Saturday, April 17, 2010

09-10 WTHL Champion


It was a great season with all teams battling hard.  In the end, The inTIMidators could not be taken down and he is now crowned the 09-10 Champion.  Congratulations!!

2nd place, by the way, was Figgy.
3rd was CaptainPowerMoose

Thanks to all the GM's for making this a great league.  See you in Season Six!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt - WINNER!

Okay, I can't believe this has happened.  Somebody has actually won the Easter Egg Hunt (the final competition of the year as posted in the rules) by having exactly +/- of 0 on Easter Day.  That team is No Homers and with this crazy feat, he gets 2 free moves.  He drops from 30 used to 28.

What are the fuckin' odds?  Wowzer.

Congrats none the less!

Mover and Shaker - Week 25

For the final mover and shaker of the 09-10 season, things seem to have returned to somewhat normality with the lower placed teams gaining more points over the course of the week than the higher placed teams.  That has not been the case as of late as several times now has the first placed team overall won, for example.  Not this week though.  This week, teams are still trying to play spoiler; TeamSniperElite and Porters Penquins specifically who each had 3 or more points gained over the week.  No Homers and Flames grabbed a couple points away from those driving for the win as well.   In the end however, only one team can move and shake the most and of those 4 teams Porters Penguins was 0.5pts ahead of the rest and with his 3.5 points.  With that achievement, he gets a free transaction dropping his max used from 9 to 8.

Stats here: