Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Regarding the Draft

To ensure all are abreast the all that's goings on, let's discuss the draft. First and formost, please note that the big day is set for Sunday September 11th at 9:30pm NL time. It's traditionally the 2nd weekend of September and this year will be no different. Hopefully all GM's can attend.

The picks for rounds 9 to 23 have been updated in the League (pending any trades in the next couple days). If you go to the Draft Results page under the Draft Central Tab, you can see what number picks you have after all the trades from last season.

With regards to the first 8 rounds, these are reserved for Keeper selections and will be inserted in order they were provided to the Commish. The top ranked player in each GM's list will be drafted in the first round, the last listed player in the 8th round and all others in between accordingly.

It wouldn't hurt to remind everyone at this point that things change next season. We will have the first 10 rounds reserved for keepers and we will be drafting rounds 10 thru 23 live. That's 13 rounds instead of 15.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

All Stats Pages Active

In preparation for the 2011-2012 season, many of the stats tracker pages were created over the summer. Now that things are active within the league, I figure now is as good a time as any to activate everything within the stats pages. Here's what we have:
  • 12-13 Draft Pick Tracker
  • 11-12 Keeper Tracker
  • 11-12 Weekly Tracker
  • 11-12 Draft Pick Tracker
  • 10-11 Final Rosters
  • 10-11 Draft Picks
  • Rank History
With over a month to go before any puck drops, I'm perhaps getting a little ahead of myself. Regardless, what's done is done, and done is good! 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rank History

Time was spent recently collecting all the ranks for each year since the beginning of this league. It was all in effort to have a easy place to track each teams history and also to calculate an average rank for each team over all the years.  The list below includes every team that has ever been in the league and has two averages calculated; one for overall and the other for the Keeper Era. Check it out! (Click image to make bigger)

NOTE: A page for this has been created on the stats sheet as well.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Officially Live!

It didn't take long for Yahoo to fix up whatever it was that kept everyone from joining the leagues last night. Everyone should have gotten an invite by now and I encourage everyone to join as quickly as possible. The league offices need time to settle the draft picks and cannot begin until all 16 have joined.

And with that said, welcome to the 2011-2012 season!

Leagues Now Live

It's 1:45am and upon a random check of Yahoo, it has been discovered that the leagues are now live! Unfortunately it's buggy at the moment and won't let me create the league (or anyone it seems) but at least things are close enough to taste. By tomorrow everything will be straightened out and invites will be sent.

Looks like the ability to trade draft picks within the yahoo system itself has been added this season. I guess we should check that out...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Reminder on Changes and Additions

With the season fast approaching, I figured it was time to remind all hands about the changes coming this season. In no particular order, they are listed below.

50 game minimum for goalies to be played in all future seasons.
NOTE: Not playing 50 games would result in a severe penalty, that being the loss of the teams top 3 ranked (non 3rd year where possible) Keepers, their highest draft pick and 10 transactions in the following season.

PPG and PPA are combined to be PPP
This gives us 17 overall stats; 12 player, 5 Goalie.

Keepers after this season will be 10
This means we only have 13 draft rounds for trading instead of 15.

Re-Trading picks now possible
This is only available ONE TIME. Re-traded picks will be represented in the tracker by a letter. When a pick has a number and a letter, the pick is essentially dead.

Dues have been upped to $50 per year
Prize payouts now $500 for 1st, $200 for 2nd and $50 for 3rd.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Keepers Chit Chat

Due Date Reminder:
For those new to the league (and those who haven't been paying attention) Keepers, 8 of them, are due end of day September 1st.

Should you not submit 8 players from your final roster last season by 11:59pm that day, 8 players from your team will be randomly selected as Keepers for you. I'm sure nobody wants that, so get them in. Again, you can submit a temporary list at any point and update accordingly if the need be. 9 teams have chosen to do this already.

3rd Year Keepers
We enter a huge year this season and a first for the WTHL. After half a decade of development, we truly start seeing the fruits of our labor. As you know, at the end of this season, all 3rd year Keepers (about 70 of them this year) must be put back into the pool for redrafting the following season. This is the first end contract era in our 7 year old league and one that sparks deep interest for next years draft day.

What's most interesting is that every year after this season we will have a new pool of players entering the draft. Year one keepers selected last year will end their contracts 2 years down the road, keepers selected for the first time this year will be put back 3 years down the road, etc, etc, etc.

Also, with regards to contracts, remember a contract is only initiated when a player is selected as one of your 10 Keepers on September 1st. This means after these end contract players are re-drafted, you technically can  have them contract free for a year. THEN, they can be put under the 3 year contract.

Going Forward:
It is important the league takes this time to reiterate that this is the final year which we'll be selecting only 8 Keepers. Starting next year, we are upping that number to 10. Please keep this in mind while you build your teams this season.

NOTE: Because of this increase of Keepers, the total number of draft rounds (and thus available draft trades) will now be 13 instead of 15.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Off Season Trading Heats Up

Besides the two trades that happened earlier this summer (which saw last year's champion grab first and second overall pick in this years draft, and thus sparking the Ploughman Rule debate) off season trading is currently at a huge high. It's mostly being sparked by the newest addition to the league (new owner of Pussy Pounders) who has now made two trades in the same number of days.

The first trade saw Mike Richards going to King Flameheads (a move likely most saw coming) in exchange for James Van R, Dustin Penner and Braydan Schenn. Not long after this trade was written up in the books, another followed involving the inTIMidators, who shipped out Reimer, Pavelec and his 12th in exchange for a 2nd rounder.

With only 19 days until Keepers are due, it'll be interesting to see how hot this'll get.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Entering A New Era

With only 23 days remaining until Keepers are due and off season trading closes, it's quite evident that the 7th season of the WTHL will be here before we know it. As we enter this new year, we enter a new era and not just because this is the final year of the first set of keeper contracts, for only 8 Keepers even. This is not only a new era because we will only have 13 rounds of trading available next year either, nor is it about us being able to re-trade a draft pick a 2nd time for the first time in our history. This is not a new era only because we must play 50 goalie games next season neither. The new era is not about rules and regulations. It is about the GM's.

In the 7th season of the WTHL we lose two GM's. Not teams, but GM's. The teams are sold and in the case of the first GM to leave us, TeamSniperElite was sold early after last year. It was bought by an enthusiastic fresh face who has already been active within the league via trades. The expansion team is only a few years old, so it'll be interesting to see if this new GM can whip it into shape.

The 2nd GM to leave is one that deserves special attention. The GM of Pussy Pounders is one of the original 9 GM's in the WTHL and one of only 6 who remained up to season six. Not only was this GM a (pal and) long standing member of the (best damn) league (in the whole fucking world) but he is also a champion. In the inaugural season of this beloved league, this team took home the top prize... and he did so in commanding fashion (219 pts over 2nd place 179.5). There's not much to be said for the years following, but in that year, he dominated big time.

Pussy Pounders, by the way, is one damn fine hockey team name. One of the all time best. It'll be odd to not see it on the list next year...

I should note that within days of the GM making his official announcement, a new GM has stepped up to the plate. Like the other 'newbie', he seems eager to compete, so it'll be interesting to see where season 7 takes us.

As a final note, best wishes out to Steve & Justin.

To the rest, welcome to the new era of the WTHL.