions is a first.  Figgy was the team of note and the winner this week.  With this award his max moves drop from 10 used to 9.

Stats here.  Click to make big.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 10

For the 2nd time in a 4 week period, Ploughmans Posse wins the Mover and Shaker award in week 10.  What's most interesting to note this time around though is that he did so with a commanding 21.5 point jump.  No other team came even close to that number with the highest gain behind Posse being only 7 points (The inTIMidators).  Impressive week and for it, his max transactions drop from 14 to 13.

Stats below; click to enlarge.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 9

Two teams really stood out this week and commanded the moving and shaking, both of which gaining at least 20 points, which is quite impressive considering the highest mover behind them had only 8 points gained.  On the other end of the spectrum exactly half of the league lost points with the biggest loser being King Flameheads dropping 17.5 points during the week.

SharpClawedMoose gained a whopping 20 points this past week, but unfortunately still remains in the basement of the league.  What's even more unfortunate is that the other top mover and shaker gained only 0.5 points more (20.5 total) and with that the hopes and dreams of a free move for the bottom placed team was erased.  Instead, the champ from last year gained some momentum this week and for that, Greatness gets the win.  His transactions used drop from 10 to 9.

Congrats.  Stats below and as always click to enlarge.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mover n' Shaker Week 8 - Team of the Month Two

This week featured a massive drop for one particular team which helped 9 other teams to rise.  The inTIMidators dropped an incredible 31.5 points this week which is double that of the next highest loser of points.  Not a good week for this GM, but we're not here to talk about the loser of points but instead the gainer.  So, lets' do that.  The Mover and Shaker for week 8 is Sunnyvale Shithawks who gained 16.5 points during the week for this GM's first award of this type for this season.  With this win, his max moves drop from 10 to 9.

Also, with week 8 coming to an end, so does Month 2 of this season and we all know what that means; Another award for the Team of the Month.  As you know, this is based on each teams average weekly placement in the standings with the best averaged team getting a free move.  For month number two, this particular team is Figgy with an average placement of 1.25, missing the top spot only one week during the last 4.  With this achievment, his transactions also drop from 10 to 9.

Stats below.  As always, click to enlarge:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Goalie Opinion Survey Results

The results for the Goalie Opinion survey are in and right away it's apparent from the first two questions that change is desired in this league.  In the first question, only 31.3% of GM's stated that "Everything in the league is perfect right now." when asked about their overall thoughts on the league.

It's not surprising that these results come about as this survey was made available in the first place through conversation about 'The Goalie Situation'.  Before the first word was typed for the first question of this questionnaire, it was apparent that discontent was present.  Furthermore, all GM's came into this with knowledge that Goalies were likely what needs to change. The 2nd Question confirmed that.

When asked about their overall feelings on Goalies in particular, the consenses seems to be that 'Something needs to change' with 62.5% of the league selecting that option.

In anticipation of this result, the survey then attempted to resolve concerns that some of the GM's have voiced, and we may have come no closer to doing so after reviewing the results... 

As you know, all 16 GM's voted on 3 different scenarios in the survey. The scenarios (and I trust you remember the details) were as follows:

The Goalie Cap Scenario:
4 GM's said "Yes, if we had to change, this is one way to go.
12 GM's said "No, absolutely not. This is barbaric and dictatorial!"

The Playable Roster Spot Drop Scenario:
4 GM's said "Yeah, this could work."
12 said "This is retarded."

The Goalie Stat Removal Scenario:
10 GM's said "One stat less would not be the end of the world."
6 GM's said "I do NOT want to drop any goalie stats."

When asked to pick ONE of the above scenarios as a possible solution, here's how GM's voted.

As you can see a bare majority of GMs (56.3%) believe that "The removal of 1 goalie stat from the stats sheet." would be the best option of the three. This leaves 43.7% split between the other two.

What's interesting to note here is that unfortunately the removal of one goalie stat only serves to decrease the goalies value, which is only one of the concerns expressed.  There still remains the issue of 'Goalie Hoarding' (as it's affectionately referred to as) and the other two options (or perhaps another un-thought of one) could solve that issue.  It shouldn't be ignored that nearly half the league wanted that kind of change...

With that said, let's move on and discuss deeper topics discovered within the discussion of goalies in this survey.  It should be interesting to note know that 50% of the league voted out GS's (with some very strong opinion added in the spaces provided) when asked which could go if one had to.  The remaining half were spread over 4 other categories as seen below:

It is very likely that a vote will occur in the near future deciding  the fate of one goalie stat, according to these results.  It is also extremely likely that a complete overhaul of the Goalie philosophy could occur.  An astounding 81.3% of GM's voted for a switch from GA and SV to GAA and SV% stating that "It just makes sesnse".

This notion will also come to vote... obviously.

In the end we may have solved one concern with regards to the general opinion of over half the league, but there still remains and underlying issue that still needs to be addressed.  Or maybe the change in a goalies value is enough to solve the 'Hoarding' issue?  We'll have to wait and see.  The debate rolls on.

NOTE: The winner of the 2 free Transactions was the The Killbot Factory.


Mover and Shaker - Week 7

In the recent days we have seen one team make some massive changes to their team; a revamp of monster proportions made possible through the trading of big time players.  It appears in the early going of this revamp, things are paying off.  With a gain of 16.5 points over the past week (after losing 16 the week before), Ploughmans Posse could have turned things around.  We'll have to wait and see of course, but in the meantime he gets one free transaction for being the Mover and Shaker of the week, dropping him from 13 used to 12.

