Monday, June 22, 2009

We're a Keeper League

-- Player Due Date --

The due date for each team to provide the Commish their Keeper Selections is 3 weeks before the live draft and they must be provided ranked 1 through 5. (NOTE: In year one of the keeper league its 3 weeks for returning teams and 1 week after that for the expansion team. In following years, the deadline will be 2 weeks before draft day). The reason for a deadline is to give the commish enough time to set up the draft for all teams.

In year one of the Keeper League, the expansion team will be required to select their keepers from any player which remains on a roster of any of the teams at the end of the previous season. If the player was not on a final roster of any team, they cannot be selected. This will not be relevant in year 2 and beyond.

NOTE: Should any GM NOT get their keepers in by the deadline, 5 players will be randomly (by way of draw) selected from their team for them. Should any new comer not get their picks in by their deadline, they will have 5 keepers selected for them from the available players.

-- How it Works --

Each team returning must select 5 (8 in the following years) keeper players from their final roster of the previous season. Any player from any position can be selected but when they are selected, these players will be then considered 'under contract' to this team.

-- The Contract --

Each keeper player will be owned by a GM who drafted them for no more than 3 full seasons (unless a contract extension happens; see below). After their contract is up, they will become free agents and available for any team to draft that year. These end contract players will only be available for selection after the keeper player rounds are finished, typically starting in round 9.

Teams/GM's are NOT required to keep the K player for the full duration of the contract. The player can be dropped at any time and made available for any team to acquire.

If a new team does acquire this K player while on waivers, they will NOT be under any contract. This right is reserved for K players selected at draft time only.

A season or year is considered a period between draft day to draft day.

Contract Extensions can only happen if a K player is made draft eligible (after year 3) and then drafted again by the same team who last had them as a keeper.

-- Keeper Trades --

Should a team trade this under contract keeper player, the team who acquires them will assume that contract. If team A had the K player for 2 years and trades them, Team B will only be able to have this player for 1 year before they are available for drafting again.

Keepers DO NOT have to be be traded for Keepers. Any player can be traded for any player.

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