Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 2

After week 2 of the season the focus is now turned towards the teams which can boast being on the WTHL Cup as a champion. As it stands now, most every one of those teams are not sitting in pretty places. Even the GM who envisioned his 'Reign of Terror' to the bitter end last season sits in 5th at the moment, down 3 ranks and 10 points from last week. The Ravishing Rick Rude of hockey and champion from the season before, The inTIMidations, sits it 12th position and the nearly always dominating Greatness team, champion in the season prior to him, is at 13th. All the great teams of old seem to be having a hard go of it so far this season. The champion of the 3rd year and hopeful for this season Untrust, dropped 6 ranks and 31 points to sit at 9th and the winner of the inagural season doesn't even have a team. It should be noted however that the new owner of this team sits in last place... by a long shot.

The only bright spot when talking of previous champs of this league comes with Sunnyvale Shithawks, the 2nd year champion (under the name Ultimate Bohabs). This team over the week gained 33.5 points and rose 6 positions to sit in 4th place, and this after holding 1st for a while during the week.

In moving and shaking this week however, the story is not about past champions, even with the massive gain from the Shithawks. The winner this week gained a total of 41 points, rising from 10th overall to 1st in the league. The winner this week is not a past champion, no, but it's very clear that a push is on to be a future one. No Homer's incredible drive to number 1 this week gives him the distinction of being the Mover and Shaker and with it gains a free move, dropping him from 1 used to 0.

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