Stats below.  Click to enlarge.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 6

What a weeks it's been in the WTHL with 11 teams moving up in points during the 7 days.  It's a feat that seems unnatural with only 16 teams in the league but with No Homers! losing 29.5 points, Ploughmans Posse losing 16 and TeamSniperElite losing 14.5 points, it all becomes clear as to how so many teams were able to rise.  Apparently, 3 teams massive falls equates to many other teams rise, be it a little one or not.

With that said, 3 teams had an opposite journey this week gaining over 10 points and all 3 being within 2 points of each other in gains.  In the end though, one squeeked through with a gain of 13.5 points to capture the Mover and Shaker this week.  That team is Pussy Pounders who is having a great season thus far and with this win, his max moves drop from 2 to 1.

Stats below.  Click the pic to enlarge.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 5

While half the league gained points this past week, three teams truly dominated the movin' and shakin' this time around with the lowest of these 3 gaining 14.5 points and the highest gaining 29 points.  In fact, for the first time this season we have a tie with this particular award with 2 teams gainin' that lovely increase of 29 points.  Both The 20¢ inTIMidators and Porters Penquins made that huge jump this week and with that they both win the award.  The 20¢ inTIMidators drop from 8 moves used to 7 and Porters Penquins drop to 4 transactions used from 5.

Congrats.  Here are the stats.  Click the pic to enlarge:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mover n' Shaker Week 4 - Team of the Month One

This week of fantasy hockey action ends with exactly half the league moving up and the other half moving down (or not at all) with regards to overall positioning.  The movement was all over the place though, with some teams gained 20+ points (No Homers, King Flameheads) while on the other end of the spectrum some teams lost up to 30+ points (like SharpClawedMoose) and one team didn't even move at all (Untrust).   With that said, the focus turns to those who gained and of the top two (mentioned above) only one can win and in the end No Homers squeeked by with a gain of 24 points over KF's 22.5.  With that No Homers moves drop from 3 to 2.

The first Team of the Month comes today as well, which is an award given to the team with the best average rank over the past month.   Surprisingly enough it was not Greatness who commanded this award all last season.  This year, the first award of this type goes to Pussy Pounders with an average placement of 1.25, which is also a surprise as this team finished dead last in the previous year.  It's a great start for this team and with the win this month, the teams transactions drop to 1 from 2.

Congrats to the winning teams!  The stats are below and again, you can click the pic to enlarge.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 3

It was a busy week this time around with 10 of the 16 teams gaining points, and 6 of those gaining more than 10 points.  With that said, there were some massive losses in points by some teams as well, but that is neither here not there at this point.  Were here' to talk about winners and there is only one of those, so let's get to it shall we; This week the mover and shaker award goes to the The 20¢ inTIMidators who gained 23 points during the 7 days.  His transactions numbers drop from 5 to 4.  Congrats!

Check out the stats below and you can click the image to enlarge it should you wish.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 2

After a very dismal start for one particular team, things seem to be looking up... for one week anyway.  King Flameheads had an exceptional week gaining 40 points during that period, which is at least 12 more than any other team.  With this achievement, the teams wins the mover and shaker for week 2 and because of this, his transactions drop to 3 from 4.

Here's the stats. Click to pic to enlarge.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 1

The first Mover and Shaker award comes only 4 days into the season.  It is done this way to, first of all get an idea of who is taking the first jump, but also to keep the award presenting to Sunday without having to wait a week and a half.  It should also be noted that the starting point for all teams will not be 0 but instead each teams points total at the end of last season.

So, without further explanation let's kick things off.   The Mover and Shaker for week one is none other than 'Pussy Pounders' who commanded top spot in the league after 3 days of NHL action.   The team now has 196.5 points which is plus 105.5 points from where he ended last season (91pts).  With this achievement, his transaction totals drop from 1 to 0.  Congrats!

Here's a snapshot of how things look:


Full stats can be found within the stat book, which is linked to up top.

Friday, October 2, 2009

09-10 Season Has Begun!

The 09-10 season of the NHL began last night and with that so has the 5th season of WTHL action.  It's bound to be a very interesting year this year with hopefully lots of surprises and even more questions:

Will Greatness win again?

Will it be Ploughman's Posse who was competing for top spot most of last season?

Will Untrust regain a championship team after winning 2 years ago, to finish last place after last season?

Will some other team show all 3 up?

How will have the luck; both good and bad?

Who will not get their rosters set each night?

Who will sell the farm for draft picks?  Or picks for the farm for that matter?

No matter what the answer to these and many other questions may be, there is only one WTHL and this blog writer, GM and Commissioner is extremely excited to have the season started.  I hope all you feel the same.

History Has Been Made

On September 29th, 2 days before the NHL season opened, history has been made in the WTHL by way of the first ever 3 way trade.  This historic trade went as follows:

It began with Ploughman's Posse sending Brandon Dubinsky (NYR - C) Player notes and Mark Recchi (Bos - RW) No new player Notes to SharpClawedMoose in exchange for Blake Wheeler (Bos - RW) Player notes and Marco Sturm (Bos - LW) New player notes.

Blake Wheeler (Bos - RW) Player notes and Mark Recchi (Bos - RW) were then shipped to King Flameheads, who sent Patrice Bergeron (Bos - C) Player notes the 'The Posse' and Matt Cullen (Car - C) No new player Notes to SharpClawedMoose.

