Monday, February 15, 2010

All Star / Olympic Win

I wont waste time writing much as everything is in the table below... and because nobody comes here anyway.  Click the Pic to enlarge:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 20 & Team of the Month 5

Mover and Shaker

King Flameheads came very close to winning a 4th Mover and Shaker since the new year began, but alas it was not this teams week this time around.  Instead this week, the award goes to a team who has been on a slide as of late and with this weeks 9 point gain (0.5 more than anyone else) it could be a sign of a resurgence of Ploughmans Posse.  With the win this week, his transactions drop from 17 used to 16.

Team of the Month

The team of the month award this time around goes to The inTIMidators who (I believe) is winning this award for the first time.  With being in 1st all but 1 week over the past 4, this teams average positioning of 1.5 was a great showing and with that his max transactions drop from 26 used to 25.

Congrats to you both.  Stats below:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Changes for 2010-11 Season


--- What is changing ---

1) Switching back to %'s (GAA and SV% instead of GA and SV).

2) Dropping the GS (Game Starts) stat giving us a total of 5 Goalie stats.

--- What isn't changing ---

1) Any roster positions.  For the forseeable future, we will continue to use 2 goalie roster spots a night with zero restrictions on how many you can own and/or select as a keeper.  A 50/50 split in opinions on the topic means that either way, half the league is unhappy... so why fuck with it?


Very little else is changing for next season and beyond, but there are a few things and some of them are personal choices that did not go to vote.  Like it or lump it, this is the way it'll be.

--- Free Moves ---

1) Removing the 'Team of the Month' Award and thus the handing out of 7 or 8 free transactions over the year.  Everything else will remain the same with regards to rewards.

--- Waivers ---

1) Upping the number of days a player is on waivers from 1 to 2.

2) Setting players as 'On Waivers after Draft' in place of 'Free Agents after Draft'.  Instead of a Free For All after the 15 rounds of Draft is over, everyone will now have a chance to get anyone not on a roster... provided they wish to use their waiver priority to do so.

-- Rosters ---

1) Adding 1 more IR position for a total of 3.  This will not affect any other roster position.

-- Stat Cats ---

1) Combining SHG and SHA to be SHP, giving us a total of 11 Player stats instead of 12 (for a new total of 16 overall, 2 less than this season)

PROVISIONAL : Should the 'Blocked Shots' and/or 'Hits' categories be added to the Yahoo system, they will be included in our league.

** The Guide Book on this blog will be updated to reflect these changes sometime at the end of the current season.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Season 5 End Survey Results

Well folks, another season full of surveys has given us a lot of food for thought and with that, some changes will indeed be coming... but not as much as most people may like.  Popular opinion mostly says to keep things as they are.  Let's get right to it.


As you can see from the results below, most people want to keep things as they are with regards to awarding transactions.  Having said that, there were enough GM's wanting some sort of change to warrant something happening, so be prepared for some minor tweeks that could come.



Franchise Players

I think the the below information says enough.


The Goalie Debate

If we found out anything regarding the goalies this year, we found out one thing; something will change next season.  You can see from the results below what those changes will be.



Future Consideration - Goalies
One of the hottest topics of the season was not put to a final vote, but instead was posed as a feeler to see if the the discussion is worthy of future consideration.  As we can see below, this debate could be endless making it very difficult to know what one should do.

Future Consideration - Dynasty League

The commish was curious as to how people feel about Dynasty... and he was answered.  This topic may now very well be dead, as you can see below.




In the end we learned a few things with this survey with regards to how the league feels on some hot topics.  The main thing we learn though is that the league is basically divided 50/50 on some of the hot topics making it very difficult to decide what this league should do.  I'll leave things at that for now and ponder.  Things will be changing next season, we know that for a fact.  I'm just not positive how much at this point.

Stay tuned...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 19

Since being in dead last positioning on Christmas day, one team has been on a slow and steady climb up the rankings.  Now sitting in 10th place, King Flameheads gained 11 points this week which was 3.5 more than the next highest gainer of points.  With this achievement the KF has now won his 3rd Mover and Shaker award since  2010 started.  With this weeks win, his max moves drop from 18 used to 17.

See below for stats:

Saturday, February 6, 2010


The final survey for the 5th season of our league here is under way.

Click here to take it.  Only 10 Quesitons

This will be a final vote on any topics that have surfaced throughout the year and will remain open until all 16 GMs complete the 10 questions.  There is an early bird deadline of Feb 12th and if you complete it by then, you have a chance to win some free moves... and you know, find out the results.

Again Click here to take survey