Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 3

It's been said for a while that these weekly updates write themselves. The stories come from the stats that are presented, and the story this week does follow nicely on the tails of the last update. Tracking teams progression throughout the year is what Moving and Shaking is all about after all. If you tuned in 7 days ago you would have discovered how all the champions of old were struggling so far this season. As it turns out, one of those GM's either took notice of his position and made the right moves, or just was provided enough game opportunities to compete, but either way he has opened eyes with his movement and is the focus of this weeks story.

Untrust gained 51.5 points over week 3 and with that, leap frogged 8 other teams to grab hold of 1st overall. It's a wonderful feat after being called out, especially considering only 2 other past champions rose to the challenge, and these with only minute gains in comparison. With that all being said it perhaps needs no announcement, but it will be declared none the less; Untrust is the Mover and Shaker of week 3, winning a free move. He now has used 4, down from 5.

The stats:

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Ross said...

Oh how it's getting intense at the top!!! Tim's grades seem to be showing as pretty accurate for the moment...4 of his top rated teams are currently the top 4