Though this trade may not have featured many huge names like the trade that kicked things off last season, but it is a first of it's kind and worthy of note.  It's a good reminder to everyone that any deal can be made provided you're willing to work together.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Team by Team Draft Analysis

To give everyone an idea of what each team is looking at for the draft tomorrow, here's a brief overview of the first 5 rounds (after keepers).  I've ordered the teams by draft selection before trades being applied.  Enjoy!

The GM for this team is perhaps in one of the best positions for drafting this year.  It may have something to do with finishing last place last season, but also because of the trades he was able to pull off.  This team has 3 first round selections and the all happen before pick 12.  Though he may have to wait two rounds before he picks again, he also has 2 picks in the 4th meaning he'll have 5 selections complete before the 5th round even starts.  This is a great setup to improve on his existing keepers.

Pussy Pounders
Because of this teams positioning last year and lack of involvement, they are set up fairly normal with the 2nd pick in every round.  This is also not a bad way to improve on a team, but as the rounds get deeper, some swapping of picks last year certainly would have helped his changes this year.

This GM did some movement with his picks last season, but unfortunately they were downward  movement.  What would have been a 3rd pick in the first and 2nd round is now a 16th pick in the first round and none at all in the 2nd.  The only bonus this reviewer sees in his setup is that he'll have 6 players selected by the end of the 5th round, which is 1 up on most everyone else.

By most everyone else mentioned above, I don't mean Figgy.  This GM is set up almost as good if not better than that of the GM for Untrust.  Not only does his team begin with solid keepers (all with a starting rank of 30 or below), he also has 6 (That's SIX) picks before the end of the 3rd round.   Though he will no longer pick until the 7th round, this is a beautiful setup and a great opportunity.

King FlameHeads
The KF are in a similar situation as the previous team but without as much bounty, starting with the Keepers which aren't as solid.  He will have 7 selections before the end of the 5th round however and a great chance to snag a few solid players before anyone else can.

This team though fairly active last season is set up much the same way as the Pussy Pounders.  He'll have the 6th selection in every round (expect for an extra one in the 7th and none in the 15th). 

Sunnyvale Shithawks
Though this GM gave up his first round pick last season, he will still end the first 5 rounds on the plus side by having 6 players.  The 2 picks in the 2nd and 4th rounds will help achieve that.  Nice positioning.

Milltown Moose
With an extra pick in the 3rd, this team will finish the first 5 rounds also with an extra player selected but is fairly straightforward for the rest of the draft.  He'll be selecting 8th in nearly every round.

This team is the expansion team and will select 9th in every round.  Let's see how the newbie does with it!

The 20¢ inTIMidators
 Though this team will finish the first 5 rounds with 5 players, his selections have taken a downward spiral after trading his first round pick.  He picks up the extra one in the 4th round.  It's a fairy good start for this team, but the first round pick would be a huge help to the lineup he's starting with.

No Homers!
This GM is in some rough shape when it comes to drafting.  Yes, he does have two late picks in the first round, but he then does not pick any until the 6th.  That means by the time most teams have at least 5 players selected, he'll have only 2.  He'll make up for it in the later rounds but it'll be tough seeing some of those top players being selected by other GM's.

This GM will finish the first 5 rounds with 5 players, but each of his last 3 selections have been bumped up just a tad from his original 12th positioning.  Sly little bugger.

Ploughman's Posse
The GM of the Posse is in a similar situation as the No Homers! GM.  When he selects his one and only pick in the 1st round, he must then wait 54 picks before he picks anyone else.  He will then end the first 5 rounds with only 3 players taken, one in the 4th and one in the 5th.

The Killbot Factory
This GM does not have a first round pick, but will still end the first five rounds with 5 players with 2 selections in the 2nd round.

Porter's Penguins
This GM does not have a first round pick and will only have 4 selected by the end of the 5th round.  This trade (1st for 13th) is the only trade he made involving a draft last season, meaning he'll select 2nd last in every round besides the two previously mentioned.

This GM, like the Posse's and No Homers! has a tough wait to endure; a 50 pick wait after his 3rd pick, number 99 overall.  His saving grave however is that he has 2 first round selections before that number 99.  He'll finish the first 5 rounds with those 3 players and on other selected in the 5th for a total of 4.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Week To Go

It's now only one week before we draft the final 18 players for our teams.  Discussions between GM's regarding strategy are beginning to heat up with some spilling plans and others keeping secrets.   All in all, there is a general air of excitement building so much so that many GM's have wanted to bump the draft day up a little.   Personally, this GM is happy to wait knowing how quickly time flies.  Before we all know it, Oct 1st will be here and with that the first night of 09-10 NHL season begins. 


You owe 20 dollars.  Paypal and email money transfers are accepted should you not be able to meet the Commish in person.  Alternatively you can work out something with a mutual friend who does see the commish often.  Whatever way you choose to pay, it must be done 24 hours before the draft begins.  This is a strict deadline as we want all GM's entering the season on even ground.  Please make every effort to get your dues in as soon as possible.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Draft Order Is Set!

In my last update email (which was like today) I said that it could take me a while to get the order set and the Keepers along with it.  I was wrong.  I have it done and double checked...

BUT, having said that, I strongly suggest that all GM's review thier keepers and draft orders to ensure they are correct.  I thoroughly believe they are, but check none the less.  I'm leaving it up to all to do so.

ALSO, what's really neat is that you can see your keepers and the draft order number by number in the Draft Results page within the Draft Central tab.  Click HERE to see the results team by team.  If that doesn't work, go sign in and do it yourself.  :-)

Final 5 Keepers

September 11th 2009 was not only the 8th anniversary of the attacks on America (google 9/11 truth, btw) but also the deadline for 16th team to select their keepers.  Below are those 5 players which GM Justin has selected:

1. Cristobal Huet
2. Johan Franzen
3. Jason Spezza
4. Pascal LeClair
5. Chris Pronger 

That is now 80 players gone from the list.  It's suggested that you go through your Pre Draft Rankings and exclude them all.  They're all listed on the Keeper Tracker page for easy reference. See above for the link!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Favorite Teams League

This has nothing to do with the WTHL but I thought any readers would be interested to know about a little fun league that was started by the GM of Greatness.  It's a favorite teams league where you pick your favorite NHL team, get assigned up to 25 players currently on that team and away you go.  It's a head to head, double conference league and should be a good laugh.  We're hopin' to get 20 teams just to get as close to possible to the NHL.

If you're interested in gettin' involved, contact myself or 'Greatness' and you'll get the invite.  You'll likely get the invite anyway.

Teams taken as of this moment: Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Boston, LA, Vancouver.

Grab a team and get on board.  Very little management needed so ya wont be taken away from the real league, no worries.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

WTHL Data Sheets

Well folks, after setting up all the links to each individual page of the stats book (which I like to refer to as the Data Sheets) I realized that it navigation through sheet to sheet wasn't easy.   It was a constant back and forth kinda cycle.   With that, I decided to give ol' Google Sites a shot and see what it can do.  What it did was help us have a full Data Sheet with easy access to everything.

The link to the data sheet is HERE (which is http://sites.google.com/site/wthlstatssheets) or you can use the handy menu up top to find what you're looking for.   It has sheets for the the monthly tracking of stats, keeper tracking, draft trade tracking, final rosters from last year... and other shit I can't quite remember right now.   Basically, it has everything you need in one little package.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Keeper Tracker Update

For those interested, I have updated the Keeper Tracker spreed sheet to include the starting ranks of all 80 players.  It's interesting to see how the teams look lined up this way... and will be very interesting to note the change in the players next season.  Check it out.

Also, I was alerted to a great Fantasy Hockey Projections page today which is worthy of a look.  Perhaps see what that page's opinion is of your keepers.  I know I'll be checkin' it out.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Register NOW - Leagues are Open

I am pleased to announce that as of 7:30pm Newfoundland Standard time on September 1st, 2009 the Yahoo Fantasy Leagues are now open for registration.  The 09-10 season of the WTHL has been re-established and 9 managers have already joined (including our new member, number 16).  If you are not one of those 9 and are reading this right now, please take the time to register as soon as possible.


It has been discovered that the league cannot finalize the draft order of each round or dedicate our keepers to each team until ALL 16 teams have registered in the league.  This has caused a bit of anxiety to the commissioner as he is reminded of how long it took for some to join last year.

It is VERY important that you all take the 2 minutes needed to sign up to league so that the 18 rounds of draft orders and 5 rounds of keeper selections for 16 teams can be set and double checked.  This will take time.  Please help by registering early.  You do not need to pay the 20 dollar fee to register, so no worries about that.  Just get your team in there.

The league will not set a deadline for this to happen as each GM will be trusted to understand the importance of doing so.   If it comes down to a deadline in the coming days, then so be it.  For now, just please register using the invite you've been sent or the information recently emailed.

Thank you.

Keepers are Finalized!

At 11:30pm on keeper deadline day, the commish received a call from one particular owner in the WTHL wondering what the final keeper selection was.  Unfortunaly at that time, I didn't know as even with 29 minutes to go there was one team remaining who didn't submit all 5 players.  I told him I'd call him back.

10 minutes later I receive a text from the GM of Porters Penquins stating only "Markov" and 30 seconds later I get another message stating "Franzen".   It was clear that he was having a hard time deciding on number 5.  Eventually though, with no time to spare, he did make his final pick at 11:59pm exactly and thus all Keepers for the 09-10 season have been selected.  

For those wondering, you can see all keepers for all teams on our Keeper Tracker spreadsheet which is available by clicking here (or by using the navigation section to the right where all the stats sheets are found).

Oh and Markov was the final selection by the way and the curious previously mentioned GM was none too pleased to hear that news when I eventually called him back.   Such is life.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Olympic Change

Due to the NHL All Star break not happening this year, we will not be holding the annual All Star Competition within the WTHL (the free transaction per stat a team is on top of thing). Have no fear though, it will not be canceled altogether but merely postponed.

So, for the 5th season of the WTHL we will have an Olympic Competition... which is essentially the same but not until the Olympic Games break.

I'm also toying with something fun for the 2 week break as well. Not sure exactly what, but it would be neat to put our Olympic playing players up against each other. I'll ponder it further.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I just read that Yahoo will be offering the Stat Tracker this season FOR FREE for the entire duration of the hockey season. They are apparently doing it right now for football.

Good news no?

By the way, if anyone is curious, I also read that the Yahoo Fantasy Hockey Leagues will be opening again on September 1st.

Beautiful. Let's get this shit on the go!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Keeper Tracker

A new spreadsheet has been added to the league stats page and will be used to track the keepers who are selected from year to year. This page can be found by clicking HERE or by using the menu on the right.

Each team will have their selections listed here and also keep track of the number of years the player has been under contract. The number after the players name is what indicates this, but of course this year they will all say one.

Remember, your keepers are due on September 1st. Forgetting to do so could be very consequential...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Keeper Due Dates

I've set a due date for each teams keeper selections to be handed into the Commish to be September 1st (and 1 week after that for the 16th team).

