Saturday, September 24, 2011

WTHL Team Review: Zig Zag Zambonies

Let's welcome aboard the newest GM to the WTHL with a breakdown of what's expected this coming year. Keepers coming into this season are:

1. Mark Streit
2. Dany Heatley
3. Brayden Schenn
4. Luke Schenn
5. James van Riemsdyk
6. James Reimer
7. Ondrej Pavelec
8. Dustin Penner

Not a lot to get excited about here, for this season at least. ZZZambonis swung a deal to get two starting goalies which was great since he had nothing going on at that position, and he also sold off some current stars for some depth. Some youth and mid-tier scoring, but a lot of patching to do in the draft.

Keeper Grade: C
Going into the draft Zig Zag needed to sneak in some top-line talent as soon as possible if he wanted to compete this year. He inherited a patch-work team so an eye on the future was to be expected. Here's his draft:

9. Martin Havlat
41. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
57. Ty Conklin
73. Ian White
89. Scott Clemmensen
105. Jonathon Huberdeau
121. Tomas Kopecky
137. Mikael Samuelsson
153. Michael Del Zotto
169. Sean Bergenheim
185. Nino Neiderreiter
186. Alex Burmistrov
201. Matthew Lombardi
217. Eric Gudbranson
233. Nazem Kadri

Zig Zag Zambonies went balls-in on prospects and didn't achieve a whole lot in creating a competitive roster. Which is a sound philosophy for the coming seasons, but there could've been some established players added here to save this season.

Draft Grade: D
It's still not guaranteed, but Nugent-Hopkins is looking to make the Oilers roster this season and his status will make the biggest impact on ZZZ's fortunes. For the most part, this GM is watching and waiting to see who will break out and earn a spot on next years squad. ZZZ was left with a lot of work to do on his team, and thus far has made some good headway.

Team Grade: D+

Here's the depth chart, three trades and a free agent addition later:

van Riemsdyk - Nugent-Hopkins - Havlat
Penner - Schenn - Samuelsson
Kopecky - Kadri - Niederreiter
Bergenheim - Buristrov - Ward


White - Schenn
Ellis - Del Zotto


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