Saturday, September 26, 2009

Team by Team Draft Analysis

To give everyone an idea of what each team is looking at for the draft tomorrow, here's a brief overview of the first 5 rounds (after keepers).  I've ordered the teams by draft selection before trades being applied.  Enjoy!

The GM for this team is perhaps in one of the best positions for drafting this year.  It may have something to do with finishing last place last season, but also because of the trades he was able to pull off.  This team has 3 first round selections and the all happen before pick 12.  Though he may have to wait two rounds before he picks again, he also has 2 picks in the 4th meaning he'll have 5 selections complete before the 5th round even starts.  This is a great setup to improve on his existing keepers.

Pussy Pounders
Because of this teams positioning last year and lack of involvement, they are set up fairly normal with the 2nd pick in every round.  This is also not a bad way to improve on a team, but as the rounds get deeper, some swapping of picks last year certainly would have helped his changes this year.

This GM did some movement with his picks last season, but unfortunately they were downward  movement.  What would have been a 3rd pick in the first and 2nd round is now a 16th pick in the first round and none at all in the 2nd.  The only bonus this reviewer sees in his setup is that he'll have 6 players selected by the end of the 5th round, which is 1 up on most everyone else.

By most everyone else mentioned above, I don't mean Figgy.  This GM is set up almost as good if not better than that of the GM for Untrust.  Not only does his team begin with solid keepers (all with a starting rank of 30 or below), he also has 6 (That's SIX) picks before the end of the 3rd round.   Though he will no longer pick until the 7th round, this is a beautiful setup and a great opportunity.

King FlameHeads
The KF are in a similar situation as the previous team but without as much bounty, starting with the Keepers which aren't as solid.  He will have 7 selections before the end of the 5th round however and a great chance to snag a few solid players before anyone else can.

This team though fairly active last season is set up much the same way as the Pussy Pounders.  He'll have the 6th selection in every round (expect for an extra one in the 7th and none in the 15th). 

Sunnyvale Shithawks
Though this GM gave up his first round pick last season, he will still end the first 5 rounds on the plus side by having 6 players.  The 2 picks in the 2nd and 4th rounds will help achieve that.  Nice positioning.

Milltown Moose
With an extra pick in the 3rd, this team will finish the first 5 rounds also with an extra player selected but is fairly straightforward for the rest of the draft.  He'll be selecting 8th in nearly every round.

This team is the expansion team and will select 9th in every round.  Let's see how the newbie does with it!

The 20¢ inTIMidators
 Though this team will finish the first 5 rounds with 5 players, his selections have taken a downward spiral after trading his first round pick.  He picks up the extra one in the 4th round.  It's a fairy good start for this team, but the first round pick would be a huge help to the lineup he's starting with.

No Homers!
This GM is in some rough shape when it comes to drafting.  Yes, he does have two late picks in the first round, but he then does not pick any until the 6th.  That means by the time most teams have at least 5 players selected, he'll have only 2.  He'll make up for it in the later rounds but it'll be tough seeing some of those top players being selected by other GM's.

This GM will finish the first 5 rounds with 5 players, but each of his last 3 selections have been bumped up just a tad from his original 12th positioning.  Sly little bugger.

Ploughman's Posse
The GM of the Posse is in a similar situation as the No Homers! GM.  When he selects his one and only pick in the 1st round, he must then wait 54 picks before he picks anyone else.  He will then end the first 5 rounds with only 3 players taken, one in the 4th and one in the 5th.

The Killbot Factory
This GM does not have a first round pick, but will still end the first five rounds with 5 players with 2 selections in the 2nd round.

Porter's Penguins
This GM does not have a first round pick and will only have 4 selected by the end of the 5th round.  This trade (1st for 13th) is the only trade he made involving a draft last season, meaning he'll select 2nd last in every round besides the two previously mentioned.

This GM, like the Posse's and No Homers! has a tough wait to endure; a 50 pick wait after his 3rd pick, number 99 overall.  His saving grave however is that he has 2 first round selections before that number 99.  He'll finish the first 5 rounds with those 3 players and on other selected in the 5th for a total of 4.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Week To Go

It's now only one week before we draft the final 18 players for our teams.  Discussions between GM's regarding strategy are beginning to heat up with some spilling plans and others keeping secrets.   All in all, there is a general air of excitement building so much so that many GM's have wanted to bump the draft day up a little.   Personally, this GM is happy to wait knowing how quickly time flies.  Before we all know it, Oct 1st will be here and with that the first night of 09-10 NHL season begins. 


You owe 20 dollars.  Paypal and email money transfers are accepted should you not be able to meet the Commish in person.  Alternatively you can work out something with a mutual friend who does see the commish often.  Whatever way you choose to pay, it must be done 24 hours before the draft begins.  This is a strict deadline as we want all GM's entering the season on even ground.  Please make every effort to get your dues in as soon as possible.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Draft Order Is Set!

In my last update email (which was like today) I said that it could take me a while to get the order set and the Keepers along with it.  I was wrong.  I have it done and double checked...

BUT, having said that, I strongly suggest that all GM's review thier keepers and draft orders to ensure they are correct.  I thoroughly believe they are, but check none the less.  I'm leaving it up to all to do so.

ALSO, what's really neat is that you can see your keepers and the draft order number by number in the Draft Results page within the Draft Central tab.  Click HERE to see the results team by team.  If that doesn't work, go sign in and do it yourself.  :-)

Final 5 Keepers

September 11th 2009 was not only the 8th anniversary of the attacks on America (google 9/11 truth, btw) but also the deadline for 16th team to select their keepers.  Below are those 5 players which GM Justin has selected:

1. Cristobal Huet
2. Johan Franzen
3. Jason Spezza
4. Pascal LeClair
5. Chris Pronger 

That is now 80 players gone from the list.  It's suggested that you go through your Pre Draft Rankings and exclude them all.  They're all listed on the Keeper Tracker page for easy reference. See above for the link!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Favorite Teams League

This has nothing to do with the WTHL but I thought any readers would be interested to know about a little fun league that was started by the GM of Greatness.  It's a favorite teams league where you pick your favorite NHL team, get assigned up to 25 players currently on that team and away you go.  It's a head to head, double conference league and should be a good laugh.  We're hopin' to get 20 teams just to get as close to possible to the NHL.

If you're interested in gettin' involved, contact myself or 'Greatness' and you'll get the invite.  You'll likely get the invite anyway.

Teams taken as of this moment: Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Boston, LA, Vancouver.

Grab a team and get on board.  Very little management needed so ya wont be taken away from the real league, no worries.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

WTHL Data Sheets

Well folks, after setting up all the links to each individual page of the stats book (which I like to refer to as the Data Sheets) I realized that it navigation through sheet to sheet wasn't easy.   It was a constant back and forth kinda cycle.   With that, I decided to give ol' Google Sites a shot and see what it can do.  What it did was help us have a full Data Sheet with easy access to everything.

The link to the data sheet is HERE (which is or you can use the handy menu up top to find what you're looking for.   It has sheets for the the monthly tracking of stats, keeper tracking, draft trade tracking, final rosters from last year... and other shit I can't quite remember right now.   Basically, it has everything you need in one little package.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Keeper Tracker Update

For those interested, I have updated the Keeper Tracker spreed sheet to include the starting ranks of all 80 players.  It's interesting to see how the teams look lined up this way... and will be very interesting to note the change in the players next season.  Check it out.

Also, I was alerted to a great Fantasy Hockey Projections page today which is worthy of a look.  Perhaps see what that page's opinion is of your keepers.  I know I'll be checkin' it out.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Register NOW - Leagues are Open

I am pleased to announce that as of 7:30pm Newfoundland Standard time on September 1st, 2009 the Yahoo Fantasy Leagues are now open for registration.  The 09-10 season of the WTHL has been re-established and 9 managers have already joined (including our new member, number 16).  If you are not one of those 9 and are reading this right now, please take the time to register as soon as possible.


It has been discovered that the league cannot finalize the draft order of each round or dedicate our keepers to each team until ALL 16 teams have registered in the league.  This has caused a bit of anxiety to the commissioner as he is reminded of how long it took for some to join last year.

It is VERY important that you all take the 2 minutes needed to sign up to league so that the 18 rounds of draft orders and 5 rounds of keeper selections for 16 teams can be set and double checked.  This will take time.  Please help by registering early.  You do not need to pay the 20 dollar fee to register, so no worries about that.  Just get your team in there.

The league will not set a deadline for this to happen as each GM will be trusted to understand the importance of doing so.   If it comes down to a deadline in the coming days, then so be it.  For now, just please register using the invite you've been sent or the information recently emailed.

Thank you.

Keepers are Finalized!

At 11:30pm on keeper deadline day, the commish received a call from one particular owner in the WTHL wondering what the final keeper selection was.  Unfortunaly at that time, I didn't know as even with 29 minutes to go there was one team remaining who didn't submit all 5 players.  I told him I'd call him back.

10 minutes later I receive a text from the GM of Porters Penquins stating only "Markov" and 30 seconds later I get another message stating "Franzen".   It was clear that he was having a hard time deciding on number 5.  Eventually though, with no time to spare, he did make his final pick at 11:59pm exactly and thus all Keepers for the 09-10 season have been selected.  

For those wondering, you can see all keepers for all teams on our Keeper Tracker spreadsheet which is available by clicking here (or by using the navigation section to the right where all the stats sheets are found).

Oh and Markov was the final selection by the way and the curious previously mentioned GM was none too pleased to hear that news when I eventually called him back.   Such is life.