Thursday, September 29, 2011

WTHL Team Review: Sunnyvale Shithawks

Now let's grab some jalapeno chips and head down to Sunnyvale to see how the Shithawks are doing. Here's the keepers:

1. Mikka Kiprusoff
2. Ilya Bryzgalov
3. Shea Weber
4. Alex Pietrangelo
5. Dion Phaneuf
6. Chris Stewart
7. John Tavares
8. Jeff Skinner

Some key, youthful players and dependable goaltending. There are some who feel Tavares will top out as a 65-70 pt player, and Skinner will be a greater focus of opposing coaches this season, but all in all no fault here other than a light load at forward when Pietrangelo or Phaneuf might've been available in the draft.

Keeper Grade: B+

Going into the draft, the Shithawks needed forwards right away. Here's what happened:

7. Jay Bouwmeester
21. Alex Tanguay
23. Kevin Shattenkirk
39. Bryan Little
55. Devin Setoguchi
70. Kyle Turris
71. Valtteri Filppula
103. Nikita Filatov
119. Kyle Okposo
151. David Rundblad
167. Adam Larsson
183. Mikael Backlund
199. Colin Wilson
215. Ray Emery
231. Scottie Upshall

This draft started in the wrong direction and kept getting worse. Little, Okposo at 119 and a freshly-signed Emery are the bright spots, but starting out with Bouwmeester when top-line forwards were still available is a head-scratcher. Turris is still holding out,m and may be for awhile.

Draft Grade: C-

Sunnyvale is carrying some good chips for wheeling and dealing, which he'll have to in order to build a competitive team. If the kids on his roster all start paying off at the same time, all bets are off.

Team Grade: C+

We're gonna have to push some forwards into the LW position for the depth chart, as Sunnyvale is only carrying two natural left wingers. No moves since the draft.

Tanguay - Skinner - Stewart
Filatov - Tavares - Okposo
Setoguchi - Filppula - Little
Wilson - Backlund - Upshall


Weber - Pietrangelo
Phaneuf - Shattenkirk
Bouwmeester - Larsson




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