Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 6

The recap this week is all about the Mover and Shaker. Sure, we can discuss the fact that last year's champion has finally made a bit of a push up the ranks this week. Yeah, we could also talk about the fact that No Homers was dethroned from number one for the first time since week three (with the only other time him not being number one being after week 1). We could definitely talk about those things but the most glaring story this week is the Mover and Shaker so let's dive in.

After week six the team who gained the most points gained 24.5 overall and was one of only two teams who gained more than 10 points over the week, with the other team only gaining 12 total. The winner this week gained 3 ranks over the past 7 days to finish in 5th overall, perhaps even elongating the first tier we talked about last week by gaining 20 points on the previous 5th place holder. The inpronoucable team of KapitänMachtElch3.0 was the stellar team this week and the massive performance in comparison to the rest is why it's today's main focus. There was no fight. This team is crowned Mover and Shaker hands down, winning a free move dropping him from 8 used to 7.

The stats. Click to make big:

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