Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And the Winner Is

After winning every 'Team of the Month' Award (for having the best ranking average over each month) this season and holding on to not only win, but win with a commanding lead 'Greatness' has been crowned the 2009 WTHL Season Champ. With his final score of 229 points, this rookie GM has made his presence known in this beloved league and took away $200 bucks from some long standing veterins in the process.

Congrats Greatness. It was a well deserved victory.

Runner up to the team on top was Porters Penguins who in the final weeks of the season made a serious push on first overall, but just couldn't get the steam to take down Greatness. One has to quesiton (as the GM is quick to point out) if the team didn't sit his goalies through 3 or 4 shutouts, would he have won? Maybe. Who knows? Quite the rivalry to look out for in the 5th season. For now, the Penguins will have to settle with having that haunting feeling of bench players, but the $80 bucks for 2nd place should help with that.

In third was Soylent Greene who was a consistant front runner for first throughout most of the season. A well deserve third, and with that $20.

Congrats Everyone! I'll be designing a cup of some sort to post here sometime, but for now this'll have to do... and you do have braggin' rights for a whole year. Perhaps next year we'll convince everyone to through in an extra 5 bones to get a real cup!

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