Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Well, there is still no NHL hockey season for we within 'The Dub' to enjoy. That truly sucks big reindeer balls. On that note, I did want to take this time to wish everyone a Happy Holidays. Any other year I would be handing out charity (3 moves to bottom feeder team) tomorrow but it looks like that won't be happening this year. With no games yet to have been played, and thus no points accumulated, we're all bottom feeders... or top dwellers, depending on your point of view. Regardless, there is no hockey in sight for this year, so now we must all set our sights on 2013. Maybe the NHLPA and/or the owners will make a new year's resolution to get a deal done. I wouldn't hold my breath though.

In the meantime, Happy Holiday's everyone and best wishes going into the new year!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Still No Season

The NHL and NHLPA are still bickering over how to split their billions of dollars while the fans of hockey sit on the sidelines waiting. It's been a rather frustrating experience and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that. With games now cancelled up to the end of Nov, we are definitely not going to see a full 82 game schedule. I personally do not see any resolution to this madness coming any time soon anyway and I didn't have much hope for a season when the lockout first started.

With regards to the WTHL, there are still matters to fully hammer out before the start of next year (should we lose the full season). A proposal has been made on how to handle contracts and the like, but it has not been fully set in stone as of yet. While nobody has commented on the proposed actions, some have vocalized their discontent and it's likely the rules will go up to a vote... like anything else we've ever done in the league.

With that in mind, be sure to check out the league page on Yahoo and read what those contract changes are,and please provide some feedback should you not like what you read, or even if you do. We have until next spring to fully hammer things out, none the less, but it's good to know what's coming up for the league and how people feel about it... that is, should any of us even care about hockey any more by then. It feels like we should all boycott the fuckers... but that's a rant for another day.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Draft Day Regardless of Lockout

The season (for us) officially starts in less than 12 hours when the 2012-2013 draft begins. Regardless of what the NHL are doing, we are going to go ahead with our regular plans and hope that they get their heads out of their asses long enough to hammer our a deal before the entire season is lost. Whenever the NHL season starts, so will our scoring. Until then, everything else that the league has to offer will be available; trades, add/drops, etc.

Please take the time to review the conversations on the main league board. What will happen should we lose an entire season (or even partial) has been posted there. This is your chance to build on those thoughts or even negate them and keep in mind that if nobody challenges anything, those rules are what we definitely go with. Keep that in mind.

Have fun at the draft everyone. This is one we've been anxious about for a long time now. It should be a blast. Good luck all!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Draft Commeth

In just seven days and a few hours, we will be starting the live draft for the 8th season on the WTHL. Due to the talent available after the first ever keeper contracts expired, this year's draft is one of the most anticipated days in league history, and is sure to draw most (if not all) GM's to the live event. The countdown above will keep you posted on when it's about to start, but as a reminder it's 10pm NL time, next Sunday September 16th.

When the draft is completed, trading, adding, dropping and everything else revolving around this beloved league will begin again. That much we know. What we do not know is whether or not we'll have an NHL to use for our league. Those details we should find out the day before or after, but no matter what happens we will be going ahead with the draft and anything else we can within the league. The plan is to wait things out and whenever the NHL starts, we will as well with whatever rosters we have at that time (after any trades or adds/drops).

So, what happens if the entire season is cancelled? The only thing we can really do in that situation is declare the season dead, but the keeper contracts must be obeyed. What this means is that a year would tick off any current keepers as they would any other year. Everyone will be able to choose next years keepers from this seasons dead roster (after the draft, trades, add/drops, etc), like they would any other year. This is really the only thing we can do, but we will certainly discuss this further as the season opens up. That's the plan as of now, but I'm truly hoping that we don't lose the full season anyway, so hopefully no plan for this kind of situation has to be implemented.

Regardless, be there for the draft folks. It'll be a doozy!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Keepers Now Final

September 1st has come and gone and with that has any thoughts on what final keepers will be as the lists are now final. All GM's managed to get their lists in on time, meaning nobody had to face the random draw of players, which I'm sure is great for all parties involved.

The keeper tracker page has been updated to the current lists and is available in it's normal location on the stats pages (linked on the left hand side). This could be useful for anyone who wants to add the players to their exclude lists in the pre-draft rankings...

... and remember, Draft Day is exactly 2 weeks away. With or without the NHL season, the WTHL draft will be going ahead on our normal drafting weekend. Be sure to mark your calenders or set your reminders. This is one draft day you do not want to miss!

Deadline Day Deal

As the final hours were ticking on keeper deadline day, two GM's were busy hammering out a trade before Keepers were due and trading ceases for the off-season. Here's what Porter's Penguins and Ploughman's Posse managed to accomplish.

From Ploughman's Posse:
D. Backes and J. Pitkinen
13th round pick (via inTIMidators)

From Porter's Penguins:
Paul Martin
3rd round pick (via Ploughman's Posse)

The trade has been tracked in all appropriate places on the stats pages.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Trade

As the off season gets closer to ending (just 3 more days), another trade has been made, this one between Roly Snipes and Greatness and here's what it involved:

From Roly Snipes:
Carl Hagelin
10th round pick (via Killbot Factory)

From Greatness:
Sam Gagner
11th round pick (via King Flameheads)

The trade has been tracked in all appropriate places on the stats pages.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Second Off Season Trade

The second off season trade of the year has been made, this one between FIGJAM and Zig Zag Zambonies. Here's what it involved:

From Zig Zag Zambonies:
Teddy Purcell
3rd round pick (via King Flameheads)

Marcus Johansson, Colin Greening and Pascal Dupuis
4th round pick (via Untrust)

The trade has been tracked in all appropriate places on the stats pages.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rank History Updated

The rank history page has been updated with the 11-12 year end positions calculated into the overall rank history. You can find the updated listing on the Stats Sheets page, or check out the screen shot below (which can be clicked to make bigger).

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Coming Soon: Keeper Day 2012

About 2 weeks ago, the first reminder of Keeper deadline day was sent to all GM's. Temporary lists have already been submitted by a few of the swift ones out there, which is always a smart move in case something happens on or before the deadline day. In 2 more weeks, the final day to submit lists of 10 keepers will come and go, and if how fast the last 2 weeks have gone are any indication, this time won't be long passing either. With that in mind, the following will be big and bold for any GM's who happen to visit this blog in the coming days.

Keeper Selections are DUE SOON
September 1st, 2012

Major Boo Boo

At the end of last season, one team made a mistake of epic proportions and it was a mistake that many did not even pick up on. Those who did pick up on it held the information tight to their chests in hopes that the one team that could gain from this other team's mistake would not notice.

Late last year, as the season was winding down GM Joe decided to drop one Daniel Sedin while he was injured and likely to miss the rest of the season. This particular player was a 3rd year keeper and one which could not be carried forward anyway. After being dropped, due to him being IR all teams passed up on grabbing him during the waiver period. A few days later however, GM Tim snagged him from free agency as a gamble on him coming back for a few games during the season.

Here's the kicker. Because Sedin had cleared waivers, his keeper status was removed (as dictated in the rule book) which means that this talented player is now available as a brand new keeper for the team which currently has him on their year end roster; Tim. There is no doubt that he will be kept and thus he will not be available for drafting.

That was one major boo boo.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Guide to the WTHL - 2012/13 Season

Everything you need to know about the Wasting Time Hockey League is (/will eventually be) here. The topics of this 'Rule Book' are below:

Lottery Draft / Keeper League / Trades
Min GamesCompetitions / Random Tidbits

League Name: Wasting Time Hockey League
Custom League URL:
League Fee: $50.00
Prize Payout: $500 for 1st, $200 for 2nd and $50 for 3rd.
Scoring Type: Rotisserie
Max Teams: 16
Roster Positions:
C, C, C, LW, LW, RW, RW, W, F, D, D, D, D, Util, G, G, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR, IR, IR
Stat Categories: 
G, A, P, +/-, PIM, PPP, SHP, GWG, SOG, FW, W, L, GAA, SV%, SHO
Draft Type: Live Draft (w/ Lottery)
Post Draft Players: On Waivers (2 days)
Max Games Played: 95
Max Moves: 28
Waiver Time: 2 Days
Max Trades: NONE: Trade Reject Time: 5 DAYS
Trade End Date: 2-3 weeks before end of season

--The changes for next year--

  • We have upped the 50 goalie game minimum to be played in all future seasons to 82 games, with the penalty of not doing so be quite severe.
  • We have instated a 1200 player game minimum to be played in all future seasons, with the penalty of not doing so be quite severe.
  • Keepers this season are 10, thus we only have 13 draft rounds going forward.

