Sunday, March 29, 2009

Final Survey Results

NOTE: This has been updated now that 14 out of 15 have submitted their responses. This is the final reporting. Anything that has been updated is in BLUE

Q1: Let's start with the changes that are coming based on previous surveys. (Which included a bump of max moves, unlimited trades, 1 day waiver system, a roster of 23 players and 100 max games).

Do you agree with these changes?

Yes. - 71.4% (10)
No. - 28.6% (4)

Q2: The issues with Q1 and my reply.

--> 2 people said they didn't want the roster going to 23.

The last survey we did have nearly half the vote asking to bump the roster. We will at the very least be trying it out for 1 full year. Besides, with 8 keepers in the following year, this will keep our draft at 15.

--> 2 people said they wanted more max moves.

We covered this is the first survey and a majority of people didn't want many more max moves. Having said that, the respondents did vote on having more and those more should be between 30 and 35. Because of this, I will be changing it to 30, instead of 28.

--> 1 person mentioned that they didn't want unlimited trades.

This as well was covered in the 1st survey, with an overwhelming majority saying they didn't want a restriction on trading. Besides, having drafts picks and max moves to add on to the player swaps is already a bargaining chip. Especially considering many still don't even take advantage of those yet.

Q3 (To me this is the most important topic in the survey) Which of these 2 (TWO) goalie stats do you want removed?

GS (Game Starts) - 7.1% (2)

W (Wins) - 0.0% (0)

L (Losses) - 21.4% (6)

GA (Goals Against) - 10.7% (3)

GAA (Goals Against Average) - 25.0% (6)

SV (Saves) - 7.1% (2)

SV% (Save Percentage) - 28.6% (8)

SO (Shut Outs) - 0.0 (0)

It's decided. Both GAA and SV% will be gone next year.

Q4) Do you agree with the layout of the lottery draft?

Yes. - 92.9% (13)

No. - 7.1% (1)

Q5) The issues with Q4 and my reply.

--> 1 GM wants the snake style system of picks instead of set order.

No. The last survey had overwhelming numbers in support of a set order. Besides, trading draft picks during season just wouldn't make sense if we had a snake style.

Q6) Do you agree with the layout for Keepers?

Yes. - 78.6% (11)

No. - 21.4 (3)

Q7) The issues with Q4 and my reply.

--> 1 GM said that, if they do not get their keepers in before the deadline, then the top yahoo ranked players should be kept, instead of a random draw.

Not a bad idea at all... though I do like to have a penalty for not getting them in on time. I'll think about it.

--> 2 managers want to keep it at 5 keepers forever, instead of 8 in the coming years.

Again, the last survey had the majority of GM's saying they wanted it at 8. In fact, the only other option checked was 'Ask me again next yer'. It's goin' to 8, at least for 1 year. Sawry.

Q8) There have been 2 ways discussed on how these contracts should be. Please select which of the following you want.

The 3 year MUST keep idea. - 7.1% (1)

The 3 year DO AS YOU WISH idea. - 92.9% (13)

Q9) Should Keepers be traded only for other Keepers?

Yes, Keeper for Keeper. - 7.1% (1)

No, Any player for any player. - 92.9% (13)

Q10) Do you think a team should be allowed to bench all their players in effort to tank the season?

Yes, they should be allow to do as they wish with their own team. - 21.4% (3)

No, that's cheating. - 50.0% (7)

I could give a rats ass what another GM does with their team. 28.6% (4)

Q11) Which of the two choices below do you feel is the worst thing a GM could do?

Bench all their players in effort to tank the season? -35.7% (5)

Or not log into (/be active in) the league for months? - 64.3% (9)

Q12) Should there be a penalty enforced if either of the two above actions take place?

Yes, they should lose a higher draft pick, in exchange for a last rounder. 42.9% (6)

Yes, they should lose a transaction or 2. - 28.6% (4)

No, nothing should happen to them. - 28.6% (4)

NOTE: What the last 3 questions tell us is that there will be a penalty inflicted in both of the above mentioned scenarios should it occur during season play.

Q13) Do you think that teams should be able to carry over any remaining transactions they may have at the end of the season into the following season?

Yes, and it should be in place for year 5. - 21.4% (3)

Yes, but not until the following year, season 6. - 14.3% (2)

No, this should not be allowed. - 64.3% (9)

Q14) Do you think there should be a deadline to accept, reject or counter trades?

Yes, 1 full week. - 14.3% (2)

Yes, 5 days. - 28.6 (4)

Yes, 2 days. - 35.7% (5)

No, there should be deadline. - 21.4% (3)

NOTE: There will be a deadline added next year, but it will be 4 days.

Q15) Do you think we should be allowed to trade transactions for draft picks beyond the player trade deadline?

Yes - 14.3% (2)
No - 85.7% (12)

And that's it. Pretty telling numbers.

I'll have a full guide / rule book coming over the summer so keep an eye out for that!

Mover and Shaker - Week 25

With 2 weeks left to play in the season, the team that won mover and shaker this week is one of the few who doesn't need the moves and will likely (as it stands now) not compete for top spots. With that being said Flames crushed the competition this week gaining 7 points. His max moves drop from 22 to 21.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Season 5 - Final Survey

This is the final survey for next year. All talks on how the season will operate next year will cease after this survey is completed and will not be opened for debate again until the season starts next year.

Please fill out this survey for a free transaction. It must be completed by 12pm on Sunday March 29th (NST). Should all teams answer before the deadline, the transactions will be given out early.

Click here to take our Online Survey

Mover and Shaker - Week 24 & Team of the Month 6

With very few weeks remaining (and thus very few mover and shaker awards to be handed out) Figgy is making his push to the top, or seemingly however close he can get. With a gain of 16.5 points (and 2 ranks) this team crushed the competition to win the award this week. His max moves drop from 25 to 24.

The team of the month, yet again, is Greatness. He has been on top every week this month with the closest behind him being Porters Penguins, who has been 2nd every week this month. Greatness' max moves drop from 25 to 24.

All stats found here:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 23

This weeks winner gained 9 points over the week and was the clear winner as the closest team behind him only gained 5.5. With this achievement, Milltown Moose's max moves drop from 23 to 22.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 22

This weeks winner is FinickyGuiltyMoose who gained 7 points overall this week. He doubled the 2 teams who came closest to him. With this achievement his max moves drop from 22 to 21.

Full stats here:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mover and Shaker - Week 21

This week featured two Mover and Shakers. Both No Homers and Porters Penquins gains 9 points over the week and both will receive a free transaction for their efforts. No Homers drops from 25 to 24 and Porters Penquins drops from 11 to 10.

Full stats here: