Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 24

As the season pushes to an end, the focus of weekly updates continue to be about the league leaders and the battle which has developed between them; Greatness and Ploughmans Posse specifically. After 10 weeks of dropping points, 11 seemed to be the Posse's lucky number with him finally gaining some points over a week; a big 10 of them these last 7 days. Unfortunately for him, Greatness continues his points drive extending it to 5 weeks now, meaning with only 2 weeks left in the game, this battle is far from over... and we can't even count out FIGJAM yet.

With regards to Moving and Shaking, the Posse was a major player this week with those 10 points and right with him was Untrust who also managed to gain 10 points over the week. With large gains like that being reported, one would think they'd take the cake this week, but another teams push this time around put an end to that. Not only did Flames gain 15 points over the past 7 days to take the Mover and Shaker award but has also gained 3 ranks putting him into 4th overall. Time will tell if his push to to top is too late or not but the win this week gives him a free transaction to help him with that fight, dropping him from 16 used to 15.

The Stats, including average placement over the month (click to enlarge):

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 23

As the season inches closer to finishing, the race for the championship has heated up to nuclear levels. This weeks update features something we haven't seen since the end of week one; that being a week ending with Ploughman's Posse NOT at number one. After 22 weeks of dominance, his now 10 week drop in points has not only crippled his once incredible lead but now has forced him out of a guaranteed championship. With Greatness currently on a 4 week points gain drive combined with the Posse's drop has been enough to give Greatness top spot in the ranks. Interesting enough, at the end of week 1 (the only time this season Posse wasn't on top), that's exactly where Greatness then stood.

In moving and shaking, the story above is only elaborated. Only 5 teams fell in points this week but, it was the huge drive from one team that truly tells the full story this time around. Greatness gained 10.5 points over the past few days which was the final nail in the previous leaders 'Reign of Terror' coffin.  So far in Month 6, this team has gained 24 points creating is own terror run. Now sitting on top, the win this week gives him a free move to help him stay there, dropping him from 21 used to 20. The question now is, will this team be the fist in WTHL history to win two championships? Time will tell...

The Stats.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 22

With only four weeks remaining to the sixth season of the WTHL, the race for the championship has heated up to a level not seen since the year began. What once seemed like a sure victory for one team who dominated throughout the first six months, has turned into an exciting battle. The Posse extended his points loosing streak to nine weeks and the two teams directly below him gained 5.5 a piece. FIGJAM is only 6.5 points back at this point and Greatness only 8.5, which is amazing considering the lead once commanded by the top team throughout the year. Worse for all the top three however, is the appearance of two others in the higher ranks who could conceivably fight for any of those spots. No Homers and Killbot Factory's current drive could indeed ruin a few plans if their tanks have enough gas.

In Moving and Shaking this week, incredibly only five teams managed to gain any points at all, 2 of which sit in 2nd and 3rd spot. It should be noted that it's a rare occurrence to see less than half gain in points as the gainers and losers are generally split. Only having five gain is nearly unheard of. Nonetheless, this isn't the true story this week; CaptainPowerMoose is. This team bounced back in a big way over past seven days by not only gaining the 12 points he lost last week but, also gaining 4 more in the process. His 16 point gain performance this week doubled any of his competition thus instantly crowing him Mover and Shaker in Week 22. With that, a free move gained to help his cause, dropping him from 22 used to 21.

The stats

Monday, March 7, 2011

Season 6 End Survey Results

Based on the Season End survey, there will be some changes coming next season. It was a near uninanimous decision in most of the topics actually, so the result may not be a shocker.

This could be the final task needed to make everyone happy with regards to how we view and treat goalies in this league. It has been decided that we will indeed instate a 50 game minimum to be played in all future seasons, with the penalty of not doing so be quite severe. 
Combining the Power Play points was deemed worthy by a high percentage of the league and thus, it shall be done. Next season and beyond we will only use the PPP stat category and not both PPA and PPG. This will give us a total of 12 Player stats and 17 overall. This is the first time we have ever used an odd number of categories. 

It could have been made even again by removing Points as well, but 50% of the league felt this was not something worthwhile. This topic is the only one that didn't have a large split one way or the other. It was near 50/50 the entire way. In the end though, because of it being so close we will keep things as they are, leaving P in the mix. 

We will also be upping the number of keepers after next season to 10. It was clear that the league wanted this, so as each GM plays next season, they should keep focused on this fact: 10 K's, not 8. This will also mean that we will have 13 rounds of drafting instead of 15, after next years draft. 
We'll also definitely be upping the dues to $25 as well. The payout will now be $250, $125, $25 for top 3. 

Every GM decided to fill out the non mandetory section (which was lovely) and some interesting results came out of it. Though not a clear majority, most GM's feel we should NOT trade draft picks in years past the next one nor should we have the ability to cross years in trading them if we did instate that ability. Though it was only a feeler anyway, it remains a topic the league won't feel necessary to bring up again and will not instate. 

In saying that, there was one question within this section that GM's felt worthy. This was regarding the ability to re-trade draft picks. Because most GM's liked this idea, we will indeed be adding this for the future seasons starting next year. Having said that, the Commissioner is also fond of the restrictions in the ability to only trade once so there be an additional rule applied stating that you can only re-trade a pick once. This goes regardless if you are on the sending or receiving end of said pick.

Basically, here's how it'll work.The 2nd trade of a pick will be tracked by way of a letter (instead of a number) for the trade ID in the tracker. When a pick has both a number and a letter next to it, it will be 'dead'. Simple as that. It adds some further options, yet keeps some restrictions on things... to help me keep everything strait if for nothing else.

... is simply going to KICK ASS!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 21

The storyline's of the week are not manufactured for any particular reason. They are an analysis of what has happened and a reporting of such. It felt necessary to make this clear before continuing, as this week's storyline focuses on yet another update within the 'Reign of Terror'.

At the end of Week 13 Ploughman's Posse stood on top with 253.5 points, absolutely destroying all competition below him. Since then however, the tide has shifted and the competition are finally fighting back. The team has had 33 points taken from him since that week, in an 8 week consecutive fall and now only stands 15 points ahead of FIGJAM in 2nd spot. Worse for the the Posse is that there are a couple of teams just behind, like Greatness who grabbed a big 8 points this week. As PP continues to drop and the others rise, the tagline for the team should perhaps be something more like "Reigning IN Terror".

The bigger storyline this week however, is No Homers' massive resurgence back into the top fold where he stood not long ago but, has since fallen away. Over the past 7 days, this team grabbed 15 huge points popping him into 5th spot overall and less than 40 points away from number one. With the way the number one is falling and this team is rising, it's quite possible they could pass each other in the final weeks. To help No Homers on his climb will be one free transaction for being crowned this weeks Mover and Shaker... by a long shot. These 15 points blew everyone out of the water.

The final weeks could be interesting... Here's the stats: