Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mover and Shaker - Week 11

At the early stages of this season we focused on how all the past champions are doing so far this year and after week 11, we'll do the same. 3 of the past 5 (the 6th is no longer with us) are stuck in the bottom tier at the moment, all fighting for lottery positions. Greatness, Untrust and Sunnyvale Shithawks are all struggling to make anything happen this year. The most recent champs however, inTIMidators and Ploughman's Posse, are pushing hard to stay within the top ranks of the league now that they've got up there. They sit in 3rd and 4th position currently with only 5 points seperating them... though it should be noted that they are both still 30 points behind the 2 league leaders.

In moving and shaking, we have a first for the year with Porter's Penguins winning for the 2nd week in a row. His team, after struggling all year, has finally started to push his way up the ranks. After his 14 point drive this week, he now sits in 11th overall. After sitting 15th for the first 10 weeks, this drive to the top is impressive and time will tell if he can keep moving on up. He'll have one additional move to play with to make this happen, now at 2 used instead of 3.

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