Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 4

One month of action has now passed and before announcing this weeks winner, let's catch up on a couple story lines we've focused on in the past 4 weeks of the league:
  • Three weeks ago Ploughman's Posse took control over the top spot in the league and to this day has not looked back.  With a commanding lead (232 points overall) after one month of play, this team looks to be the real deal.  Can he hold on is now the question...
  • In a less impressive update (but perhaps a little more enjoyable to share), the extremely verbose 'Champ' from season 5 continues to have Lady Karma bite him in the ass.  Currently sitting in 13th place with no real signs of improving anytime soon, one has to wonder if it is Karma that's the cause... or just a poor GM.
But on to this week, where neither of the above mentioned teams are the real story.

With the league still early, the flip-floppery of teams going up and down in large chunks continues at a steady pace.   Teams who appear to be moving and shaking early in the week, end up being replaced by another shaky mover during the final couple of days.   This is exactly what happened this week when FIGJAM took a massive hauling of 20.5 points in the final night and 26 points overall during the full week launching him to 2nd place overall.  With that achievement, this team is crowed Week 4's Mover and Shaker and gains one transaction, dropping his used moves from 8 to 7.

The Stats.  Click to make big:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 3

Three weeks have now been played in Season 6 of our beloved league and what a battle this week has been.   There was plenty of large jumps over the course of this week which kept the league guessing who has made the biggest noise.  Teams like Caribous and Sunnyvale Shithawks made some tremendous jumps on certain days over the 7 days but on the other hand, some teams had some massive nose dives as well.  Most notably with that is TeamSniperElite who dropped a frightening 46.5 points and down to 2nd last position.

With all that said, I should point out that neither of these aforementioned teams won this week (duh on TSE wha?) and it almost pains the GM side of the dual headed monster that is the Commish, to post who DID win.  But alas, I must.  After dropping a total of 114.5 points from his end position last year, one GM's team has begun to back up his mouth.  After gaininig 33 total points over the week, 'The Champ' has been crowned this weeks Mover and Shaker and with that gets the free move, dropping him from 9 used to 8.

It should be pointed out however that the 'Champ' is still in 13th position.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 2

Week 2 has passed quicker than a fart dissipates in the wind.  Before long I'll be posting the mover and shaker for week 25 and talking about playoffs... but let's not get too ahead of ourselves.  We have business to discuss for week 2.

This week has been dominated by one main team, both in ranking and in the total amount of points gained during the week.   Ploughman's Posse grabbed the number one spot early in the week and has managed to stay there ever since.  With the 232 total points he's accumulated, he now has is a commanding lead over the his nearest competition; Flames at 179.5.  The Flames powerful push in points in the final night actually nearly toppled the current leader and though he was no where near the top ranking, his 53 total points captured during the week (25 of them in the final night) was just not enough to take down the Posse who grabbed 60 points over the 7 days.   With that, Ploughmans Posse gets the free transaction, dropping him from 5 used to 4.

Here's the Stats.  Click to make bigger.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 1

Week One of WTHL's 6th season has been a short one (as it normally is), but quite an intense one as well, both on the ice and off.  With tensions and excitement elevated, the smack talk between GM's has reached an all time high... led mostly by last years very modest champion.

"The Champ" is probably not feeling so hot this morning however, after reading that his team is down nearly 100 points (91.5 to be precise) and 14 ranks from his end position last year.  While it's still early, no team wants to play catch up but instead they want to hit the ground running.  As of now, it looks like the champ is barely beginning to crawl.  Let's keep an eye on this story as it develops.

On the converse, a few of the teams who did not place so high last year have started things on the right foot in the first few days of this very young season.  The Killbot Factory and TeamSniperElite made some waves in the first week by gaining 68 points or more from their end positions last season.  They are the two top gainers in week one, but as always we can only have one winner and in the end The Killbot Factory's 71 points just narrowly wins out over the 68 captured by the softmore TeamSniperElite.  With this achievement, this team gains one free transactions for his hard work.

Stats below and as always, this info and much more is found in the menu to your right:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Season Begins Oct 7th - INFO Post

It's been two weeks today since all the GM's in the league gathered to draft their teams for the upcomming season... and the seasons start is now in sight.  With only 4 days remaining in the offseason / preseason, the scrambling to finalize teams via trade (which there has been none of yet; crazy) or the free agency continues. 

With the puck dropping in just a few days, here are a couple of things to keep in mind at the start of this year.
  • Read the rules so that you are aware of any changes (Like only having 28 moves this year instead of 30 and that the max games are 95 this year instead of 99, stuff like that) that may have happened.  Having said that, there is one last minute items that were not posted in the rules.  It is as follows:
    • This year you can pick up a player and play them on the SAME DAY.  You do not have to wait until the following day to insert them in the lineup.
  • Week 1 (for the Mover and Shaker Award) will be from Thursday the 7th to end of games Saturday the 9th.  Short week yes but, that's the way we've always done it.   Also, keep in mind that the starting points for all teams will be the end totals from last year for the first week.  We began doing this last year.
    • On a side note, remember that the Monthly Top Team award is no longer part of our league.  All other award types remain.
  • Surveys.  We'll have one soon.  Ha, I kid.  I plan on only having only 2 this year.  One half way to research issues and one at the end of the season to vote on possible changes (which I hope are few if any.  We want to have EVERYTHING hammered out by end of the first contracts).
    • Topics that will be brought up at Xmas will include the addition of HITS and BLOCKED SHOTS, the Goalie Switch to %'s and even some discussion on how to develop our Keepers further with the addition of a "Salary Cap".
    • Please note that NO previously discussed issue that has been voted on will be revisited unless 1/4th of the league wants too.  That means 4 GM's have to raise the issue with me and then it will be included for opinion gathering.
And that's about it for now.  Please keep in mind that I will be trying to post here more frequently this year and I encourage everyone to visit and even post a comment or two. 

Best of luck in the coming season.  It should be a fun one!