Keeper League Details

If you are looking for the KEEPER TRACKER, CLICK HERE.

-- Keeper Player Due Date --
The due date for each team to provide the Commish their Keeper Selections is the end of day September 1st and they must be provided ranked 1 through 10. The reason for a deadline is to give the commish enough time to set up the draft for all teams.
  • NOTE: Should any GM NOT get their keepers in by the deadline, 10 players will be randomly (by way of draw) selected from their team for them. 
-- Keeper Players --
Each team returning must select 10 Keeper players from their final roster of the previous season. Any player from any position can be selected, but when they are selected, these players will be then considered 'under contract' to this team.

-- The Contract --
Each keeper player will be owned by a GM who drafted them for up to, and no more than, 3 full seasons. After their contract is up, they will become free agents and available for any team to draft that year. These end contract players will only be available for selection after the keeper player rounds are finished, typically starting in round 9(12).
  • Teams/GM's are NOT required to keep the K player for the full duration of the contract. The player can be dropped at any time and made available for any team to acquire.
    • If a new team does acquire this K player while on waivers, they will STILL be under the original contract on that new team.
    • If the player clears waivers after being dropped, he is then released of his contract. If a team picks him up after that point, he will be not be considered under contract.
  • A season or year is considered a period between draft day to draft day.
-- Keeper Trades --
Should a team trade this under contract keeper player, the team who acquires them will assume that contract. If team A had the K player for 2 years and trades them, Team B will only be able to have this player for 1 year before they are available for drafting again.

  • Keepers DO NOT have to be be traded for Keepers. Any player can be traded for any player.

Live Draft - Lottery Style

A lottery will take place to determine who places where in the next years draft. For this event, there will have to be at least 2 GM's present with the Commish, but it is preferable to have a majority present (if nothing else to have a party together).

-- How it Works --
The bottom 8 seeded teams (9-16) of each season will get a certain number of entries (balls) into the lottery based on their season end ranking, with the worst team receiving the fewest number of entries. For example, the team ranked 16th will get 1 entry; the 17th will get 2, 16th - 3, etc. The order of the draft will then be selected in descending order with the first ball picked being the 8th pick in the following years draft. The 2nd ball picked will be the 7th pick on down to the last ball picked being the first selection overall. The object in this situation is to NOT have your ball picked.

For the top 8 teams from last year, they will fill places 9-16 in the draft with the top seeded get 16th and last pick. The 2nd seed with get 2nd last and so on. However, these teams will also have their own lottery to determine the 9th overall pick and a chance to move up in the lottery itself.

-- Pre Lottery 
The top 8 seeds from the previous season will be given a certain number of entries based on their position with the 2 top ranked being excluded. Team 3 and 4 will be given 1 ball; 5 and 6 given 2 balls with 7 and 8 getting 3 balls. One ball will then be selected and the team that owns it will recieve no worse than 9th overall pick. This team then joins the full lottery with 9 balls.

-- Live Draft --
The live draft for the selections after the keepers for each season will occur in mid September of each year. 

Season Game Play - Trades

The rules for trading players during the season are fairly strait forward and can be found below:
  • Any player can be traded for any player, whether they be a Keeper player or not.
  • There will be NO league voting or commissioner voting for any trades during the season. What two GM's decide is a fair trade is up to them.
--Off-Season Trading--
Players can be traded in the off-season should any GM's wish to do so, and can include swapping draft picks for the upcoming season, but not beyond.
  • All trades must be finalized before the keepers are selected on September 1st. Thus, trade deadline day is the end of day August 31st of each year.
-- Trade Add-Ons --
You can use the following trade addons to your advantage. Should you wish to process a trade with either of these scenarios, both GM's must notify the commish with the details to ensure validity.

-Trading Draft Positions-
Each team has the ability to trade draft picks for the following season (For example, Team C can trade a player and their 2nd round pick to Team D for a player and their 3rd round pick). For each of these types of transactions, there are a couple of guidelines:

  • There must be an equal number of picks exchanged. Team A cannot trade 2 picks for 1 pick, for example, as the system will not allow that.
  • The trading of draft picks can only be for the following season and not any season beyond that.
  • Picks can be Re-Traded however many times necessary.
-Trading Transactions-
Teams are also able to attach transactions (add/removes) to their trades (For example, team A can trade a player and 2 transactions to team B for a player). This is a handy incentive come the end of year where some teams have none left while others have plenty. It it important to note  however that you cannot trade these in the offseason.

Neither of the above addons can occur without players being swapped as well. These are addons only and cannot be used independently. For example, one cannot trade a transaction for a draft pick (as of now). 

-- 3+ way Trades --
Trades can worked out between any number of GM's, but please note these important rules:
  • There must be email confirmation involved all GM's involved in the trade before it's valid (mainly if it involves addons)
  • Once a 3+ way trade commences, it cannot stop. No GM can back out when the first trade is made. A penalty will be enforced if this happens.
-- Penalties --
Should there ever be a dispute in any trade between GM's about the number of transactions or trade swaps (or anything) involved in any trade, all GM's involved in the trade will suffer a penalty. 

The players (and/or addons) which were involved in the original trade(s) will be swapped back to the original owner. More importantly, each GM will also lose 5 transactions (for making the commish have to fuck around). If the team has no transactions left, the penalty will be a force down of 3 draft positions, swapping with the teams below them.

Season Game Play - Min Games

Minimum Games
To increase parity and game activity for the league, we have instated minimum games to be played in both categories with a penalty for the GM(s) who fail to do so.

Each GM must play at minimum of 1200 player games overall.

Each GM must play a minimum of 82 goalie games

Failure to play the minimum in either of the above will result in a massive loss for the team. They will lose 3 of their top ranked non 3rd year keeper players/goalies (to be put back for drafting), their top 2 highest draft picks (swapped with the worst picks of other teams, to be determined by a lottery) and 10 transactions in the following season.

Season Game Play - Competitions

During every season, there are a number of rewards given out to exceptional (or sometimes not) teams. Below are those competitions and giveaways.

Weekly Point Gain Competition:
Every week the team with the largest point gain will be rewarded a free transaction (Add/Remove). We refer to this as the Mover and Shaker award and is selected and announced on each Sunday of the season.

Christmas Charity Drive
The team in the very last spot on Christmas day will be given some charity to help their pathetic team: 3 free Transactions!

All Star Competition
At the All Star Break, the team on top in each of the stat categories will be rewarded 1 free transaction (Add/Move) for each stat (17 total). Should any team tie in a particular stat, nobody will be rewarded the move.

Additional Bonuses
GM's have the opportunity to voice their opinions on how the league will operate throughout each year. The incentive for doing these surveys (besides having a say in how the league works) will be 1 entry into a draw for 2 free moves

Season Game Play - Random Tid Bits

Season Surveys
Throughout each season, there is normally two surveys conduced within the league. The first being an information gathering tool, usually launched mid season. It's followed by the second close to the end of the season, which is normally a final vote on anything discovered in the first survey. Every GM is encouraged to participate.

Major No No's
There are 2 things which the league will not tolerate:

1) Conducting deals with assets outside of the game itself (e.g. money, booze, favors, etc)
2) Not being at all active for a period of 1 month without reason.

The penalty for either of these will be a loss of your highest non traded pick, in exchange for another teams last overall non traded pick, which will be decided by one random draw of all Teams

The 'Dumping' of players to another team is not permitted and will not be tolerated. The penalty for such behaviour could result in a loss of your team in the league. Don't temp the commish-ithead mutha fuckers!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

ZZZ Get's GM Advice

GM Aaron of the Zig Zag Zambonies had a wonderful treat recently when he got the opportunity to meet Stevie Y. This is not just a wild story as the proof is below!

I'm not sure how or why it happened, but I'm curious if he asked Stevie any advice for his team next year. If so, that's totally unfair and he should face a penalty. I kid of course, but wow, what a great day for GM Aaron I'm sure. Just being in the presence of this great NHL talent must provide some inspiration. Look out for this guy next year folks!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

First Off Season Trade

The first of season trade of the year has been finalized and it's perhaps no surprise that it's one involving the reigning champ No Homers, as he is not one to shy away from trading. The deal involving picks and players was conducted with Milltown Moose who is out of the gates early on improving his team.

Here's what it involved:

From Milltown Moose:
Burrows ZZZ's 8th round pick

From No Homers:
Gigurere Milltown Moose's 4th round pick

The trade has been tracked in all appropriate places on the stats pages.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012 Lottery Results

Its' always an awesome time when a majority of the GM's can muster together for a celebration, and last nights gathering was no different. 10 of the 16 GM's were in attendance last night as we all shared a beverage while talking hockey reflecting on the season gone by. The big festivities of the evening was the lottery however, and what a doozy it was this year.

After things started off slow with no movement at all in the pre-lottery draw (Milltown Moose stayed in 9th) the main lottery was full of surprises. For the first time since inducting the lottery draft, the one ball was selected. This position has never moved until this year and this year it moved big time, dropping all the way to 6th position. It was a shocking moment and one can only imagine how ZZZ feels about it. The number one pick in the end went to Killbot Factory who moved up one to take that place.

Every other team moved up (Milltown Moose, Porters Penguin's and Sunnyvale Shithawks all up 2, Figjam and Killbot up 1) or stayed even (Caribous and InTIMidators) in the draft except Untrust, who dropped 3 positions down to 9th.

Check out the results below (also found on the Draft Pick Tracker page)

Thanks again to all the GM's who came out. It was a grand time had by all. Trading is now officially open and this Commish suspects we'll see a few off season deals this season. Some deals have already begun to be hashed out. None the less, trades or no trades, next years draft will be an exciting one.

Stay tuned to the blog over the summer as new posts will be made as relevant info comes up. First up will be an update of the Rule Book which will happen sometime in the near future.

In the meantime, enjoy the off season!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bash and Draft Lottery Next Week

In less than one week, next Saturday May 12th, one era ends while a new one begins. The 7th season will officially end that night as will the reign of Ploughman's Posse, with No Homer's taking control of the title.

The first ever end to 3rd year keeper contacts happen this season as well, making this years lottery an exciting one. We are now starting to see the fruits of all the development that poured into this league over the past few years. It doesn't end with the keepers either, as it looks like we have the league pretty solidified now. Barring any grievances that may arise next season, the Commish believes that no further surveys may be needed even. It's a beautiful sight when a democracy works to achieve near mass acceptance.

The lottery itself will take place this night while as many of the GM's that we can be mustered celebrate a hard fought season. It should be fun times!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pre-Lottery Placement

In just under 2 weeks we'll be conducing the lottery draft to determine placements for the ultra exciting 2012-2013 draft which features a bevy of exiciting players available after the first of the keeper era contracts expire.

As a reminder, we have a 2 stage system setup whereby all teams (save the 1st and 2nd placed teams) get a chance at the number 1 draft pick, with the teams in the top 8 having by far the best chances.

For a breakdown of chances for the number one pick, please see below.

Total Balls = 12 - One ball selected - Winner bumps to 9th pick and gains entry into full lottery.

8th place - Milltown Moose - 3 Balls
7th place - KapitänMachtElch3.0 - 3 Balls
6th place - Greatness - 2 Balls
5th place - Flames - 2 Balls
4th place - Roly Snipes - 1 Ball
3rd place - Ploughman's Posse - 1 Ball

The main goal in the pre lottery is to HAVE your ball selected.

Draft Lottery
Total balls = 45* - First nine draft positions are selected in descending order. (*Changes per round as balls are selected and removed)

08th place - Winner of Pre Lottery / Milltown Moose - 9 Balls
09th place - The inTIMidators - 8 Balls
10th place - Sunnyvale Shithawks - 7 Balls
11th place - Untrust - 6 Balls
12th place - Porter's Penguin's - 5 Balls
13th place - Caribous - 4 Balls
14th place - FIGJAM - 3 Balls
15th place - The Killbot Factory - 2 Balls
16th place - Zig Zag Zambonies - 1 Ball

The main goal in this lottery as we select each round is to NOT have your ball selected.

Final Rosters Posted

The final rosters from the 2012-2012 season have now been collected and posted on the WTHL Stats Sheet pages. The page lists all the players found on the final rosters of each team and highlights all the year 3 keepers, as an easy reference. Remember, these players are no longer available to be kept.

