Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 8

At the end of the 2nd month of Season Six, the competition between GM's is certainly heating up as previously low ranked teams start making their climb.  3 out the 8 teams that placed in the bottom half at the end of last month, now sit within the top 8 ranked teams and 2 of them in the top 5.  The inTIMidators being the most impressive gaining 40+ points and up 11 spots to now hold the 4th position... which probably isn't a surprise for him, as about a month ago he did prophecise such a climb.  The champ from 2 years ago, Greatness, was the 2nd most impressive as he begins making his push to a 2nd time glory.  His gain over the month was just over 20 points and 4 ranks, now sitting in 5th spot overall.

The story today however isn't the past champions, nor is the story of Ploughman's Posse's seemingly near perfect domination of our league (like in previous updates).  This week tells the tale of a struggling team who had a magical 7 days and in fact is a team who was briefly noticed a few weeks back for gaining high numbers.  In few days of Month 2, Porters Penguins crushed every other GM by gaining 23.5 points, this 13 points ahead of anyone else.  Though still in 12th place, the gain this time around (as apposed to the noted gain a couple weeks ago) were plenty for him to be crowned Mover and Shaker in Week 9.  His win drops his total number of moves from 5 down to 4 and perhaps even gives him inspiration to keep forging ahead on this uphill climb.

Stats below.  Click to make big.  Please note the Ave Rank per Month as well:

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 7

Managing a season of the WTHL is not only about getting to the top.  It's also about how you manage your fall from grace... should it happen.  Just ask Sunnyvale Shithawks who seems to be having trouble with his recent slip... slide... freefall.   Since being in 2nd place with 182.5 at the end of week 3, he has lost a whopping 44.5 points and currently sits in 12th spot, now 4 weeks later.

And speaking of ex champions, The inTIMidators continues to show an impressive push.  After gaining 26+ points last week, he followed that up with a gain of 12 this time around.  It should also not go un-noticed that the champion from 2 years ago is starting to make a climb up the later as well  Currently sitting in 7th place, he was the 4th highest gainer of points this week with 11.5.  Be sure to keep an eye on the guy with all those studs.

At the end of this week however, no previous champion was good enough to take down No Homers, who finally may be seeing some value out of all those early round draft picks.  Gaining a gigantic 24.5 points over the past 7 days, he successfully took down every other GM's push to win Mover and Shaker in week 7.  None could do it and with the win, his max moves drop from 11 used to 10.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 6

Since the very beginning, this season has had an extra bite to it, with GM's talkin' trash like never seen before.   This fire in every GM's belly this year may or may not have been ignited by a less than humble champion who felt the need to view everyone else as his subservient minions... and not only have said point of view, but openly and freely share it.  In time the banter ceased though as the 'Champ' fell in ranks when lady karma decided to give him a kick in the ass.  All has been quiet lately with this years mouth, but I have a feeling that is about to change.

For the 2nd time in 6 weeks, The inTIMidators have had a massive enough gain to be in contention for the mover and shaker award.  The first time this team was in contention (week 3), he took the prize.. and at this point, why fuck around the bush any longer?  This week he did as well.  With a gain of 26.5 points, he blew every other GM out of the water with the closest gain in points behind him being 15 (Milltown Moose) and 12 (Porters Penguins).  The win this week gives him his 2nd free transaction this year, bringing his current total down to 10 used instead of 11.

The question now is; was the declaration he made a couple weeks ago stating that he will be in the top echelons of the league within 6 weeks more than just declaration?   Was it prophecy?  Time will tell of course, but keep an eye on this story.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Future of Surveys

I believe I may have heard a collective exasperated sigh after 15 GM's just read the word "Survey".  I could be wrong, but that's what it sounded like.  None the less, an important philosphy of the WTHL's Commish is providing information at all times and this post is intended to provide said information on the future of Surveys in our league. 

The future of surveys in the WTHL will now be a two fold process and will happen annually for as long as it's needed or for as long as the DUB (and/or internet as we know it) survives.  Please note that completion of each of these surveys will continue to give you a chance to win 2 Free Transactions.

Fold One :

The first of the folds will be an Opinion Style survey to gather how all GM's feel at that moment with regards to changes that have been made recently AND on those which may have arisen for the future.  This survey will be launched mid December and will be required to be completed by the New Year, January 1st.

Topics in this survey will first address any changes which were applied in that season for the first time.  Other topics will be mined from conversations had on the message board or with fellow GM's offline and of course the Commish will randomly throw out new ideas he thinks of as well.
  • GM's can freely send ideas to the Commish at any time which will be posed to the group.
  • IMPORTANT:  Any previously resolved topic requires additional measures to be included.  These measures include 25% of the league wanting the question to again be posed.  That's 4 GM's.  (For example; if the question of whether or not we have a head to head league in the future wished to be asked again, 4 GM's must bring it to the table.  It will them be posed.)
Fold Two :

The 2nd and final part of this research journey to better our league is more of a Vote than an survey.  Based on the aggregated data gathered from the opinions shared in the Mid Season Opinion Survey, new changes and/or fixes and/or ideals will be put to a vote, with the only choices being Yay or Nay.  Whatever the majority be when the final votes are counted will dictate how we proceed with our league.  This survey will be launched in the final couple weeks of the season.
  • GM's are NOT required to participate AT ALL but it is highly suggested that they do and it honestly would be greatly appreciated. 
  • This season will feature an easy out question at the start (of the vote portion) asking you if you would like to see ANY changes this season, with a Yay or Nay.  If you vote Nay to this, you will not be required to answer any questions as your Nay will be applied to all.  Simple, effective.
  • If you DO NOT PARTICIPATE, your non vote (and/or opinion) will be applied to the majority giving them more weight.  If there happens to be a tie in opinion, your vote will be cast in the direction of the Commish's opinion. 

The two fold process mentioned above is essentially exactly how it was conducted last season, but perhaps with one additional Opinion Survey.   We have now narrowed it down to 2.  Progress.

So, about that SIGH I heard? 

It is of the utmost importance to the reigning Commish to constantly and consistently find new ways to improve our beloved league and it has been that way since the very beginning as he worked tirelessly to get enough interest at all.  In recent years, it has been discovered that the best way for such developments is through research... hence the need for quantitative studies in the form of online surveys.  So suck it up.  These are intended for improving our league and have been extremely valuable to the Commish in decisions he has had to make. It is hoped that all GM's can appreciate how difficult it is to satisfy 16 very different people.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 5

The feat the current leader of the pool is achieving at this point is quite impressive.  Since caputuring the top spot by the end of Week 2, Ploughman's Posse hasn't dropped below 227 points by any weeks end.  More impressively is that not only is he keeping everyone else below him at bay, this team is still gaining points; 11.5 in the past week for a new grand total of 243.5 points in fact.  The team currently sits 57 points ahead of the 2nd place team and is only 44.5 points away from having the maximum amount of points achievable.  This feat is no longer early in the season fallout.  It's now very apparent that this team is a very viable threat.

With that said, it should be noted that Ploughmans Posse was not the Mover and Shaker this week.  That designation belongs to one of the other GM's who are battling for whatever points the top placed team hasn't already taken.  In the tight race that exists below the number one, many teams are playing snakes and ladders with each other, rising and falling several times throughout the week.  Nothing was different this time around but a couple teams in particular went above and beyond.  Though not the winner, it's worth noting that one of these teams was Porters Penguins, who may have finally addressed some of his teams issues as noted by the 17.5 pint gain this week.  The other team who rose dramatically was CaptainPowerMoose who, with his 25 point gain during the week, has been crowed Week 5's Mover and Shaker and it probably couldn't have come at a better time.  The gain of one free transaction gives him a little breathing room after having already used 15 of the 28 total.  With the win this week, his total drops to 14 used.

The Stats