Monday, June 22, 2009

Season Game Play - Competitions

During every season, there are a number of rewards given out to exceptional (or sometimes not) teams. Below are those competitions and giveaways.

Weekly Point Gain Competition:

Every week the team with the biggest point gain will be rewarded a free transaction (Add/Remove).

Monthly Top Spot Competition:
Every 4 weeks, the team who was ranked number 1 on average most during the month will be rewarded a free Transaction (Add/Remove).

Christmas Charity Drive
The team in the very last spot on Christmas day will be given some charity to help their pathetic team: 3 free Transactions!

All Star Competition:
At the All Star Break, the team on top in each of the stat categories will be rewarded 1 free transaction (Add/Move) for each stat (18-20 total).  Should any team tie in a particular stat, nobody will be rewarded the move.

Easter Egg Hunt
On Easter Day, the team(s) with an exact +/- of 0 will get 2 free transactions.

*NEW* April Fools Day Surprise
On April 1st, something will happen. I haven't decided what yet...

Additional Bonuses
As we discovered in year 4, from time to time, league GM's have the opportunity to voice their opinions on how the league will operate. The incentive for doing this besides having a say in how the league works was in 1 free transaction. In coming years, beginning in year 5, the incentive will be 1 entry into a draw for 2 free moves.

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