The Guidelines and Rules:
1) All keepers must be delivered by end of day (11:59pm) September 1st. Those who do not select keepers will get them selected for them by way of random draw.
2) The Keeper selections must be ranked 1 through 5 to indicate which round your selecting each player.

More Keeper Rules can be found by clicking here:

Dates to Remember:

September 1st: Keeper Due Date for returning teams
September 8th: Keeper Due Date for the new team
September 19th: $20 entrance fee due date.
September 20th (OR 27th): Live Draft Day
October 1st: NHL Season begins.

Stay tuned for more and be sure the check the links to the right for more information on the WTHL.

Monday, July 20, 2009

08-09 Final Rosters

For those who want an easy place to find your rosters, you can check out the link below:


I've tried my best to highlight the players who have moved to new teams. If you see any that I missed, feel free to post a comment here to let me know.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

09-10 Final Draft Order

After a wild celebration at the conclusion of Season 4, the WTHL has determined the final order of picks for the 09-10 draft. As you will see below, most teams moved up in the draft or at least got what they were projected to. There was one team however who dropped 4 positions to number 7; Sunnyvale Shithawks. This was a double team blow as the SS team had traded this pick to Ploughmans Posse. Looks like he'll have to settle for 7 after boasting for weeks that number 1 was his.

It's too bad a lot of the GM's didn't make it out as to the celebration and lottery event. It was a great time. Special thanks to Dave, GM of Da Bous for holding the event. Hope we didn't leave too much of a mess for ya.

I guess thats it for season 4 folks. Until it's time to remind you all about keepers and league dues, Commish out.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Guide to the WTHL

Everything you need to know about the Wasting Time Hockey League is (/will eventually be) here. The topics of this 'Rule Book' are below:

Lottery Draft / Keeper League / Trades
/ Competitions/ Random Tidbits

-- About the WTHL --

League Name: Wasting Time Hockey League
League ID#: 7501
Custom League URL:

League Fee : $20.00
Prize Payout : $200 for 1st, $100 for 2nd and $20 for 3rd.

Scoring Type:
Max Teams: 16
Roster Positions:
C, C, C, LW, LW, RW, RW, W, F, D, D, D, D, Util, G, G, BN, BN, BN, BN,

Stat Categories:
G, A, P, +/-, PIM, PPG, PPA, SHG, SHA, GWG, SOG, FW, GS, W, L, GA, SV, SHO (DOWN 2)

Draft Type: Live Draft (LOTTERY)
Post Draft Players: Free Agents
Max Games Played: 99 (Up From 90 in '08-'09)
Max Moves: 30 (UP FROM 25)
Waiver Time: 1 day
Max Trades: Unlimited (UP FROM 20)
Trade Reject Time: 5 DAYS (UP FROM NO REJECT DAYS)

The changes for next year (and beyond):

--> We will now have 30 max moves (again, as that's how season 3 worked).
--> We will have unlimited trades.
--> We will have a 1 day waiver priority system.
--> We will have a roster of 23 players (plus 2 IR) like the NHL.
--> We will have 2 less goalie stats making it a 66.6% average of player stats and 33.3% average of goalie. Season 4 was 60% - 40%.
--> We will have 99 max games per position. That'll be about 18 games per position that cannot be played throughout the year, based on a full roster of 23 with 7 benched.
--> Trade Reject time is within 5 days, up from no reject limit last year.

The Live Draft - Lottery Style

Sometime shortly after each season ends (ideally on the day the NHL hosts their rookie draft), a lottery will take place to determine who places where in the next years draft. For this event, there will have to be at least 2 GM's present with the Commish, but it is preferable to have a majority present (if nothing else to get drunk together).

-- How it Works --

The bottom 8 seeded teams (9-16) of each season will get a certain number of entries (balls) into the lottery based on their season end ranking with the worst team will receive the fewest number of entries. For example, the team ranked 16th will get 1 entry; the 17th will get 2, 16th - 3, etc. The order of the draft will then be selected in descending order with the first ball picked being the 8th pick in the following years draft. The 2nd ball picked will be the 7th pick on down to the last ball picked being the first selection overall. The object in this situation is to NOT have your ball picked.

For the top 8 teams from last year, they will fill places 9-16 in the draft with the top seeded get 16th and last pick. The 2nd seed with get 2nd last and so on.

NOTE: When we expand to 16 teams, the new team will be given 9th pick. This will not be applicable in following years.

-- Live Draft --

The live draft for each season will occur in mid to late September of each year. Please note that the above mentioned lottery is for rounds 6 on. The first 5 rounds (8 in coming years) is reserved for the keeper selections of the previous year. See the Keeper Section of the Guild Book for more info.

We're a Keeper League

-- Player Due Date --

The due date for each team to provide the Commish their Keeper Selections is 3 weeks before the live draft and they must be provided ranked 1 through 5. (NOTE: In year one of the keeper league its 3 weeks for returning teams and 1 week after that for the expansion team. In following years, the deadline will be 2 weeks before draft day). The reason for a deadline is to give the commish enough time to set up the draft for all teams.

In year one of the Keeper League, the expansion team will be required to select their keepers from any player which remains on a roster of any of the teams at the end of the previous season. If the player was not on a final roster of any team, they cannot be selected. This will not be relevant in year 2 and beyond.

NOTE: Should any GM NOT get their keepers in by the deadline, 5 players will be randomly (by way of draw) selected from their team for them. Should any new comer not get their picks in by their deadline, they will have 5 keepers selected for them from the available players.

-- How it Works --

Each team returning must select 5 (8 in the following years) keeper players from their final roster of the previous season. Any player from any position can be selected but when they are selected, these players will be then considered 'under contract' to this team.

-- The Contract --

Each keeper player will be owned by a GM who drafted them for no more than 3 full seasons (unless a contract extension happens; see below). After their contract is up, they will become free agents and available for any team to draft that year. These end contract players will only be available for selection after the keeper player rounds are finished, typically starting in round 9.

Teams/GM's are NOT required to keep the K player for the full duration of the contract. The player can be dropped at any time and made available for any team to acquire.

If a new team does acquire this K player while on waivers, they will NOT be under any contract. This right is reserved for K players selected at draft time only.

A season or year is considered a period between draft day to draft day.

Contract Extensions can only happen if a K player is made draft eligible (after year 3) and then drafted again by the same team who last had them as a keeper.

-- Keeper Trades --

Should a team trade this under contract keeper player, the team who acquires them will assume that contract. If team A had the K player for 2 years and trades them, Team B will only be able to have this player for 1 year before they are available for drafting again.

Keepers DO NOT have to be be traded for Keepers. Any player can be traded for any player.

Season Game Play - Trades

-- Rules for Trading --

The rules for trading players during the season are fairly strait forward and can be found below:

--> No player (as of now) can be traded during the off-season. Talks can begin, but no deals are to be (or technically cannot be) finalized until the draft is complete and the rosters are selected. Immediately following the draft of each season is when trading will or can begin.

--> Any player can be traded for any player, whether they be a Keeper player or not.

--> There will be NO league voting or commissioner voting for any trades during the season. What two GM's decide is a fair trade is up to them.

NOTE: No 'Dumping' of players to another team is permitted and will not be tolerated. The penalty for such behavior could result in a loss of your team in the league. Don't temp the commish mutha fuckers!

-- Trade Add-Ons --

As teams try to lock their final rosters in before the end of the season, you can use the following trade addons to your advantage.
Should you wish to process a trade with either of these scenarios, both GM's must notify the commish with the details to ensure validity.

-- Trading Draft Positions --
Each team has the ability to trade draft picks for the following season (For example, Team C can trade a player and their 2nd round pick to Team D for a player and their 3rd round pick). For each of these types of transactions, there are a couple of guidelines:

--> There must be an equal number of picks exchanged. Team A cannot trade 2 picks for 1 pick, for example, as the system will not allow that.
--> The trading of draft picks can only be for the following season and not any season beyond that.

-- Trading Transactions --
Teams are also able to attach transactions (add/removes) to their trades (For example, team A can trade a player and 2 transactions to team B for a player). This is a handy incentive come the end of year where some teams have none left while others have plenty.

NOTE: Neither of the above addons can occur without players being swapped as well. These are addons only and cannot be used independently. For example, one cannot trade a transaction for a draft pick (as of now).

-- Penalties --

Should there ever be a dispute in any trade between 2 GM's about the number of transactions or trade swaps being added on to any trade, both GM's could suffer a penalty. If there is a discrephency in what each GM tells the Commish happened in the trade, the GM's will have 24 hours to resolve the issue. If it is not resolved, the players which were involved in the original trade will be swapped back to the original owner. More importantly, each GM will also lose 1 transaction. If the team has no transactions left, the penalty will be a force down of one draft position, swapping with the team below them.

Season Game Play - Competitions

During every season, there are a number of rewards given out to exceptional (or sometimes not) teams. Below are those competitions and giveaways.

Weekly Point Gain Competition:

Every week the team with the biggest point gain will be rewarded a free transaction (Add/Remove).

Monthly Top Spot Competition:
Every 4 weeks, the team who was ranked number 1 on average most during the month will be rewarded a free Transaction (Add/Remove).

Christmas Charity Drive
The team in the very last spot on Christmas day will be given some charity to help their pathetic team: 3 free Transactions!

All Star Competition:
At the All Star Break, the team on top in each of the stat categories will be rewarded 1 free transaction (Add/Move) for each stat (18-20 total).  Should any team tie in a particular stat, nobody will be rewarded the move.

Easter Egg Hunt
On Easter Day, the team(s) with an exact +/- of 0 will get 2 free transactions.

*NEW* April Fools Day Surprise
On April 1st, something will happen. I haven't decided what yet...

Additional Bonuses
As we discovered in year 4, from time to time, league GM's have the opportunity to voice their opinions on how the league will operate. The incentive for doing this besides having a say in how the league works was in 1 free transaction. In coming years, beginning in year 5, the incentive will be 1 entry into a draw for 2 free moves.

Season Game Play - Random Tid Bits

-- Major No No's --

There are 2 things which the league will not tolerate:

1) Purposely benching all or a high percentage of players that are playing on consecutive nights.

2) Not being active for a period of 1 month without reason.

The penalty for this will be a loss of your highest non traded pick, in exchange for another teams last overall pick, which will be decided by one random draw.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The WTHL Cup

We need a better name but... here's the first version:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And the Winner Is

After winning every 'Team of the Month' Award (for having the best ranking average over each month) this season and holding on to not only win, but win with a commanding lead 'Greatness' has been crowned the 2009 WTHL Season Champ. With his final score of 229 points, this rookie GM has made his presence known in this beloved league and took away $200 bucks from some long standing veterins in the process.

Congrats Greatness. It was a well deserved victory.