You can easily find the rosters using the menu to the left or head on over the stats sheets and browse from there using the navigation menu.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

2011-2012 Champion


The 2011-2012 season was an exciting one that featured many different tactics from the GM's. Those who went for the win over rebuilding for future years battled very hard with two teams commanding the year on top. King Flamehead's and No Homers were those two teams and they stood neck and neck the entire year. No Homers pulled away in the final weeks of year and didn't look back. With King Flameheads and no other team able to take him down on the final days, he is crowned the leagues 7th champion. Congratulations No Homers!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

11-12 Year End Survey Results

Based on the opinions gathered in mid season survey, the results of the very short year end survey may not come as a surprise. For the topics covered, this is has perhaps been the most GM's have been in sync since we began the tireless task of making this league perfect. With that said, here are the results.


When asked whether or not we should instate a minimum number of total PLAYER games in this league to be played aeach year, here's what the 16 GM's had to say:

In reference to exactly how many games must to played, here's what GM's chose:

The results tell us that going forward starting next year, all teams are required to play 1200 games at least (out of the 1330 total) or suffer a massive penalty the following year (which will be fully discussed below).

This should be no problem for any team as if you used this year as an example, every team buy 2 have reached this mark without even worrying about a penalty. This will essentially prevent teams from tanking in the future by not playing games.


This season saw a new rule instated with goalies whereby every team was to play 50 goalie games. While this rule worked perfectly for most everyone in the league, a slight adaptation was still needed to make everyone fully happy. What was suggested was bumping this minimum number of games up to 82. When the GM's were queried on doing this, here is what they said:

So, it's done. We're upping the minimum number of games to 82, starting next season.


The penalty for not playing the minimum games is one that has been set already for the goalie games this year. We will therefore extend this to the player games as well. This can be challenged next season if 4+ GM's would like to open it up for debate. Until then, here is what it will be:

Should any team NOT play a minimum of 1200 player games and 82 goalie games, the team(s) will lose 3 of their top ranked potential keepers, the highest draft pick they possess and 10 transactions in the following year.


These rules that we put in place next year are intended to increase parity between teams in the league and to help ensure every is equally active, which potentially will help achieve said parity. This is a good thing and league offices are thrilled that most everyone is on board.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 25

This time next week we'll have declared the 7th champion of our beloved league. With this being the last week of play coming up, let's have a look at how all the past winners are looking. 

  • The Pussy Pounders franchise first year under new ownership and with a brand new team continues to struggle greatly. As he has been all year, he sits dead last... by a long shot.
  • Year two and three's champions Sunnyvale Shithawks and Untrust have nothing really to write home about and haven't really all season. The sit in 10th and 11th respectively.
  • Year four's champ Greatness continues to climb up the ranks as he has for the past couple of months. He currently sits in 6th place. It's not likely he'll climb much further but his compete is having a definite affect on the teams above him. 
  • Year five's champ The inTIMidators picked things up towards the end after a tremendous downward spiral a little while back. Sitting in 8th spot now, he's the leagues number one mover at the moment.
  • Last year's champ Ploughman's Posse continues to complete in impressive fashion. After fighting with Roly Snipes for 3rd overall in the recent weeks, he has now taken a big leap over him and in fact currently sits only 7 points back of number 2 and 14.5 below first.

It's certainly going to be an interesting finish, no doubt about that.

In Moving and  Shaking over the week, The inTIMidators took home the prize for the 2nd week in a row. His gain of 13.5 points this week gives him the title and a free move dropping him from his the max amount of 28 down to 27.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 24

The award of a free move has already been given to the team that won Mover and Shaker after Week 24 (last Sunday) but we have yet to post the information. The inTIMidators took home the prize after a stunning week of play. He was one of only two teams to enter double digits in gains and was 6 points up on Milltown Moose in that fight.

Stats including average rank over the month is below:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 23

This week is all about consecutive...

For the first time since the end of the 7th and 8th week, No Homers has managed to hold onto the top spot for 2 weeks in a row. This also marks the first time since those early weeks that King Flameheads has been in number 2 for consecutive weeks. In the battle between the two teams, the trend is far better for the former of the two but it's still anyone's game at this point...

