Tuesday, April 19, 2011

10-11 WTHL Champion

It's a little blurry I know. Stretched a little... 

Never before has the WTHL seen such a commanding victory from one GM as we've seen this year. It began with a declaration to beware of the 'Reign of Terror' and ended with absolute proof for that declaration with such a dominated win. In fact, a new first was achieved this season with the Posse finishing in the top position at the end of all 26 weeks, save 2. From beginning to end Ploughman's Posse took control of the league and ran (very fast) away with it and thus, he is crowned the Season Six Champion. Bravo.

2nd place was Greatness who did give the Posse a run for his money in the end, I'm sure causing some heart palpitations along the way.

3rd was FIGJAM, who managed to compete quite well throughout the entirety of the year remaining in the top ranks for a large portion of that time.

So that's another year folks. Thanks to all the GM's for making this a great league. See you in Season Seven!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 26

With only a handful of games remaining in the NHL today, Season Six is about to end in the WTHL as well. When the GM's crawl out of bed tomorrow, a new champion will be crowned and at this point of time it's not a stretch to assume the 'Reign of Terror' will be successfully completed. Ploughman's Posse now stands 12 points up and unless something magical happens with the team(s) below him, the cake should be his. We'll know in less than 24 hours...

With only one day left, it's perhaps a little silly to announce a Mover and Shaker this week but if there's one thing this league believes in, it's silly; so here goes. This past week, two teams made large jumps in points and while it's too late to make any real noise, Untrust and Flames gain of over 10 points helped solidify higher final placements. Flames in particular managed to jump to 4th place overall and is now in full command of the 2nd tier of teams. His 12 points (one more than Untrust) this week crowns him the last Mover and Shaker for Season 6 and though perhaps useless at this point, he does gain a free move dropping him from 16 used to 15.

The stats:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 25

Most of the leagues activity over the past week consisted of jockeying for position within the lower ranks, as it's all but given at this point that the winner will be one of the top 2 teams. Yes, anything can happen in 8 days but, trends are trends and we report on such here at M&S headquarters. It's fairly clear at this point that the champion will either be Ploughman's Posse or Greatness and it's impossible to place a confident bet on either one at this point and there's even room for FIGJAM to surprise the league yet, so know knows? Within the lower ranks however, teams still plug away at the stats trying to, either best another team for pride or, perhaps achieve a rank they had in mind starting out at the beginning of the season. Who knows, maybe there is even a team or two who feel they can still take the cake at this point and if so, we say bravo to you. Give'r.

One good example of this mindset could come from this weeks Mover and Shaker, who happens to be a team who may have struggled as of late but has been a top force for a lot of the year. Though 30 points out of third place, The Killbot Factory is successfully in command of the 2nd tier of teams at the moment and it's mostly due to his 14 point gain this week, which bumped him 3 ranks. I'm not sure if this GM is still shooting for a prize or not, but this impressive week is at least an indication that the team has not given up.  For that, he is crowed Week 25's Mover and Shaker, giving him a free move thus dropping him from 17 used to 16.

The Stats: