Monday, September 19, 2011

Introducing New WTHL Insider

Our beloved WTHL continues to evolve in the 7th season. Beyond the world of new stats and trackers and rules and awards, this season we have a new feature being added to this blog and the league as a whole. At this time, we'd like to proudly announce the addition of WTHL's first Insider!

Fellow GM Tim takes this task head on, and in doing so will be providing analysis and updates throughout the year. To begin, he has some pre and post draft analysis on the way. Please read below for more information on this from the man himself.
I'll be doing a review of two teams per article, giving each team a grade of their keepers going into the draft and a grade of how their draft went. Just so people know I'm not hauling opinion out of my ass, grades are calculated by creating a rough median of player value with respect to 2011/2012 forecasts projected by McKeens, Dobber, and The Hockey News with respect to the stat categories used in the WTHL. So you'll see three brief summaries for each team (Keepers going into draft, Draft, Team evaluation post-draft with a final grade)

Also, since this is a deep league with 23 man rosters, I'll add on a depth chart for each team. With our league including categories like hits, blocks, etc I figured it could be a nice reflection of what lines, defensive pairings, starting goalies each team would ice if this were an actual hockey league. The depth charts are more for fun than any real evaluation, but could give us a peek at the hidden value of players with high hit and block counts. - Tim
Sounds exciting no?

The league offices would like to take this time to thank Insider Tim for this initiative and we look forward to all  future contributions!

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Aphzael said...

Whenever you review my team of miscreants from Sunnyvale; bare in mind I have not attended a full draft in four seasons. I am still plotting my revenge against the egomaniacal commish who keeps plotting against me and doing everything in his power to keep the Shithawks down!