Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mid Season Survey Results

The Season 7 Opinion Survey is now closed and below is a rundown of the results. As you will see, the most enlightening piece of information we learn from this, is that very little needs changing according to the majority.

The first question as always is to gather general opinions on any changes we put in place this year based on last years voting. As you can see below, most everyone is happy:

The one GM who wasn't totally happy had only an issue with the number of minimum goalie games needed, wanting them to be increased.


In the world of complaints over GM actions, there are very few who actually have complaints or see issues with any of the mentioned Grievances this year.

Grievance #1 - The Ploughman Rule

Asking whether this tactic should be banned or not, GM's said...

Grievance #2 - Draft Day Trading

Asking whether or not this should be banned, GM's said...

Grievance #3 - Tanking for Picks

Asking how GM's feel about this, they said...

We did dive much deeper into this topic in the survey however, first asking whether or not it's the tanking for picks itself being the problem. Here's what we discovered.

As you can see, two of the biggest issues within this topic are Carrying NA players and minimum player games. Fortunatly, we had questions in this survey concerning those very topics.

NA Players

Asking whether there should be a max on NA players at any given time during the season, GM's said...

When questioned what the total number should be, GM's said...

Minimum Player Games

When asked whether or not we should instate minimum player games within the league, GM's said...

And when questioned what the number of games should be, GM's said...


Stat Categories

GM's were first asked how they felt about the number of stat categories we currently have, with below being the results:

Based on those results, it's perhaps not surprising how the results turned out regarding possibly adding two new ones, those being Take Aways and Time on Ice.

Transactions Carry Over

GM's were also asked whether we should be allowed to Carry remaining transactions over to the next year, with the following being what the responded with:

As you can see, there is really nothing to vote on at the end of they year save a couple questions regarding NA Players and Minimum player games. Other than that, all is well in Dub land. Good stuff.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 12

There will be no week in review this time around, but the mover and shaker award for week 12 is the season long bottom dweller of the league. With his 8.5 point gains this week, this newbie to the Dub pushed off all competition to take home the prize. Though he has no chance in hell of winning the league this year, he does win a free move this week, dropping from 11 used to 10.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 11

At the early stages of this season we focused on how all the past champions are doing so far this year and after week 11, we'll do the same. 3 of the past 5 (the 6th is no longer with us) are stuck in the bottom tier at the moment, all fighting for lottery positions. Greatness, Untrust and Sunnyvale Shithawks are all struggling to make anything happen this year. The most recent champs however, inTIMidators and Ploughman's Posse, are pushing hard to stay within the top ranks of the league now that they've got up there. They sit in 3rd and 4th position currently with only 5 points seperating them... though it should be noted that they are both still 30 points behind the 2 league leaders.

In moving and shaking, we have a first for the year with Porter's Penguins winning for the 2nd week in a row. His team, after struggling all year, has finally started to push his way up the ranks. After his 14 point drive this week, he now sits in 11th overall. After sitting 15th for the first 10 weeks, this drive to the top is impressive and time will tell if he can keep moving on up. He'll have one additional move to play with to make this happen, now at 2 used instead of 3.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 10

After week 10, we see a shift in the placement of teams and with it the structure of the tiers. For the first time in several weeks we have a new 3rd place team, the inTIMidators, who scuffled past Roly Snipes. What is decieving about this placement is that it's not so much about this team rising to the occasion, as it is about the teams above him sprialing downward leaving plenty of room for the two on top breathe a sigh of relief. The 2 tiers we have discussed in recent past have now split into 3 distict battles, with the only one that truly matters of course being the one between No Homers and King Flameheads who sit alone in their own top tier, 30 points ahead of 3rd place. This would be the 2nd battle. Teams 3 down to 8 are seperated by only 20 or so points creating quite the fight for 3rd overall. Teams 9 thru 16 still fight for lottery placement and have no real shot at any of the top 3 ranks at the moment. Things are still early however. The league is very unpredicable, but this is the outlook as of now.

In Moving and Shaking we have movement and shaking from more a likely candidate than last week. From the top of the league to the depths of despair, we shift focus to Porter's Penguins who gained 17.5 points this week to push himself above 100 points total for the first time since the end of the first week. It's unclear what this little push means at the moment, but the crowning of Mover and Shaker this week should add some cheer to this GM's spirits. With the crowning comes a free move dropping him from 4 used to 3.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 9

After the first week in the third month, the two tiers we discussed last week remain intact with the only real battles taking place being in bottom tier where everyone is fighting for 9th overall. The tough realization when they get there is that they are still over 40 points below 8th. Teams are so tightly locked into their positions in the top tier that it'll be tough to take either one of them down a notch now. In respect to each other in the top 8, there was absolutley no movement in positions from last week, save the top 2. No Homers, who finished first last week, was toppled by King Flamehead. The see-saw nature of these two so far this year look to be shaping up to be an epic battle for the championship...

In  Moving and Shaking we've had something happen that we haven't in a couple years when FigJam broke a record by being the first to do so. The team that takes home the Mover and Shaker award this week finished in the top two last week and the rarity of either of the top two ranked teams winning this award is notable. King Flamehead, with his 15.5 gain this week is the noteworthy one, just edging out Sunnyvale Shithawks (a figher in the second tier) for the win. With it he gains a free move leaving him with 10 used, down from 11.

The stats: