Thursday, September 2, 2010

Keepers Are Set

The clock has struck 12 and September 1st has come to a close (several hours ago now in fact).  With that comes the (what I like to refer to as) the official beginning of the 10-11 season.  This is Season 6 of the WTHL, with many more to follow if the universe is willing to let us.

Year 2 of the Keeper Era has already proven to be an interesting one.  With off season trading being added as an option this year, some confusion from certain GM's and the general lateness of others, things have been quite entertaining.  Entertaining, but now over.  When the aforementioned clock struck 12 this morning, all Keepers have been selected and I'm happy to report that no GM suffered the fate of random selection of players.  Everyone got theirs in on time.  Bravo.

If you're wondering who chose whom (whom chose who?) then look no further.  This little ol' blog of ours has now been updated with the new Stats Sheet linked from the menu to the right.  You can find your Keeper Tracker there, the Draft Trade Tracker there and the Monthly Stats there, all in one handy location.

The Keeper Tracker is now final.   Please remember to note what contract year each Keeper is in.  This may become a factor in conducting trades this season and definitely next.  It will not be anyone else's responsibility but your own to know this information.  There will be no nullifications of trades because you "didn't know that so and so was in Year so and so of his contract".   Just saying.

Things are certainly moving along though.  I think we're in for the best year yet and it can only get better from here on out.  Bring on Draft Day!

September 19th, 2010 - 9:30pm.... by the way.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Keeper Deadline Day Trades

Before breaking news on some history making moments which occurred today within the WTHL universe, it should be noted that history has already been made this week.  With the opening up of trading players in the off season this year came the first ever such trade just yesterday: Flames traded Loui Eriksson and 15th round pick in the upcoming draft to the Caribous for his 9th round pick. 

Exciting stuff... And that's not all.  With today's final crunch on Keeper selections happening (deadline is midnight, just a few short hours) came an explosion of activity on the trade field. 

 Milltown Moose started the ball with two huge trades; the first with the Flames swapping Lecavalier and the second with King Flameheads, exchanging Alphredsson for Samuelsson.   Flames continued the momentum after that, coming to terms with No Homers! after an intense trade dispute.  The end result saw Flames gain a 1st round and 3rd round pick in exchange for his 13th and 14th plus Horton and Hiller.

VERY exciting stuff.   It looks like we're in for an fantastic season folks.  Stay tuned for the Keeper reveal.