Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 4

It's now a month into the 7th season of 'The Dub' and by looking at the stats over the past 4 weeks, one thing is clear: Nothing is constant, not this early anyway. Sure, we have some mid tier teams who are stuck in the middle and some bottom dwellers stuck at bottom. Yeah, no doubt there are 3 or 4 teams who have made their homes around the top eschelons of the league but still, nothing is constant. Ask Untrust if you want proof of this. This is a team who gained 50+ points last week only to lose nearly all of it the following week. Then again, he did lose 40+ points in the 2nd week as well. Perhaps the massive ups and downs is this teams constant. We'll see.

In Moving and Shaking over the past month, no one team won more than once; another indication of the sea saw nature of the league so far (as it always is in early goings). In the 4th week we have Flames who edged out Roly Snipe's drive for his 2nd win of the young season. The Flames 27 points over the week placed him in 2nd overall in the league, making him the first Mover and Shaker of the year to win and not be in first place. His win this week gains him a free move dropping him from 3 used to 2.

The stats, including Average Rank over the past month (click to make big):

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 3

It's been said for a while that these weekly updates write themselves. The stories come from the stats that are presented, and the story this week does follow nicely on the tails of the last update. Tracking teams progression throughout the year is what Moving and Shaking is all about after all. If you tuned in 7 days ago you would have discovered how all the champions of old were struggling so far this season. As it turns out, one of those GM's either took notice of his position and made the right moves, or just was provided enough game opportunities to compete, but either way he has opened eyes with his movement and is the focus of this weeks story.

Untrust gained 51.5 points over week 3 and with that, leap frogged 8 other teams to grab hold of 1st overall. It's a wonderful feat after being called out, especially considering only 2 other past champions rose to the challenge, and these with only minute gains in comparison. With that all being said it perhaps needs no announcement, but it will be declared none the less; Untrust is the Mover and Shaker of week 3, winning a free move. He now has used 4, down from 5.

The stats:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 2

After week 2 of the season the focus is now turned towards the teams which can boast being on the WTHL Cup as a champion. As it stands now, most every one of those teams are not sitting in pretty places. Even the GM who envisioned his 'Reign of Terror' to the bitter end last season sits in 5th at the moment, down 3 ranks and 10 points from last week. The Ravishing Rick Rude of hockey and champion from the season before, The inTIMidations, sits it 12th position and the nearly always dominating Greatness team, champion in the season prior to him, is at 13th. All the great teams of old seem to be having a hard go of it so far this season. The champion of the 3rd year and hopeful for this season Untrust, dropped 6 ranks and 31 points to sit at 9th and the winner of the inagural season doesn't even have a team. It should be noted however that the new owner of this team sits in last place... by a long shot.

The only bright spot when talking of previous champs of this league comes with Sunnyvale Shithawks, the 2nd year champion (under the name Ultimate Bohabs). This team over the week gained 33.5 points and rose 6 positions to sit in 4th place, and this after holding 1st for a while during the week.

In moving and shaking this week however, the story is not about past champions, even with the massive gain from the Shithawks. The winner this week gained a total of 41 points, rising from 10th overall to 1st in the league. The winner this week is not a past champion, no, but it's very clear that a push is on to be a future one. No Homer's incredible drive to number 1 this week gives him the distinction of being the Mover and Shaker and with it gains a free move, dropping him from 1 used to 0.

The stats below , click to make big.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 1

The 2011-2012 season is now 3 days old and with the end of the short week now passed, today marks the start of the weekly mover and shaker awards. As it always has been, the first award is based on the end of last years stats and serve us mainly as a starting point for the year. It's clear to all that not much can be fortold in the early days but, this first award does paint a picture of where things may go as time pushes on.

The clearest picture at this point is the difference a GM can make. The 7th season of 'The Dub' features two newbies into the fold who have both bought failing teams. One of these GM's has already made quite a splash in first few days by not only improving the placement of the failed team, but by doing so in massive fashion. GM Keith bought the ever struggling TeamSniperElite and it's obvious today that he didn't just change the name to Roly Snipes. He also made some incredible improvements to said team. After finishing last place (by a long shot) at the end of last year, in the first 3 days he's gained a whopping 137.5 points (which by the way smashes the record for these point gains). This massive point gain in the first few days should surely open some eyes and if that doesn't, the jump from last place to first overall definitely will. With this incredible achievement over the first few days, it's very easy to declare this newbie the Mover and Shaker for week one, and with that win comes one free move dropping him from 4 moves used to 3.

Stats below. Click to make big:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It Begins

Get your skies shined up folks and grab a stick of Juicy Fruit , the 2011-2012 season is about to begin! Today marks the first day of regular season games in the NHL and of course 'The Dub' with it.

Before we get started, the league would like to once again thank Insider Tim for his incredible contributions to the league thus far. The team pre and post draft reviews were well thought out and presented brilliantly. Thank you Insider! We look forward to any contributions you wish to share throughout the year.

And now... It begins.

Puck Drop 2011: Team Review Epilogue

Hope you folks enjoyed reading the breakdown on each team in the WTHL. It was a giggle as I killed time at work. Value is all pretty subjective in the fantasy world and if history tells us anything, there are varied opinions up and down the list of GM's in this league.

Just a reminder that grades were concocted on teams before they made any moves after the draft. Someone asked if I'd do a prediction on final standings but I'm not going to bother, as everything could be turned on its head by Christmas. There's just no guessing what's going on in a GM's head, or what'll happen in the NHL.

I got a day off tomorrow and a few Rickards chilling for tonights games and tomorrow afternoon's NHL Premiere in Finland. Tonights weather in Sin Jahn's is perfect for flaking out with the game and hoping that somehow, someway both Toronto and Montreal lose tonight.

I'll make a scattered post over the season, but for now everything is back in the Commishitheads hands. Thanks for reading and I hope your teams all get the clap.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

In One Week

In one week it will be the first Saturday of NHL hockey, a day we will all likely be deciding on who to play and who to sit on a jam packed night.

In one week and one day we will be awarding the first mover and shaker award, based on the end of last season and on the games from Thursday to Saturday. It will tell little of how this season will unfold, but tell everything about how each team starts out of the gates. As the dust settles and the teams fall into starting ranks for this year, as apposed to final ranks of last year, we'll get a good indication of who'll be battling to rise and who'll be fighting to stay in place.

In one week minus two days, the season begins. Get your laces tied lads...