Runner up to the team on top was Porters Penguins who in the final weeks of the season made a serious push on first overall, but just couldn't get the steam to take down Greatness. One has to quesiton (as the GM is quick to point out) if the team didn't sit his goalies through 3 or 4 shutouts, would he have won? Maybe. Who knows? Quite the rivalry to look out for in the 5th season. For now, the Penguins will have to settle with having that haunting feeling of bench players, but the $80 bucks for 2nd place should help with that.

In third was Soylent Greene who was a consistant front runner for first throughout most of the season. A well deserve third, and with that $20.

Congrats Everyone! I'll be designing a cup of some sort to post here sometime, but for now this'll have to do... and you do have braggin' rights for a whole year. Perhaps next year we'll convince everyone to through in an extra 5 bones to get a real cup!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 27

For the 2nd time in a row the Mover and Shaker of the week is none other than Figgy with a gain of 5 points over the past week. Although he will not be winning a free move this week (as it doesn't matter due to the season ending today) winning 2 weeks in a row is something to write home about. It's just too bad for him that his late surge was indeed just that... late. Congrats none the less.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 26

Well this is it folks; the final Mover and Shaker for the 08-09 season. This coming week will be the last week of play in the WTHL and the league winners will then be decided. With that being said, the winner of the MAS this week, with a massive gain of 10.5 points (a full 6 points ahead of anyone else) was Figgy. It may be too little, too late for Figgy to get in the money but this impressive jump sends a league a message for next year. With him winning the Mover and Shaker this week, his max moves drop from 24 to 23.

All the stats for the entire season is here:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Final Survey Results

NOTE: This has been updated now that 14 out of 15 have submitted their responses. This is the final reporting. Anything that has been updated is in BLUE

Q1: Let's start with the changes that are coming based on previous surveys. (Which included a bump of max moves, unlimited trades, 1 day waiver system, a roster of 23 players and 100 max games).

Do you agree with these changes?

Yes. - 71.4% (10)
No. - 28.6% (4)

Q2: The issues with Q1 and my reply.

--> 2 people said they didn't want the roster going to 23.

The last survey we did have nearly half the vote asking to bump the roster. We will at the very least be trying it out for 1 full year. Besides, with 8 keepers in the following year, this will keep our draft at 15.

--> 2 people said they wanted more max moves.

We covered this is the first survey and a majority of people didn't want many more max moves. Having said that, the respondents did vote on having more and those more should be between 30 and 35. Because of this, I will be changing it to 30, instead of 28.

--> 1 person mentioned that they didn't want unlimited trades.

This as well was covered in the 1st survey, with an overwhelming majority saying they didn't want a restriction on trading. Besides, having drafts picks and max moves to add on to the player swaps is already a bargaining chip. Especially considering many still don't even take advantage of those yet.

Q3 (To me this is the most important topic in the survey) Which of these 2 (TWO) goalie stats do you want removed?

GS (Game Starts) - 7.1% (2)

W (Wins) - 0.0% (0)

L (Losses) - 21.4% (6)

GA (Goals Against) - 10.7% (3)

GAA (Goals Against Average) - 25.0% (6)

SV (Saves) - 7.1% (2)

SV% (Save Percentage) - 28.6% (8)

SO (Shut Outs) - 0.0 (0)

It's decided. Both GAA and SV% will be gone next year.

Q4) Do you agree with the layout of the lottery draft?

Yes. - 92.9% (13)

No. - 7.1% (1)

Q5) The issues with Q4 and my reply.

--> 1 GM wants the snake style system of picks instead of set order.

No. The last survey had overwhelming numbers in support of a set order. Besides, trading draft picks during season just wouldn't make sense if we had a snake style.

Q6) Do you agree with the layout for Keepers?

Yes. - 78.6% (11)

No. - 21.4 (3)

Q7) The issues with Q4 and my reply.

--> 1 GM said that, if they do not get their keepers in before the deadline, then the top yahoo ranked players should be kept, instead of a random draw.

Not a bad idea at all... though I do like to have a penalty for not getting them in on time. I'll think about it.

--> 2 managers want to keep it at 5 keepers forever, instead of 8 in the coming years.

Again, the last survey had the majority of GM's saying they wanted it at 8. In fact, the only other option checked was 'Ask me again next yer'. It's goin' to 8, at least for 1 year. Sawry.

Q8) There have been 2 ways discussed on how these contracts should be. Please select which of the following you want.

The 3 year MUST keep idea. - 7.1% (1)

The 3 year DO AS YOU WISH idea. - 92.9% (13)

Q9) Should Keepers be traded only for other Keepers?

Yes, Keeper for Keeper. - 7.1% (1)

No, Any player for any player. - 92.9% (13)

Q10) Do you think a team should be allowed to bench all their players in effort to tank the season?

Yes, they should be allow to do as they wish with their own team. - 21.4% (3)

No, that's cheating. - 50.0% (7)

I could give a rats ass what another GM does with their team. 28.6% (4)

Q11) Which of the two choices below do you feel is the worst thing a GM could do?

Bench all their players in effort to tank the season? -35.7% (5)

Or not log into (/be active in) the league for months? - 64.3% (9)

Q12) Should there be a penalty enforced if either of the two above actions take place?

Yes, they should lose a higher draft pick, in exchange for a last rounder. 42.9% (6)

Yes, they should lose a transaction or 2. - 28.6% (4)

No, nothing should happen to them. - 28.6% (4)

NOTE: What the last 3 questions tell us is that there will be a penalty inflicted in both of the above mentioned scenarios should it occur during season play.

Q13) Do you think that teams should be able to carry over any remaining transactions they may have at the end of the season into the following season?

Yes, and it should be in place for year 5. - 21.4% (3)

Yes, but not until the following year, season 6. - 14.3% (2)

No, this should not be allowed. - 64.3% (9)

Q14) Do you think there should be a deadline to accept, reject or counter trades?

Yes, 1 full week. - 14.3% (2)

Yes, 5 days. - 28.6 (4)

Yes, 2 days. - 35.7% (5)

No, there should be deadline. - 21.4% (3)

NOTE: There will be a deadline added next year, but it will be 4 days.

Q15) Do you think we should be allowed to trade transactions for draft picks beyond the player trade deadline?

Yes - 14.3% (2)
No - 85.7% (12)

And that's it. Pretty telling numbers.

I'll have a full guide / rule book coming over the summer so keep an eye out for that!

Mover and Shaker - Week 25

With 2 weeks left to play in the season, the team that won mover and shaker this week is one of the few who doesn't need the moves and will likely (as it stands now) not compete for top spots. With that being said Flames crushed the competition this week gaining 7 points. His max moves drop from 22 to 21.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Season 5 - Final Survey

This is the final survey for next year. All talks on how the season will operate next year will cease after this survey is completed and will not be opened for debate again until the season starts next year.

Please fill out this survey for a free transaction. It must be completed by 12pm on Sunday March 29th (NST). Should all teams answer before the deadline, the transactions will be given out early.

Click here to take our Online Survey

Mover and Shaker - Week 24 & Team of the Month 6

With very few weeks remaining (and thus very few mover and shaker awards to be handed out) Figgy is making his push to the top, or seemingly however close he can get. With a gain of 16.5 points (and 2 ranks) this team crushed the competition to win the award this week. His max moves drop from 25 to 24.

The team of the month, yet again, is Greatness. He has been on top every week this month with the closest behind him being Porters Penguins, who has been 2nd every week this month. Greatness' max moves drop from 25 to 24.

All stats found here:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 23

This weeks winner gained 9 points over the week and was the clear winner as the closest team behind him only gained 5.5. With this achievement, Milltown Moose's max moves drop from 23 to 22.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 22

This weeks winner is FinickyGuiltyMoose who gained 7 points overall this week. He doubled the 2 teams who came closest to him. With this achievement his max moves drop from 22 to 21.

Full stats here:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 21

This week featured two Mover and Shakers. Both No Homers and Porters Penquins gains 9 points over the week and both will receive a free transaction for their efforts. No Homers drops from 25 to 24 and Porters Penquins drops from 11 to 10.

Full stats here:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 20 & Team of the Month 5

It was a tough battle for mover and shaker in week 20. 4 teams were in the running come the end of the week with teams 2 and 3 tied 0.5 pts behind the leader and team 4 only 0.5 behind that. In the end, FallingDownHillMoose took the prize with a gain of 7 points. His max moves drop from 24 to 23.

For team of the month, it was another commanding lead from Greatness who had a perfect average of 1, being on top for the entire month of sundays.

Full Stats here:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 19

It was another close battle between 2 teams this week, but in the end it came down to a 0.5 point gain differential to declare the winner. Both Figgy and Porters Penguins broke double digits, but even though Figgy gains 2 ranks while Porter move none, his 11 point gain was enough to take the cake this week. With that, his max moves drop from 11 to 10.

All stats found here:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 18

This weeks mover and shaker climbed 4 spots during that period and had a gain of 11.5 points. Fuckin' Flameheads gained 3 more points than the 2nd place finisher, Figgy and with that his max moves drop from 22 to 21.


Full stats here:

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 17

It was a very close battle this week between two teams and in the end, it came down to a 0.5 gain to decide the winner. Both Porters Penguins and No Homers hit double digits, but No Homers squeaked a little more effort out of his team gaining 10.5 points over the Penquins 10. His max moves drop from 22 to 21.

Full Stats:

All the stats here:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 16 & Team of the Month 4

In this shortened week, the Mover and Shaker during that period ended up being a tie between Figgy and Da Bous. Both teams gained 9 points during the week. With that Figgy drops from 17 moves used to 16 and Da Bous drop from 16 to 15.

The team of the month was dominated by Greatness once again, but this time he had a perfect average of 1, being in the top spot every week for the month. Ploughmans Posse slipped slightly this month with Soylent Greene moving up the ranks and into the top 3 tier. They both ended the month with an average of 2.5.

Here's the stats:

Full stats here:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

All Star Winners

As we continue with a tradition which began last year, 20 moves will be given away to the teams who capture top spot in each of the stat categories. This year, only 17 of those moves are actually being given away as 3 of the categories have ties, meaning there is no clear winner and no free move. Below is the results...

The winners (click the pic for larger image):

Congrats to all winners and best wishes as you continue through the rest of the season.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 15

After a busy week of trades and transactions, the team of the week is no real surprise. This top mover was 'No Homers' with an impressive 14 point gain. His max moves drop from 21 to 20.

Full Stats:

Season stats sheet:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 14

Fuckin' Flameheads wins the honor this week with a gain of 14.5 points. His transactions from from 21 to 20.

Full stats are here:

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 13

There was one decisive winner this month and that team was 'The inTIMidators' with a gain of 12 points over the week, doubling the team behind him. With the free transaction he gains, he drops from 21 used to 20.

The stats:

The full stats: