Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 12

Three months have now been played in this 6th season of the WTHL and at this point, things continue to be fairly static... though many of the bottom placed teams are starting to creep up the latter as the points spread becomes tigher and tighter.  

No Homers, Caribous and The Killbot Factory (all teams placed most of the year in the lower ranks) were the top gainers this week.  No Homers continues his climb up the ranks and it must be refreshing for Caribous to see some movement as well after a rough go so far this season.  Having said that, bad news does come to these two teams as they are not the winners this time around.  That distinction goes to The Killbot Factory who now sits in 10th position... which is not anything new as he's been averaging this position for quite some time.   The gain of 17 points over the week though is an impressive feat and with that gain, he has been crowed Week 12's Mover and Shaker giving him a free transaction.  His total used now is dropped from 9 to 8.

Stats below.  Please note the Average position per month which is included at the end of every 4 weeks.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 11

This week is about familiarity, to the point that it's almost deja-vu when calculating the stats. Ploughman's Posse continues to reign supremely on top, for example, still with a 60+ point lead over 2nd place. Furthermore, for the 3rd week in the row the top 6 teams did not move positioning in the least. You see, familiarity.

Beyond those who battled their way to the top and now continue to hold their ranks however, there is common theme beginning to develop within the Mover and Shakers as well. In week 9, the reported winner was a team who had already won 2 weeks before that. Now in week 11, it appears that same team has rose to the challenge once again. No Homers stole 12.5 points from other teams this week, beating the 2nd highest gainer Untrust who had 11 points, and for the 3rd time in 5 weeks No Homers is crowed the Mover and Shaker.  Since week 6, this team has gained and held onto over 30 points and currently sits in 8th position. With the win this week, he gains a transaction giving him 14 used instead of 15.

The question now is, will things continue to stay familiar or will new trends begin?  Time will tell...

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 10

As we enter double digits in weeks played, things are seemingly starting to settle out within the league. For example, this past week saw zero movement in the top 6 ranked teams from last Sunday. The points differential has changed yes, but the positioning has not. The difference in points may have in fact gone to the next 5 teams ranked, as they continuously battle it out for 7th spot. The fight has been tight in this group with 7th to 11th ranked teams spanning no more than 12 points and has been that way for a couple weeks. As for the bottom feeders? They've been steadily feeding on the bottom all season, so nothing new there. It'll be interesting to see who gets the Christmas Charity this year though.

In moving and shaking for the week?  The winner this time around comes from the 2nd tiered tightly knit group in the middle, which perhaps provides some insight on who is closest to making the leap.  In fact, the two highest gainers comes from this pack; Flames and King Flameheads. The battle between the two was as close as it can get; one gaining 11 points and the other 10.5. Though both on fire (see what I did there?) only one can be on top and this week, that winner is King Flameheads. Currently sitting in 7th spot and having never finished a week below 8, this team could be ready to make it's jump... or fall into the pit of despair. With the battle that exists in the  middle, it's doubtful things will stay as they are either way.  With the win this week however, his max transactions drop from 13 used to 12.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mover and Shaker - Week 9

As we end the first week in Month 3, one thing remains constant; the domination of Ploughmans Posse who now has 254 points overall and is only 34 points away from maxing out. No team has ever come this close to the 288 total available points and in fact, records indicate that no team has even finished a week with over 250 points before. It's quite remarkable what this team has been able to do for this long now and what's even more impressive is that they were even in contention for Mover and Shaker in week 9.

Speaking of which, what a battle it was for the top prize this week with no teams blowing any other out of the water in a gain of points. In fact, 5 teams at the end of 7 days were within 3.5 points of each other for the win. It's notable that an equally impressive feat to Ploughmans Posse being one of these 5 is that FIGJAM was as well. That team has been a staple in the top 3 for the duration of this year and when top tiered teams gain 10.5 points to put them in contention for the weekly prize, this Commisonner is impressed.

In the end though, Ploughmans Posse, Caribous, CaptainPowerMoose and FIGJAM could not defeat the team who moved and shook the most. With his 11.5 point gain this week, No Homers was that team and his gain was enough to win his 2nd mover and shaker award for the year; the first being only 2 weeks ago. The win brings his max transactions used down from 11 to 10.

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