Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 12

Three months have now been played in this 6th season of the WTHL and at this point, things continue to be fairly static... though many of the bottom placed teams are starting to creep up the latter as the points spread becomes tigher and tighter.  

No Homers, Caribous and The Killbot Factory (all teams placed most of the year in the lower ranks) were the top gainers this week.  No Homers continues his climb up the ranks and it must be refreshing for Caribous to see some movement as well after a rough go so far this season.  Having said that, bad news does come to these two teams as they are not the winners this time around.  That distinction goes to The Killbot Factory who now sits in 10th position... which is not anything new as he's been averaging this position for quite some time.   The gain of 17 points over the week though is an impressive feat and with that gain, he has been crowed Week 12's Mover and Shaker giving him a free transaction.  His total used now is dropped from 9 to 8.

Stats below.  Please note the Average position per month which is included at the end of every 4 weeks.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 11

This week is about familiarity, to the point that it's almost deja-vu when calculating the stats. Ploughman's Posse continues to reign supremely on top, for example, still with a 60+ point lead over 2nd place. Furthermore, for the 3rd week in the row the top 6 teams did not move positioning in the least. You see, familiarity.

Beyond those who battled their way to the top and now continue to hold their ranks however, there is common theme beginning to develop within the Mover and Shakers as well. In week 9, the reported winner was a team who had already won 2 weeks before that. Now in week 11, it appears that same team has rose to the challenge once again. No Homers stole 12.5 points from other teams this week, beating the 2nd highest gainer Untrust who had 11 points, and for the 3rd time in 5 weeks No Homers is crowed the Mover and Shaker.  Since week 6, this team has gained and held onto over 30 points and currently sits in 8th position. With the win this week, he gains a transaction giving him 14 used instead of 15.

The question now is, will things continue to stay familiar or will new trends begin?  Time will tell...

The Stats.  Click to make big...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 10

As we enter double digits in weeks played, things are seemingly starting to settle out within the league. For example, this past week saw zero movement in the top 6 ranked teams from last Sunday. The points differential has changed yes, but the positioning has not. The difference in points may have in fact gone to the next 5 teams ranked, as they continuously battle it out for 7th spot. The fight has been tight in this group with 7th to 11th ranked teams spanning no more than 12 points and has been that way for a couple weeks. As for the bottom feeders? They've been steadily feeding on the bottom all season, so nothing new there. It'll be interesting to see who gets the Christmas Charity this year though.

In moving and shaking for the week?  The winner this time around comes from the 2nd tiered tightly knit group in the middle, which perhaps provides some insight on who is closest to making the leap.  In fact, the two highest gainers comes from this pack; Flames and King Flameheads. The battle between the two was as close as it can get; one gaining 11 points and the other 10.5. Though both on fire (see what I did there?) only one can be on top and this week, that winner is King Flameheads. Currently sitting in 7th spot and having never finished a week below 8, this team could be ready to make it's jump... or fall into the pit of despair. With the battle that exists in the  middle, it's doubtful things will stay as they are either way.  With the win this week however, his max transactions drop from 13 used to 12.

Stats below, click to make big.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 9

As we end the first week in Month 3, one thing remains constant; the domination of Ploughmans Posse who now has 254 points overall and is only 34 points away from maxing out. No team has ever come this close to the 288 total available points and in fact, records indicate that no team has even finished a week with over 250 points before. It's quite remarkable what this team has been able to do for this long now and what's even more impressive is that they were even in contention for Mover and Shaker in week 9.

Speaking of which, what a battle it was for the top prize this week with no teams blowing any other out of the water in a gain of points. In fact, 5 teams at the end of 7 days were within 3.5 points of each other for the win. It's notable that an equally impressive feat to Ploughmans Posse being one of these 5 is that FIGJAM was as well. That team has been a staple in the top 3 for the duration of this year and when top tiered teams gain 10.5 points to put them in contention for the weekly prize, this Commisonner is impressed.

In the end though, Ploughmans Posse, Caribous, CaptainPowerMoose and FIGJAM could not defeat the team who moved and shook the most. With his 11.5 point gain this week, No Homers was that team and his gain was enough to win his 2nd mover and shaker award for the year; the first being only 2 weeks ago. The win brings his max transactions used down from 11 to 10.

The stats.  Click to make big:

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 8

At the end of the 2nd month of Season Six, the competition between GM's is certainly heating up as previously low ranked teams start making their climb.  3 out the 8 teams that placed in the bottom half at the end of last month, now sit within the top 8 ranked teams and 2 of them in the top 5.  The inTIMidators being the most impressive gaining 40+ points and up 11 spots to now hold the 4th position... which probably isn't a surprise for him, as about a month ago he did prophecise such a climb.  The champ from 2 years ago, Greatness, was the 2nd most impressive as he begins making his push to a 2nd time glory.  His gain over the month was just over 20 points and 4 ranks, now sitting in 5th spot overall.

The story today however isn't the past champions, nor is the story of Ploughman's Posse's seemingly near perfect domination of our league (like in previous updates).  This week tells the tale of a struggling team who had a magical 7 days and in fact is a team who was briefly noticed a few weeks back for gaining high numbers.  In few days of Month 2, Porters Penguins crushed every other GM by gaining 23.5 points, this 13 points ahead of anyone else.  Though still in 12th place, the gain this time around (as apposed to the noted gain a couple weeks ago) were plenty for him to be crowned Mover and Shaker in Week 9.  His win drops his total number of moves from 5 down to 4 and perhaps even gives him inspiration to keep forging ahead on this uphill climb.

