Thursday, January 27, 2011

All Star Award Winners

Below is a breakdown of the winners of the annual All Star Break Contest and their runners up.  You can click to make the image bigger. 

Congrats to the winners.

Please note that there will be NO Mover and Shaker award this week.  We will combine the broken weeks into one and continue with the weekly winner next Sunday.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 16

As the fourth month in this sixth season of the WTHL comes to a end, the race for the championship is developing to be a couple team race. As disheartening as this may be for most of the GM's in the league, some solace should be taken from the fact that it may no longer be a one team race. Ploughman's Posse's clear dominance throughout the season thus far seems to be slipping having lost more points this week (12) then he has any week since we started the year. On the converse, an ex champion is making a hard push to the top and after gaining his most points in one week (13.5) so far this season and topping 200 points, it's apparent that sole dominating team for the season finally has some competition.

On top of the gap closing in the top tier, the 13.5 point gain from Greatness was nearly enough to take the Mover and Shaker for the week as well... nearly.  In the end, The Killbot Factory gained 2 more points than the ex champ to take the lead. It's interesting to note that Killbot won this award exactly one month ago as well. At that time he had an average placement of 10.5 throughout the month. He has improved to an even 8th rank average throughout the past 4 weeks and currently sits in 5th spot. It's momentum for sure, but is it enough to reach the 2 previously mentioned elite?  Time will tell but, to help him with massive achievement, one free move has been delivered bringing his total used down to 10.

The stats, including average placement over the month:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 15

In our inaugural season, Pussy Pounder's took the prize but since then has struggled to find the podium. This season could be his worst of all time, having consistently been in the bottom three ranks for the entirely of the year.

Year two winner Sunnyvale Shithawks (then Ultimate Bohabs) hasn't fared much better this season, but does currently sit in a very tight 3rd tier. Though in 12th position, he is only 14 points out of 5th and has been on a constant upswing all month so far.

In year three, we saw rookie Untrust take the glory, a team that also currently sits in the 3rd tier where many teams are tightly packed. Unlike the previous team, this one is on a downward turn having lost about 20 points in the past month. It should also be noted that 5th spot is nothing to write home about, as you'd still have to get nearly 100 points to get to first.

In our fourth year, another rookie stole the spotlight and dominated throughout the year and eventually to become champion. This year, not so much... until recently. The team has not lost any points since week 10 and in fact, since then has gained and held onto 30 points. He currently sits in an extremely tight 2nd tier.

Last year we saw inTIMidators take home the prize, shocking a league only to see him begin this year with machismo oozing from every pore in his body as he declared he would be the first repeat champion. Well, the 'Champ' currently sits in 10th and while he is among the 3rd tier, his team has lost 25 points in the last month.

The Mover and Shaker this week comes from this elite lot of champions, in you were wondering why the rambling updates. With the 10 point gain over the past seven days, Sunnyvale Shithawks is this weeks winner and with that he gains a free move, dropping him from 13 used to 12.  It should also be noted that in month four so far, the team has gained 18.5 points.

The stats.  Rub, I mean click, to make big:

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 14

In analyzing this week, the only clear thing that stands out is the total number of teams who dropped vs those who gained. It's generally a 50/50 split with 8 teams rising while the others fall, but this week it appears that more fell than rose... most notably being the clear cut leader this year, Ploughman's Posse. Though it was only a 6 point drop this week, it must be refreshing for the rest of the league to see after such a long period of complete dominance (which he's still doing mind you). The question is, will it be turned around or will this fall from grace continue. Time will tell.

With regards to those who climbed, there were 2 dominating forces this week. Caribous and Flames combined to steal away a total of 25 points from the rest of the league during the past 7 days which inevitably only assisted in packing tighter the mid tier group which already is pretty snug. The Caribous gain of 11.5 points was quite impressive considering the trouble the team has had for a while, but it was not enough to take down Flames who gained 2 more points for a total of 13.5.  More impressive was his gain of 5 ranks taking him from 11th place last week to 6 this; another testament to how tight the mid pack is. With his win this week, Flames drops from 11 moves used to 10.

The stats.  Click to make big.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Season 6 Opinion Survey

The 2010 - 2011 opinion survey has been completed and the results analyzed. In doing so, the first thing that jumps out at me is that for the first time since we began, things seem nearly perfect for all participants.  We may have found a close equilibrium to satisfy all players, but I'm gonna try to not waste time being overly verbose here so let's get right into it.


In questioning the (non goalie) changes to the league which were instated this year, nearly everyone was satisfied and wanted to move out of the discussion as indicated below:

Of the 3 players who weren't satisfied, the issues were found with the drop in total moves to 28, having an addition IR spot and having a two day waiver system instead of one. Because there are so few mentions of such issues, there is no need to re-open these items for debate or further voting.


Even the goalie situation seems to be near perfect at this point with most of the league in agreeance to the statement "Everything we've done with the goalies in the last couple of  years has bettered our league". Those who aren't in agreence are merely neutral:

And regarding the changes to goalies this year, 88% of respondents are satisfied and did not feel the need to discuss further:

Like the changes made to the game play items discussed above, there is no need to further discuss these items. Things will remain the same next season and beyond unless tabled again by 25% of the league at a later time.

Having said that, a new debate arose this season with goalies and it's with regards to the ability to command goalie stats based on one win (or better yet, one shutout) early on in the season. Of those who actually answered (12 GM's), there was a complete split in the thought that this is a problem:

Generally with every problem comes a solution however and within this survey one solution has been presented to alieviate this problem; the addition of a Minimum number of goalie games per WTHL team.  Of the six who did see a problem, five thought this to be a good idea:

Going further, four of those GM's thought that 82 games or more should be the set standard:

Because we have enough of a % for debate, this particular topic will continue forward to the final survey whereby all GM's will vote on instating this change for next season.  Ideas and thoughts should be debated before the final month when this survey is launched.


At this point in the survey, we switched to players as they have been neglected slightly over the years with the goalie debate. The main line of questioning revolved around the number of stats we use (currently 13). 10 of the 16 GM's decided to provide an opinion, meaning just over half the league wish to see further changes to certain items. Unfortunatly however, there is no clear indication which direction these 10 GM's wish to head. 

In asking if 13 player stats were too many, too few or enough, there was a dead even tie:

In asking if POINTS was a good stat category to remove, there was also a tie (albeit with a slight advantage to the no folks)

In questioning whether or not the power play stats could be combined into one category, it became very evident that this was something wanted.  In fact, 2 GM's requested this change in an open end before even being asked.

When asked which of the two above choices would be preferred if any changes were to be made, only 30% of GM's wanted neither change, meaning 70% wanted at least one of the stats to be removed:


Because there is enough of a split in ideals for these two items, we will continue this topic into the next survey and we will put the topic to a final vote to close the debate one way or another.


Moving on again to the Keeper system we have developed over the years. At this point, only 10 GM's were participating and 70% of them wished to discuss change:

When questioned whether we should up the total number of keepers to 10 instead of eight, it was close between the 7 who wanted change but, in the end, change was not desired.

It would have been interesting to see how the nine other GM's feel, but alas the interest in sharing opinions was just not there and with that, this topic is closed.  Eight it is.

Speaking of closed topics, the development of a Salary Cap for this league has been stopped dead in it's tracks as well.   71% of those who responded did not want to see this instated at all:

Going further, only two GM's were keen on the proposed idea of how we could run the Salary Cap:

Most of the comments provided revolved around this idea being 'Overkill'; an added nuisance to an already heavily involved league.  The comments and results have been received and as of now, the topic is dead.


When questioned whether or not we should have the ability to trade draft picks for years beyond the following year, 60% of those who answered said "No":

Though most believe the idea isn't necessary, 25% of (all) GM's do wish to see this change, the topic will be carried over to the final survey where it will be put to a final vote.


Most people wanted to see an increase in yearly dues; 80% of those who responded in fact:

This is another topic which will be carried over and voted upon.


Just for fun, it was posed which mock team name (which was discussed earlier in the season) was their personal favorite. Of the 12 who actually responded, it appear that 'All Homos' was the fave:


As you can tell, many of the topics discussed have been closed meaning we are getting very close to a finalized league year in, year out (baring any new additions to the system or ideas proposed). Any of the topics above (or previously discussed) can be tabled again at any point however, but there must be 25% of GM's (Four) with the motion tabled before it will be included in an opinion survey.  Please stay tuned for the final survey which will come shortly before the end of the year. Thank you for your participation.


Oh, and one more thing, the winner of the 2 free moves is "CaptainPowerMoose" who was randomly selected by

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 13

As it stands now after the first Sunday of 2011, our league's ranking consists of a series of gaps. Ploughmans Posse continues his domination and currently sits 60 points ahead of 2nd place, which essentially is the first large gap.  Interestingly enough, there is also about a 60 point gap between 13th place and 2nd creating quite a tight race for 2nd place. The final gap exists within the bottom dwellers who all 3 have sunk to dangerously low levels for this far in the game. With a 30 point gap between 14th and 13th spot, a lot of hard work is needed to close this gap... and even then, they would have the 2 other large gaps to worry about before reaching the leader of the pack.

As for the mover and shaker this week, it appears that one pattern will never die. For 8 weeks now, one team has move and shook enough to win this award consistently every 2 weeks and this week is no different.  No Homers stole 11.5 points away from other teams this time around and now has won his 4th award of this type this year. With that said however, the pattern is slightly different this time as this team was not the only one with a gain of 11.5 points. King Flameheads also grabbed this total during the week and with that, for the first time this year, we have a double winner due to a tie. Both teams win a move, taking No Homers down to 14 used and King Flameheads down to 13.

The stats.  Click to make big.