Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 10

After week 10, we see a shift in the placement of teams and with it the structure of the tiers. For the first time in several weeks we have a new 3rd place team, the inTIMidators, who scuffled past Roly Snipes. What is decieving about this placement is that it's not so much about this team rising to the occasion, as it is about the teams above him sprialing downward leaving plenty of room for the two on top breathe a sigh of relief. The 2 tiers we have discussed in recent past have now split into 3 distict battles, with the only one that truly matters of course being the one between No Homers and King Flameheads who sit alone in their own top tier, 30 points ahead of 3rd place. This would be the 2nd battle. Teams 3 down to 8 are seperated by only 20 or so points creating quite the fight for 3rd overall. Teams 9 thru 16 still fight for lottery placement and have no real shot at any of the top 3 ranks at the moment. Things are still early however. The league is very unpredicable, but this is the outlook as of now.

In Moving and Shaking we have movement and shaking from more a likely candidate than last week. From the top of the league to the depths of despair, we shift focus to Porter's Penguins who gained 17.5 points this week to push himself above 100 points total for the first time since the end of the first week. It's unclear what this little push means at the moment, but the crowning of Mover and Shaker this week should add some cheer to this GM's spirits. With the crowning comes a free move dropping him from 4 used to 3.

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