Stats below.  Click to make big.  Please note the Ave Rank per Month as well:

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 7

Managing a season of the WTHL is not only about getting to the top.  It's also about how you manage your fall from grace... should it happen.  Just ask Sunnyvale Shithawks who seems to be having trouble with his recent slip... slide... freefall.   Since being in 2nd place with 182.5 at the end of week 3, he has lost a whopping 44.5 points and currently sits in 12th spot, now 4 weeks later.

And speaking of ex champions, The inTIMidators continues to show an impressive push.  After gaining 26+ points last week, he followed that up with a gain of 12 this time around.  It should also not go un-noticed that the champion from 2 years ago is starting to make a climb up the later as well  Currently sitting in 7th place, he was the 4th highest gainer of points this week with 11.5.  Be sure to keep an eye on the guy with all those studs.

At the end of this week however, no previous champion was good enough to take down No Homers, who finally may be seeing some value out of all those early round draft picks.  Gaining a gigantic 24.5 points over the past 7 days, he successfully took down every other GM's push to win Mover and Shaker in week 7.  None could do it and with the win, his max moves drop from 11 used to 10.

The Stats.  Click to make big.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 6

Since the very beginning, this season has had an extra bite to it, with GM's talkin' trash like never seen before.   This fire in every GM's belly this year may or may not have been ignited by a less than humble champion who felt the need to view everyone else as his subservient minions... and not only have said point of view, but openly and freely share it.  In time the banter ceased though as the 'Champ' fell in ranks when lady karma decided to give him a kick in the ass.  All has been quiet lately with this years mouth, but I have a feeling that is about to change.

For the 2nd time in 6 weeks, The inTIMidators have had a massive enough gain to be in contention for the mover and shaker award.  The first time this team was in contention (week 3), he took the prize.. and at this point, why fuck around the bush any longer?  This week he did as well.  With a gain of 26.5 points, he blew every other GM out of the water with the closest gain in points behind him being 15 (Milltown Moose) and 12 (Porters Penguins).  The win this week gives him his 2nd free transaction this year, bringing his current total down to 10 used instead of 11.

The question now is; was the declaration he made a couple weeks ago stating that he will be in the top echelons of the league within 6 weeks more than just declaration?   Was it prophecy?  Time will tell of course, but keep an eye on this story.

The Stats.  Click to make big.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Future of Surveys

I believe I may have heard a collective exasperated sigh after 15 GM's just read the word "Survey".  I could be wrong, but that's what it sounded like.  None the less, an important philosphy of the WTHL's Commish is providing information at all times and this post is intended to provide said information on the future of Surveys in our league. 

The future of surveys in the WTHL will now be a two fold process and will happen annually for as long as it's needed or for as long as the DUB (and/or internet as we know it) survives.  Please note that completion of each of these surveys will continue to give you a chance to win 2 Free Transactions.

Fold One :

The first of the folds will be an Opinion Style survey to gather how all GM's feel at that moment with regards to changes that have been made recently AND on those which may have arisen for the future.  This survey will be launched mid December and will be required to be completed by the New Year, January 1st.

Topics in this survey will first address any changes which were applied in that season for the first time.  Other topics will be mined from conversations had on the message board or with fellow GM's offline and of course the Commish will randomly throw out new ideas he thinks of as well.
  • GM's can freely send ideas to the Commish at any time which will be posed to the group.
  • IMPORTANT:  Any previously resolved topic requires additional measures to be included.  These measures include 25% of the league wanting the question to again be posed.  That's 4 GM's.  (For example; if the question of whether or not we have a head to head league in the future wished to be asked again, 4 GM's must bring it to the table.  It will them be posed.)
Fold Two :

The 2nd and final part of this research journey to better our league is more of a Vote than an survey.  Based on the aggregated data gathered from the opinions shared in the Mid Season Opinion Survey, new changes and/or fixes and/or ideals will be put to a vote, with the only choices being Yay or Nay.  Whatever the majority be when the final votes are counted will dictate how we proceed with our league.  This survey will be launched in the final couple weeks of the season.
  • GM's are NOT required to participate AT ALL but it is highly suggested that they do and it honestly would be greatly appreciated. 
  • This season will feature an easy out question at the start (of the vote portion) asking you if you would like to see ANY changes this season, with a Yay or Nay.  If you vote Nay to this, you will not be required to answer any questions as your Nay will be applied to all.  Simple, effective.
  • If you DO NOT PARTICIPATE, your non vote (and/or opinion) will be applied to the majority giving them more weight.  If there happens to be a tie in opinion, your vote will be cast in the direction of the Commish's opinion. 

The two fold process mentioned above is essentially exactly how it was conducted last season, but perhaps with one additional Opinion Survey.   We have now narrowed it down to 2.  Progress.

So, about that SIGH I heard? 

It is of the utmost importance to the reigning Commish to constantly and consistently find new ways to improve our beloved league and it has been that way since the very beginning as he worked tirelessly to get enough interest at all.  In recent years, it has been discovered that the best way for such developments is through research... hence the need for quantitative studies in the form of online surveys.  So suck it up.  These are intended for improving our league and have been extremely valuable to the Commish in decisions he has had to make. It is hoped that all GM's can appreciate how difficult it is to satisfy 16 very different people.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 5

The feat the current leader of the pool is achieving at this point is quite impressive.  Since caputuring the top spot by the end of Week 2, Ploughman's Posse hasn't dropped below 227 points by any weeks end.  More impressively is that not only is he keeping everyone else below him at bay, this team is still gaining points; 11.5 in the past week for a new grand total of 243.5 points in fact.  The team currently sits 57 points ahead of the 2nd place team and is only 44.5 points away from having the maximum amount of points achievable.  This feat is no longer early in the season fallout.  It's now very apparent that this team is a very viable threat.

With that said, it should be noted that Ploughmans Posse was not the Mover and Shaker this week.  That designation belongs to one of the other GM's who are battling for whatever points the top placed team hasn't already taken.  In the tight race that exists below the number one, many teams are playing snakes and ladders with each other, rising and falling several times throughout the week.  Nothing was different this time around but a couple teams in particular went above and beyond.  Though not the winner, it's worth noting that one of these teams was Porters Penguins, who may have finally addressed some of his teams issues as noted by the 17.5 pint gain this week.  The other team who rose dramatically was CaptainPowerMoose who, with his 25 point gain during the week, has been crowed Week 5's Mover and Shaker and it probably couldn't have come at a better time.  The gain of one free transaction gives him a little breathing room after having already used 15 of the 28 total.  With the win this week, his total drops to 14 used.

The Stats

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 4

One month of action has now passed and before announcing this weeks winner, let's catch up on a couple story lines we've focused on in the past 4 weeks of the league:
  • Three weeks ago Ploughman's Posse took control over the top spot in the league and to this day has not looked back.  With a commanding lead (232 points overall) after one month of play, this team looks to be the real deal.  Can he hold on is now the question...
  • In a less impressive update (but perhaps a little more enjoyable to share), the extremely verbose 'Champ' from season 5 continues to have Lady Karma bite him in the ass.  Currently sitting in 13th place with no real signs of improving anytime soon, one has to wonder if it is Karma that's the cause... or just a poor GM.
But on to this week, where neither of the above mentioned teams are the real story.

With the league still early, the flip-floppery of teams going up and down in large chunks continues at a steady pace.   Teams who appear to be moving and shaking early in the week, end up being replaced by another shaky mover during the final couple of days.   This is exactly what happened this week when FIGJAM took a massive hauling of 20.5 points in the final night and 26 points overall during the full week launching him to 2nd place overall.  With that achievement, this team is crowed Week 4's Mover and Shaker and gains one transaction, dropping his used moves from 8 to 7.

The Stats.  Click to make big:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 3

Three weeks have now been played in Season 6 of our beloved league and what a battle this week has been.   There was plenty of large jumps over the course of this week which kept the league guessing who has made the biggest noise.  Teams like Caribous and Sunnyvale Shithawks made some tremendous jumps on certain days over the 7 days but on the other hand, some teams had some massive nose dives as well.  Most notably with that is TeamSniperElite who dropped a frightening 46.5 points and down to 2nd last position.

With all that said, I should point out that neither of these aforementioned teams won this week (duh on TSE wha?) and it almost pains the GM side of the dual headed monster that is the Commish, to post who DID win.  But alas, I must.  After dropping a total of 114.5 points from his end position last year, one GM's team has begun to back up his mouth.  After gaininig 33 total points over the week, 'The Champ' has been crowned this weeks Mover and Shaker and with that gets the free move, dropping him from 9 used to 8.

It should be pointed out however that the 'Champ' is still in 13th position.

The Stats.  Click to make big

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 2

Week 2 has passed quicker than a fart dissipates in the wind.  Before long I'll be posting the mover and shaker for week 25 and talking about playoffs... but let's not get too ahead of ourselves.  We have business to discuss for week 2.

This week has been dominated by one main team, both in ranking and in the total amount of points gained during the week.   Ploughman's Posse grabbed the number one spot early in the week and has managed to stay there ever since.  With the 232 total points he's accumulated, he now has is a commanding lead over the his nearest competition; Flames at 179.5.  The Flames powerful push in points in the final night actually nearly toppled the current leader and though he was no where near the top ranking, his 53 total points captured during the week (25 of them in the final night) was just not enough to take down the Posse who grabbed 60 points over the 7 days.   With that, Ploughmans Posse gets the free transaction, dropping him from 5 used to 4.

Here's the Stats.  Click to make bigger.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 1

Week One of WTHL's 6th season has been a short one (as it normally is), but quite an intense one as well, both on the ice and off.  With tensions and excitement elevated, the smack talk between GM's has reached an all time high... led mostly by last years very modest champion.

"The Champ" is probably not feeling so hot this morning however, after reading that his team is down nearly 100 points (91.5 to be precise) and 14 ranks from his end position last year.  While it's still early, no team wants to play catch up but instead they want to hit the ground running.  As of now, it looks like the champ is barely beginning to crawl.  Let's keep an eye on this story as it develops.

On the converse, a few of the teams who did not place so high last year have started things on the right foot in the first few days of this very young season.  The Killbot Factory and TeamSniperElite made some waves in the first week by gaining 68 points or more from their end positions last season.  They are the two top gainers in week one, but as always we can only have one winner and in the end The Killbot Factory's 71 points just narrowly wins out over the 68 captured by the softmore TeamSniperElite.  With this achievement, this team gains one free transactions for his hard work.

