Thursday, October 6, 2011

Puck Drop 2011: Team Review Epilogue

Hope you folks enjoyed reading the breakdown on each team in the WTHL. It was a giggle as I killed time at work. Value is all pretty subjective in the fantasy world and if history tells us anything, there are varied opinions up and down the list of GM's in this league.

Just a reminder that grades were concocted on teams before they made any moves after the draft. Someone asked if I'd do a prediction on final standings but I'm not going to bother, as everything could be turned on its head by Christmas. There's just no guessing what's going on in a GM's head, or what'll happen in the NHL.

I got a day off tomorrow and a few Rickards chilling for tonights games and tomorrow afternoon's NHL Premiere in Finland. Tonights weather in Sin Jahn's is perfect for flaking out with the game and hoping that somehow, someway both Toronto and Montreal lose tonight.

I'll make a scattered post over the season, but for now everything is back in the Commishitheads hands. Thanks for reading and I hope your teams all get the clap.


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