In moving and shaking we see another 'two in a row' with Sunnyvale Shithawks being the best team over the week after winning the title last week. All 3 weeks this month so far have been gains for this team, with a total of 22.5 points up during that time. Now placed in in the top 8 (at 8), this is the highest position SS made this year (save one wild week at the end of week 2 where he finished 4th) after solidly being locked at number 9 or 10 all season. It's unclear where the team will go from here during the last few weeks, but the free move he wins this week, dropping him to 20 used, is an added tool to help him achieve whatever that is.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 22

Last weeks mover and shaker was calculated, but unfortunately not announced. The stats are below and the winner was Sunnyvale Shithawks who gained 9.5 during the 7 days. His free move has now been applied for this win bringing him down to 21 moves used.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 21

The exciting battle within the top two ranks rages on. After No Homers grabbed the lead at the end of last week for the first time in months, King Flamehead's takes it back at the end of Week 21. They both remain the only 2 team above 200 points, meaning there is no real threat from anyone else. With the two teams only a few points away from each other however, it's impossible to tell which one will take the prize in the end... and who knows, there could be surprises yet...

The real story this week though is not the battle on top, but instead the charge coming up the ranks from one particular team. Greatness surged again this week blowing all competition out of the water with his 17 point gain. This charge will crown him Mover and Shaker for this week and it should be noted that it's the 3rd time  he's won this year, since the end of week 14 in fact. He has now gained 40 points and 4 ranks since that time which is a pretty darn impressive charge. The win this weeks gives him a free move to help him with this upward climb, dropping him from 10 used to 9.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 20

After a dozen weeks of King Flameheads commanding the top spot, No Homers, who has held onto 2nd for that same duration, finally pushed the long standing team off the top. No Homers is not new to this number one rank however, having been there for several weeks early this year and is the only other team besides KF to be in that position more than once. In fact, there has only been two other teams to be on top at all this year and that was Roly snipes after week one and Untrust after week three. Since the start of the 2nd month however, No Homers and King Flameheads have not dropped out of 1st or 2nd which provides ample amount of evidence to suggest that this entire year to date has been a battle between these two teams, and it's equally evident that this is how the battle for championship will continue to the end.

In moving and shaking, we have a bottom dweller making a push up the ranks. The Killbot Factory gained 10 points this week to push him out of 2nd last place into 13th. For being the highest gainer of the week this team wins a free move dropping him from 11 used to 10.

Here are the stats including average placement over Month 5:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 19

After 19 weeks in play, let's check in how all previous winners of 'The Dub' are doing as this weeks Mover and Shaker is one of them.
  • Year one's winner Pussy Pounders is no longer with us and the new GM of that team sits dead last as he has all year. Nothing new here as ZZZ, sleeps his way to the end.
  • Year two and three's champions Sunnyvale Shithawks and Untrust are both are struggling this year. They currently sit in 9th and 10th positions respectivly with no real hope of moving up much higher. 
  • Year four's champ Greatness is having a great month so far with 3 strait weeks of gains totally 26 points and 2 ranks. He's now reached the top 8 but is still 69 points back from the current leader. 
  • Year five's champ The inTIMidators is on a massive downward spiral, perhaps the worst in league history. He has now dropped a whopping 43 points since the start of this month, falling from 4th overall to 11th. Ouchie.
  • Last year's champ Ploughman's Posse is having a consistanly good season as he continues to nip at heels of the 2 current leaders. Though he still sits 30 points back from the current number one, he is perhaps the only one at this point who could challenge the top 2 come year end.
In moving and shaking, this weeks winner is the champ from year 4, Greatness, who moved up 3 ranks this week with this gain of 11.5 points. With this win, he adds a free move dropping him from 8 used to 7.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 18

Something happened over the course of this week that hasn't happened in many weeks; No Homers built on his momentum gained last week to topple King Flameheads from the number one position. He stayed there for 2 days before falling a spot behind King Flameheads once again, who ended up finishing the week where he's been for many weeks now, at the very top. The race is far from over and the fight between these two front runners is now more exciting than ever. It's expected that they will see-saw their way between 1 and 2 for the rest of the race. Only time will tell where each will end up, but the battle to the end will indeed be interesting and who knows, maybe there's a surprise team out there yet...

In moving and shaking we have one team who commanded the battlefield taking a massive 20.5 points during the week. It's likely that this team would have preferred to see such gains earlier in the year and prior to his sell off of players, but none the less, Untrust had a great battle this week. This team was only 1 of 7 to gain in points over the past 7 days and he also bested all those by over 10 points. Though he still sits far out of contention for any prizes, he is the mover and shaker this week and with that he gains a free move, dropping him from 20 used to 19.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 17

In the past few weeks, the mover and shaker award winners have been localized in the bottom ranked teams. This is fairly normal as these are the teams that have the most to gain. Things are a tad different this week however, as the team who gained the most after week 17 currently sits in 2nd. No Homers is pushing hard to regain the number one spot where he has not sat in about a dozen weeks. The 11.5 points he gained since the stats were last tracked two Sunday's ago put him only 1.5 points being King Flameheads. The free move gained by the winner this week drops him from 23 used to 22 and provides a little extra help in this  teams push to glory. It'll be interesting to see how it all turns out...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

All Star Break Winners

Below is a breakdown of the winners of the annual All Star Break Contest and their runners up.  You can click the image to make it bigger.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 16

Since the end of week seven, King Flamehead has held the number one spot and No Homers has held number two, which is now 10 strait weeks in those positions. Just behind them is last years champ, Ploughman's Posse, who has held onto the third spot for three strait weeks. These facts, combined with the knowledge that the next closest team is currently 20 points behind third, solidifies the thought that this years championship is now a three way race... as of right now. With the flurry of massive trades that took place this week, combined with trade deadline day looming in just over a month (should there be anything left to be traded by then) and the fact that there is still just under half the year to go, makes this race far from a completely sure one.

In moving and shaking we saw a pretty tight battle with ten of the sixteen teams rising in points. The champ from two years ago held off the pack behind him in the end with his 7.5 point gain. The inTIMidators is the winner this week as he pushes into a tie for fourth overall. With the win, his max moves drop from 15 used down to 14.

Please note that next week is all star break meaning we won't have a mover and shaker award next Sunday and the one in two weeks time will be a combination of the two broken up weeks. Don't fear however, you can still look forward to the All Star Break awards next week.

The stats, including average rank over the month (click to make bigger):

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 15

We are now past the half way mark for the 2011-2012 season and it appears to be a 3 way race to the finish at this point. There's lots of game left yet of course, but as it stands now, King Flameheads, No Homers and last years champion Ploughman's Posse are in the best positions to take home the top prize. They essentially sit alone within their own tier on top. In their tier below them stands 5 teams: Roly Snipes, Milltown Moose, Flames, KapitänMachtElch3.0 and The InTIMidators. This tier is at most only 56.5 points behind the number one position and can conceivably finish in any of the top 3 ranks, should they pick up steam. Beyond that, it's not looking good for the final 8 teams who at the very least sit almost 100 points back from number one. Some incredible miracles would have to happen at this point for either of them to even move into the 2nd tier, let alone the top 3.

In analysis of moving and shaking this week, the clearest thing to notice is that very few points were actually gained in the 7 days. 8 teams did indeed gain some points, but in total only 29 points were captured with the top gainer only grabbing 7.5 points. Caribous, the 2nd last place team, was this top gainer and while he really has no chance to win any big prizes, he can perhaps smile about reaching 100 points again. This leaves ZZZ to be the only team below that mark (way way below). As mover and shaker this week, Caribous gains a move dropping him from 7 used to 6.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 14

As the top few teams settle into their respective positions, hoping to not be toppled by anyone below them, the teams further down continue to battle hard. It's unclear how much of a battle these teams are actually consciously doing but regardless, they all are fighting for positioning. The biggest fight this week was between Figjam and Greatness who both gained more than 10 points over the 7 days and were extremely close to each other come the final bell. In the end, Greatness had a bigger push by a mere 0.5 points and with his 11.5 overall, he takes home this weeks Mover and Shaker award. The win brings his total moves down to 8.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 13

Thirteen weeks have now passed and while it's been quick going for most of the league, there is one team who has likely found it to be an extremely long one so far. After being pegged as one of the top teams on paper at the start of this year, Untrust has suffered badly in the first dozen weeks. In week thirteen however, things appear to be turning around for him. After gaining 16 points over the 7 days, he is crowned mover and shaker for the week which perhaps gives him a slimmer of hope for the rest of the year. It'll take more than hope to win this thing though, as he currently sits in 10th spot and over 90 points behind first place. He does gain a free move to help him along the way however, dropping him from 15 used to 14.