Stats below and as always, this info and much more is found in the menu to your right:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Season Begins Oct 7th - INFO Post

It's been two weeks today since all the GM's in the league gathered to draft their teams for the upcomming season... and the seasons start is now in sight.  With only 4 days remaining in the offseason / preseason, the scrambling to finalize teams via trade (which there has been none of yet; crazy) or the free agency continues. 

With the puck dropping in just a few days, here are a couple of things to keep in mind at the start of this year.
  • Read the rules so that you are aware of any changes (Like only having 28 moves this year instead of 30 and that the max games are 95 this year instead of 99, stuff like that) that may have happened.  Having said that, there is one last minute items that were not posted in the rules.  It is as follows:
    • This year you can pick up a player and play them on the SAME DAY.  You do not have to wait until the following day to insert them in the lineup.
  • Week 1 (for the Mover and Shaker Award) will be from Thursday the 7th to end of games Saturday the 9th.  Short week yes but, that's the way we've always done it.   Also, keep in mind that the starting points for all teams will be the end totals from last year for the first week.  We began doing this last year.
    • On a side note, remember that the Monthly Top Team award is no longer part of our league.  All other award types remain.
  • Surveys.  We'll have one soon.  Ha, I kid.  I plan on only having only 2 this year.  One half way to research issues and one at the end of the season to vote on possible changes (which I hope are few if any.  We want to have EVERYTHING hammered out by end of the first contracts).
    • Topics that will be brought up at Xmas will include the addition of HITS and BLOCKED SHOTS, the Goalie Switch to %'s and even some discussion on how to develop our Keepers further with the addition of a "Salary Cap".
    • Please note that NO previously discussed issue that has been voted on will be revisited unless 1/4th of the league wants too.  That means 4 GM's have to raise the issue with me and then it will be included for opinion gathering.
And that's about it for now.  Please keep in mind that I will be trying to post here more frequently this year and I encourage everyone to visit and even post a comment or two. 

Best of luck in the coming season.  It should be a fun one!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Keepers Are Set

The clock has struck 12 and September 1st has come to a close (several hours ago now in fact).  With that comes the (what I like to refer to as) the official beginning of the 10-11 season.  This is Season 6 of the WTHL, with many more to follow if the universe is willing to let us.

Year 2 of the Keeper Era has already proven to be an interesting one.  With off season trading being added as an option this year, some confusion from certain GM's and the general lateness of others, things have been quite entertaining.  Entertaining, but now over.  When the aforementioned clock struck 12 this morning, all Keepers have been selected and I'm happy to report that no GM suffered the fate of random selection of players.  Everyone got theirs in on time.  Bravo.

If you're wondering who chose whom (whom chose who?) then look no further.  This little ol' blog of ours has now been updated with the new Stats Sheet linked from the menu to the right.  You can find your Keeper Tracker there, the Draft Trade Tracker there and the Monthly Stats there, all in one handy location.

The Keeper Tracker is now final.   Please remember to note what contract year each Keeper is in.  This may become a factor in conducting trades this season and definitely next.  It will not be anyone else's responsibility but your own to know this information.  There will be no nullifications of trades because you "didn't know that so and so was in Year so and so of his contract".   Just saying.

Things are certainly moving along though.  I think we're in for the best year yet and it can only get better from here on out.  Bring on Draft Day!

September 19th, 2010 - 9:30pm.... by the way.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Keeper Deadline Day Trades

Before breaking news on some history making moments which occurred today within the WTHL universe, it should be noted that history has already been made this week.  With the opening up of trading players in the off season this year came the first ever such trade just yesterday: Flames traded Loui Eriksson and 15th round pick in the upcoming draft to the Caribous for his 9th round pick. 

Exciting stuff... And that's not all.  With today's final crunch on Keeper selections happening (deadline is midnight, just a few short hours) came an explosion of activity on the trade field. 

 Milltown Moose started the ball with two huge trades; the first with the Flames swapping Lecavalier and the second with King Flameheads, exchanging Alphredsson for Samuelsson.   Flames continued the momentum after that, coming to terms with No Homers! after an intense trade dispute.  The end result saw Flames gain a 1st round and 3rd round pick in exchange for his 13th and 14th plus Horton and Hiller.

VERY exciting stuff.   It looks like we're in for an fantastic season folks.  Stay tuned for the Keeper reveal.

Friday, August 27, 2010

It Officially Begins Again

The 2010-2011 Yahoo Fantasy Hockey Leagues have opened up and with that comes the official beginning of the new WTHL season... though does it ever really stop? :)

Some of the top headlines trending at this current moment are listed below:

Blackberries afire with GM's working last minute deals.

New Player Stats Added Keep Grand Total at 18.

The Goalie Debate Rages On; When is enough enough?

Keeper Deadline Fast Approaching; GM's Scratch Their Heads

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Guide to the WTHL - 2010/2011 Season

Everything you need to know about the Wasting Time Hockey League is (/will eventually be) here. The topics of this 'Rule Book' are below:

Lottery Draft / Keeper League / Trades
Competitions / Random Tidbits

League Name: Wasting Time Hockey League
League ID#: 7501
Custom League URL:
League Fee: $20.00
Prize Payout: $200 for 1st, $100 for 2nd and $20 for 3rd.
Scoring Type: Rotisserie
Max Teams: 16
Roster Positions:
C, C, C, LW, LW, RW, RW, W, F, D, D, D, D, Util, G, G, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR, IR, IR
(1 Additional IR spot this season)
Stat Categories:
G, A, P, +/-, PIM, PPG, PPA, SHP, GWG, SOG, FW, W, L, GAA, SV%, SHO
(Switch to %'s and removed GS's for goalies; also combined SH's player stats)
Draft Type: Live Draft (w/ Lottery)
Post Draft Players: On Waivers (instead of Free Agents like last season)
Max Games Played: 95 (Down from 99 in '09-'10)
Max Moves: 28 (Down from 30, now an average of 1 per week)
Waiver Time: 2 Days (Up from just one last season)
Max Trades: UnlimitedTrade Reject Time: 5 DAYS
Trade End Date: 2-3 weeks before end of season

--The changes for next year--
--- We will now have 28 max moves (Down from 30 but up from 25 2 years ago).
--- We will have a 2 day waiver priority system instead of just 1.
--- Players will now be 'On Waivers after Draft' instead of 'Free Agents'. Instead of a free for all after the 15 rounds of draft, everyone will now have a chance to grab a player... if they want to use their waiver priority.
--- We will have an additional IR spot, 3 instead of 2.
--- Goalie stats will switch from GA and SV's to GAA and SV% and we also removed GS.
--- Blocked shots and/or Hits will be added if the option is available to do so.
--- We will have 95 max games per position. This is a drop from 99 last season but up from 90 the season before.
--- We removed the 'Team of the Month' award but kept the rest.

The Live Draft - Lottery Style

Sometime shortly after each season ends (ideally on the day the NHL hosts their rookie draft), a lottery will take place to determine who places where in the next years draft. For this event, there will have to be at least 2 GM's present with the Commish, but it is preferable to have a majority present (if nothing else to get drunk together).

-- How it Works --
The bottom 8 seeded teams (9-16) of each season will get a certain number of entries (balls) into the lottery based on their season end ranking with the worst team will receive the fewest number of entries. For example, the team ranked 16th will get 1 entry; the 17th will get 2, 16th - 3, etc. The order of the draft will then be selected in descending order with the first ball picked being the 8th pick in the following years draft. The 2nd ball picked will be the 7th pick on down to the last ball picked being the first selection overall. The object in this situation is to NOT have your ball picked.

For the top 8 teams from last year, they will fill places 9-16 in the draft with the top seeded get 16th and last pick. The 2nd seed with get 2nd last and so on. However, these teams will also have their own lottery to determine the 9th overall pick and a chance to move up in the lottery itself.

The top 8 seeds will be given a certain number of entries based on their position with the top ranked being handed the least (1) and the worst rank of the 8 being given 4. 7th team also gets 4, teams ranked 6 & 5 get 3, teams ranked 4 & 3 get 2 and 2nd placed team receives 1 (like the top placed). One ball will then be selected and the team that owns it will recieve no worse than 9th overall pick. They will also join the lottery so essentially, the full lottery is to determine picks 1 through 9.

-- Live Draft --
The live draft for each season will occur in mid to late September of each year. Please note that the above mentioned lottery is for rounds 9 on.

Keeper League Details

-- Player Due Date --
The due date for each team to provide the Commish their Keeper Selections is the end of day September 1st and they must be provided ranked 1 through 8. The reason for a deadline is to give the commish enough time to set up the draft for all teams.

NOTE: Should any GM NOT get their keepers in by the deadline, 8 players will be randomly (by way of draw) selected from their team for them.

-- How it Works --
Each team returning must select 8 Keeper players from their final roster of the previous season. Any player from any position can be selected but when they are selected, these players will be then considered 'under contract' to this team.

-- The Contract --
Each keeper player will be owned by a GM who drafted them for no more than 3 full seasons (unless a contract extension happens; see below). After their contract is up, they will become free agents and available for any team to draft that year. These end contract players will only be available for selection after the keeper player rounds are finished, typically starting in round 9.
--- Teams/GM's are NOT required to keep the K player for the full duration of the contract. The player can be dropped at any time and made available for any team to acquire.
--- If a new team does acquire this K player while on waivers, they will NOT be under any contract. This right is reserved for K players selected at draft time only.
--- A season or year is considered a period between draft day to draft day.
--- Contract Extensions can only happen if a K player is made draft eligible (after year 3) and then drafted again by the same team who last had them as a keeper.

-- Keeper Trades --
Should a team trade this under contract keeper player, the team who acquires them will assume that contract. If team A had the K player for 2 years and trades them, Team B will only be able to have this player for 1 year before they are available for drafting again.
--- Keepers DO NOT have to be be traded for Keepers. Any player can be traded for any player.

Season Game Play - Trades

The rules for trading players during the season are fairly strait forward and can be found below:

--- Any player can be traded for any player, whether they be a Keeper player or not.
--- There will be NO league voting or commissioner voting for any trades during the season. What two GM's decide is a fair trade is up to them.

--Off-Season Trading--
Players can now be traded in the off-season should any GM's wish to do so and can include swapping draft picks for the upcoming season.
--- All trades must be finalized before the keepers are selected on September 1st. Thus, trade deadline day is the end of day August 31st of each year.

-- Trade Add-Ons --
As teams try to lock their final rosters in before the end of the season, you can use the following trade addons to your advantage. Should you wish to process a trade with either of these scenarios, both GM's must notify the commish with the details to ensure validity.

-Trading Draft Positions-
Each team has the ability to trade draft picks for the following season (For example, Team C can trade a player and their 2nd round pick to Team D for a player and their 3rd round pick). For each of these types of transactions, there are a couple of guidelines:
--- There must be an equal number of picks exchanged. Team A cannot trade 2 picks for 1 pick, for example, as the system will not allow that.
--- The trading of draft picks can only be for the following season and not any season beyond that.

-Trading Transactions-
Teams are also able to attach transactions (add/removes) to their trades (For example, team A can trade a player and 2 transactions to team B for a player). This is a handy incentive come the end of year where some teams have none left while others have plenty.

NOTE: Neither of the above addons can occur without players being swapped as well. These are addons only and cannot be used independently. For example, one cannot trade a transaction for a draft pick (as of now).

-- Penalties --
Should there ever be a dispute in any trade between GM's about the number of transactions or trade swaps (or anything) or anything involved in any trade, both GM's could suffer a penalty. 

If there is a discrepancy in what each GM tells the Commish happened in the trade or if GM's refuse to give up what was originally agreed apon, the GM's will have 24 hours to resolve the issue. If it is not resolved, the players (and/or addons) which were involved in the original trade will be swapped back to the original owner. More importantly, each GM will also lose 1 transaction (for making the commish have to fuck around). If the team has no transactions left, the penalty will be a force down of one draft position, swapping with the team below them.

NOTE: No 'Dumping' of players to another team is not permitted and will not be tolerated. The penalty for such behavior could result in a loss of your team in the league. Don't temp the commish mutha fuckers!

Season Game Play - Competitions

During every season, there are a number of rewards given out to exceptional (or sometimes not) teams. Below are those competitions and giveaways.

Weekly Point Gain Competition:
Every week the team with the biggest point gain will be rewarded a free transaction (Add/Remove).

Monthly Top Spot Competition
This award has been removed to lessen the number of moves given out per year.

Christmas Charity Drive
The team in the very last spot on Christmas day will be given some charity to help their pathetic team: 3 free Transactions!

All Star Competition
At the All Star Break, the team on top in each of the stat categories will be rewarded 1 free transaction (Add/Move) for each stat (18-20 total). Should any team tie in a particular stat, nobody will be rewarded the move.

Easter Egg Hunt
On Easter Day, the team(s) with an exact +/- of 0 will get 2 free transactions.

*NEW* April Fools Day Surprise
On April 1st, something will happen. I haven't decided what yet...

Additional Bonuses
GM's have the opportunity to voice their opinions on how the league will operate. The incentive for doing this besides having a say in how the league works was in 1 free transaction. In coming years, beginning in year 5, the incentive will be 1 entry into a draw for 2 free moves

Season Game Play - Random Tid Bits

-- Major No No's --
There are 2 things which the league will not tolerate:

1) Purposely benching all or a high percentage of players that are playing on consecutive nights.

2) Not being active for a period of 1 month without reason.

The penalty for this will be a loss of your highest non traded pick, in exchange for another teams last overall pick, which will be decided by one random draw.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

10-11 Final Draft Order

With the extremely surprising lottery selections taking place during our end of season drunken celebration, the 09-10 season (and 5th of the WTHL) is now officially over.

Here's some lottery highlights:

--> Untrust (original position of 10th) was selected in the pre-draft and added to the lottery in 9th position and ended up in 5th after the full lottery.

--> Caribous (originally in 2nd) had one of his 2 balls selected FIRST (2 in 45 chance of happening) in the overall lottery, meaning he dropped to 9th spot.

--> Pussy Pounders and Milltown Moose were big gainers with a jump from 6th to 2nd and 4th from 8th respectively.

--> Everyone else dropped except for Sunnyvale who jumped up one position; 4th to 3rd.

Here's the final draft order.


(01) [1] - TeamSniperElite
(06) [2] - Pussy Pounders
(04) [3] - Sunnyvale Shithawks
(08) [4] - Milltown Moose
(10) [5] - Untrust
(03) [6] - The Killbot Factory
(05) [7] - Porter's Penguin's
(07) [8] - No Homers!
(02) [9] - Caribous
(09) [10] - Flames

(11) [11] - King FlameHeads
(12) [12] - Greatness
(13) [13] - Ploughman's Posse
(14) [14] - SharpClawedMoose
(15) [15] - Figgy
(16) [16] - The inTIMidators

For full details, use the link below:

Until next season folks, have a great summer. It's been a fantastic year.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

09-10 WTHL Champion


It was a great season with all teams battling hard.  In the end, The inTIMidators could not be taken down and he is now crowned the 09-10 Champion.  Congratulations!!

2nd place, by the way, was Figgy.
3rd was CaptainPowerMoose

Thanks to all the GM's for making this a great league.  See you in Season Six!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt - WINNER!

Okay, I can't believe this has happened.  Somebody has actually won the Easter Egg Hunt (the final competition of the year as posted in the rules) by having exactly +/- of 0 on Easter Day.  That team is No Homers and with this crazy feat, he gets 2 free moves.  He drops from 30 used to 28.

What are the fuckin' odds?  Wowzer.

Congrats none the less!

Mover and Shaker - Week 25

For the final mover and shaker of the 09-10 season, things seem to have returned to somewhat normality with the lower placed teams gaining more points over the course of the week than the higher placed teams.  That has not been the case as of late as several times now has the first placed team overall won, for example.  Not this week though.  This week, teams are still trying to play spoiler; TeamSniperElite and Porters Penquins specifically who each had 3 or more points gained over the week.  No Homers and Flames grabbed a couple points away from those driving for the win as well.   In the end however, only one team can move and shake the most and of those 4 teams Porters Penguins was 0.5pts ahead of the rest and with his 3.5 points.  With that achievement, he gets a free transaction dropping his max used from 9 to 8.

Stats here:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 24

With only 2 weeks remaining to the season, time is running out to Move and/or Shake.  In the case of this past week, it appears that some of the lower placed teams are playing spoiler by taking points away from the top tier of teams.  2 out of the top 3 teams lost some points this week and while we are unsure which team took points away from who, the gain of 6 points by No Homers surely had something to do with that.  Because this team was 0.5 points ahead of any other teams gain, they win the 2nd last Mover and Shaker of the year and with that one free transaction, dropping from 30 used to 29.

Stats below.  Click to make big

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 23

It was quite the battle this week with 10 of the 16 teams gaining some amount of points, but the main fight comes with the top 4 gainers who were at  most 1 point away from each other in the end.  Two teams gained 7.5 points during the week, one gained 8 and another gained 8.5 which is perhaps the tightest top gain of points that I've seen yet.   Ploughman's Posse was the team on top (and mainly due to a steal of 7 points in the final night of the week) and for this achievement his max transactions drop from 21 used to 20.

Stats Below.  Click to enlarge

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 22

Of the 16 teams battling for domination, only 5 gained any points in the past week and everyone else dropped at least 0.5 with some dropping as much as 5 points overall..  With a late week (last night) surge in points, Figgy managed to gain 11.5 points overall this week and that is good enough for get him the be this weeks mover and shaker.  His max transactions drop from 15 used to 14.

Stats below:

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 21

It's been 3 weeks since we've handed out one of these awards (due to the Olympic Break of course) but we're back on track now and with only about 5 or 6 more weeks to go, things are quite tight in the league.  The highest gain for this period was only 8.5 points and only 7 teams actually gained points, most of them only 1.  From here on out, things will get very interesting.

For the second time this season (and in league history) the Mover and Shaker of the week happened to be the top placed team and with the 8.5 points this period, he now has a fairly commanding lead on the rest.  The inTIMidators is that team and with this win, his max transitions drop from 24 used to 23.

Monday, February 15, 2010

All Star / Olympic Win

I wont waste time writing much as everything is in the table below... and because nobody comes here anyway.  Click the Pic to enlarge:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 20 & Team of the Month 5

Mover and Shaker

King Flameheads came very close to winning a 4th Mover and Shaker since the new year began, but alas it was not this teams week this time around.  Instead this week, the award goes to a team who has been on a slide as of late and with this weeks 9 point gain (0.5 more than anyone else) it could be a sign of a resurgence of Ploughmans Posse.  With the win this week, his transactions drop from 17 used to 16.

Team of the Month

The team of the month award this time around goes to The inTIMidators who (I believe) is winning this award for the first time.  With being in 1st all but 1 week over the past 4, this teams average positioning of 1.5 was a great showing and with that his max transactions drop from 26 used to 25.

Congrats to you both.  Stats below:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Changes for 2010-11 Season


--- What is changing ---

1) Switching back to %'s (GAA and SV% instead of GA and SV).

2) Dropping the GS (Game Starts) stat giving us a total of 5 Goalie stats.

--- What isn't changing ---

1) Any roster positions.  For the forseeable future, we will continue to use 2 goalie roster spots a night with zero restrictions on how many you can own and/or select as a keeper.  A 50/50 split in opinions on the topic means that either way, half the league is unhappy... so why fuck with it?


Very little else is changing for next season and beyond, but there are a few things and some of them are personal choices that did not go to vote.  Like it or lump it, this is the way it'll be.

--- Free Moves ---

1) Removing the 'Team of the Month' Award and thus the handing out of 7 or 8 free transactions over the year.  Everything else will remain the same with regards to rewards.

--- Waivers ---

1) Upping the number of days a player is on waivers from 1 to 2.

2) Setting players as 'On Waivers after Draft' in place of 'Free Agents after Draft'.  Instead of a Free For All after the 15 rounds of Draft is over, everyone will now have a chance to get anyone not on a roster... provided they wish to use their waiver priority to do so.

-- Rosters ---

1) Adding 1 more IR position for a total of 3.  This will not affect any other roster position.

-- Stat Cats ---

1) Combining SHG and SHA to be SHP, giving us a total of 11 Player stats instead of 12 (for a new total of 16 overall, 2 less than this season)

PROVISIONAL : Should the 'Blocked Shots' and/or 'Hits' categories be added to the Yahoo system, they will be included in our league.

** The Guide Book on this blog will be updated to reflect these changes sometime at the end of the current season.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Season 5 End Survey Results

Well folks, another season full of surveys has given us a lot of food for thought and with that, some changes will indeed be coming... but not as much as most people may like.  Popular opinion mostly says to keep things as they are.  Let's get right to it.


As you can see from the results below, most people want to keep things as they are with regards to awarding transactions.  Having said that, there were enough GM's wanting some sort of change to warrant something happening, so be prepared for some minor tweeks that could come.



Franchise Players

I think the the below information says enough.


The Goalie Debate

If we found out anything regarding the goalies this year, we found out one thing; something will change next season.  You can see from the results below what those changes will be.



