Monday, November 21, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 7

This weeks review will be short and sweet and not because there is nothing to say. The league is still very active with quite notable movement, but this week we'll only declare the winner (mainly because this weeks update is late as it is).

As it was last week, one team dominated all others with a massive gain. In fact, pretty much the exact same scenario as last week happened again with another team. The 23.5 points gained this week from the winner was 10 more than the only other team to a break 10 point gain (like last week). Also, this team jumped from 8th to 5th rank over the week and this too matches the achievement from the winner last week. This goes to show that the mid tier pack is quite unpredictable at this point. For this week, the dominator was Milltown Moose and for his dominance he is the Mover and Shaker in week 7. He gains a free move dropping him from 7 used to 6.

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