Future Consideration - Goalies
One of the hottest topics of the season was not put to a final vote, but instead was posed as a feeler to see if the the discussion is worthy of future consideration.  As we can see below, this debate could be endless making it very difficult to know what one should do.

Future Consideration - Dynasty League

The commish was curious as to how people feel about Dynasty... and he was answered.  This topic may now very well be dead, as you can see below.




In the end we learned a few things with this survey with regards to how the league feels on some hot topics.  The main thing we learn though is that the league is basically divided 50/50 on some of the hot topics making it very difficult to decide what this league should do.  I'll leave things at that for now and ponder.  Things will be changing next season, we know that for a fact.  I'm just not positive how much at this point.

Stay tuned...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 19

Since being in dead last positioning on Christmas day, one team has been on a slow and steady climb up the rankings.  Now sitting in 10th place, King Flameheads gained 11 points this week which was 3.5 more than the next highest gainer of points.  With this achievement the KF has now won his 3rd Mover and Shaker award since  2010 started.  With this weeks win, his max moves drop from 18 used to 17.

See below for stats:

Saturday, February 6, 2010


The final survey for the 5th season of our league here is under way.

Click here to take it.  Only 10 Quesitons

This will be a final vote on any topics that have surfaced throughout the year and will remain open until all 16 GMs complete the 10 questions.  There is an early bird deadline of Feb 12th and if you complete it by then, you have a chance to win some free moves... and you know, find out the results.

Again Click here to take survey

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 18

It was quite the battle this week with teams working very hard to move up in the standings.  With all the hard work, only 6 teams however, managed to gain in points but the battle between these 6 are what's impressive.  Each of them were at most 2 points away from each other and two of them tied with 7 points up.  In the end though, Figgy managed a half a point more than anyone else and with this 7.5 points during the week, he wins the Mover and Shaker and a free transaction.  He drops from 13 used to 12.

Stats here.  Click to enlarge.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 17

With the start of a new month comes the start of 4 new Mover and Shaker awards, beginning as usual with the first.  In this new month we see some teams that were close to the top falling freely and some other teams who seemingly were endlessly caught at bottom begin to rise.  In the world of the WTHL, nothing is stagnant.

The results this week featured 50% rising in points and the other half dropping.  Of the half that rose in points this week, 2 broke double digits.  The Killbot Factory managed 14.5 points during the week and that was good enough to beat out Milltown Moose for the prize, who placed 2nd with 10.5 points.  Not bad all around, but the winner gets the free move and with that Killbot's transactions used drop to 15 from 16.

Here's the numbers.  Click to make big should you wish

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mover and Shaker Week 16 - Team of the Month Four

Mover and Shaker Week 16

For the 2nd week in a row, King FlameHeads come out strong and win the prize.  With a gain of 16 points during this week, this team blew away the competition.  With a gain of 27 points over a 2 week span, the KF find themselves in 12th spot.  With the win today, this teams transactions drop from 12 used to 11.

Team of the Month Four

After commanding this award all of the 08-09 season, Greatness has not won this award once this year... until now.  After being on top for a lot of this month (3 times out of 4 Sundays) and averaging a 1.5 placement during that time, it looks like last years champ is making a statement... albiet, this week he finished in 3rd.  Will the champ stay in the running?  Who knows, but with the win this month, his max transactions drop from 19 to 18.

Stats here.  Click to make big.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 15

Only 6 teams managed to gain points this week and only one team broke double digits in that gain. King Flameheads was that team with 11 points and that was good enough to get him the Mover and Shaker of the week.  With that, his max transactions drop from 11 to 10.

Stats here.  Click to enlarge.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Survey Two Results

Gonna try to make this short winded...

Let's get the Goalie topic out of the way...

It looks like public opinion is still strong with the changing of the 'Goalie Situation'.  Only 2 people think that nothing should be done, so we will be doing something.  The next time we discuss this topic, it will be a final vote however.  It looks like at this point we will be switching to percentages for both GA and SV AND removing either the G or L stat from the goalies.

All the images can be clicked (or rubbed) to enlarge (and see the numbers).

The next hottest thing was the 'Franchise Player'.  How did GM's feel with regards to interest in this?

But what will a Franchise Player mean, the GM's were asked:

And what about the risk of taking a Franchise player?  Do I HAVE to keep him for a certain time period, the GM's are posed.

And are these 'Franchise Player' part of my 8 Keepers or what?

And so ends the tale of the GM's and their Franchise player.  Next survey will be a final vote on a 'Franchise Player' is one of your 8 Keepers who can be kept for 5 years instead of 3, with the clause that if you select him, you must keep him until the end of the season before taking another.

The GM's were all then asked about Money... and because I'm getting lazy, simply, it looks like we'll be upping it to 25 bucks next year with a bump of money in 3 prizes instead of 4 give outs. 

As for the waiver question, though the Commish wants change, the waiver wire will remain at 1 full day instead of an increase.

Other than that, VERY few liked the Head to Head idea.  It will not be brought up again... by the Commish.

Oh, and Untrust is the lucky winner in the draw!  2 moves to him.

Now, back to the league!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 14

Half the league gained points this week, which is a fairly good showing.  Unfortunately for most though, only one team broke double digits in their gains with a total gain of 17 points.  That team was Flames and because of this achievement he is now in 2nd place overall and as further reward of such a strong effort, his max transactions drop from 8 to 7.

Stats here.  Click to make big if ya want.