Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 20

After a dozen weeks of King Flameheads commanding the top spot, No Homers, who has held onto 2nd for that same duration, finally pushed the long standing team off the top. No Homers is not new to this number one rank however, having been there for several weeks early this year and is the only other team besides KF to be in that position more than once. In fact, there has only been two other teams to be on top at all this year and that was Roly snipes after week one and Untrust after week three. Since the start of the 2nd month however, No Homers and King Flameheads have not dropped out of 1st or 2nd which provides ample amount of evidence to suggest that this entire year to date has been a battle between these two teams, and it's equally evident that this is how the battle for championship will continue to the end.

In moving and shaking, we have a bottom dweller making a push up the ranks. The Killbot Factory gained 10 points this week to push him out of 2nd last place into 13th. For being the highest gainer of the week this team wins a free move dropping him from 11 used to 10.

Here are the stats including average placement over Month 5:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 19

After 19 weeks in play, let's check in how all previous winners of 'The Dub' are doing as this weeks Mover and Shaker is one of them.
  • Year one's winner Pussy Pounders is no longer with us and the new GM of that team sits dead last as he has all year. Nothing new here as ZZZ, sleeps his way to the end.
  • Year two and three's champions Sunnyvale Shithawks and Untrust are both are struggling this year. They currently sit in 9th and 10th positions respectivly with no real hope of moving up much higher. 
  • Year four's champ Greatness is having a great month so far with 3 strait weeks of gains totally 26 points and 2 ranks. He's now reached the top 8 but is still 69 points back from the current leader. 
  • Year five's champ The inTIMidators is on a massive downward spiral, perhaps the worst in league history. He has now dropped a whopping 43 points since the start of this month, falling from 4th overall to 11th. Ouchie.
  • Last year's champ Ploughman's Posse is having a consistanly good season as he continues to nip at heels of the 2 current leaders. Though he still sits 30 points back from the current number one, he is perhaps the only one at this point who could challenge the top 2 come year end.
In moving and shaking, this weeks winner is the champ from year 4, Greatness, who moved up 3 ranks this week with this gain of 11.5 points. With this win, he adds a free move dropping him from 8 used to 7.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 18

Something happened over the course of this week that hasn't happened in many weeks; No Homers built on his momentum gained last week to topple King Flameheads from the number one position. He stayed there for 2 days before falling a spot behind King Flameheads once again, who ended up finishing the week where he's been for many weeks now, at the very top. The race is far from over and the fight between these two front runners is now more exciting than ever. It's expected that they will see-saw their way between 1 and 2 for the rest of the race. Only time will tell where each will end up, but the battle to the end will indeed be interesting and who knows, maybe there's a surprise team out there yet...

In moving and shaking we have one team who commanded the battlefield taking a massive 20.5 points during the week. It's likely that this team would have preferred to see such gains earlier in the year and prior to his sell off of players, but none the less, Untrust had a great battle this week. This team was only 1 of 7 to gain in points over the past 7 days and he also bested all those by over 10 points. Though he still sits far out of contention for any prizes, he is the mover and shaker this week and with that he gains a free move, dropping him from 20 used to 19.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 17

In the past few weeks, the mover and shaker award winners have been localized in the bottom ranked teams. This is fairly normal as these are the teams that have the most to gain. Things are a tad different this week however, as the team who gained the most after week 17 currently sits in 2nd. No Homers is pushing hard to regain the number one spot where he has not sat in about a dozen weeks. The 11.5 points he gained since the stats were last tracked two Sunday's ago put him only 1.5 points being King Flameheads. The free move gained by the winner this week drops him from 23 used to 22 and provides a little extra help in this  teams push to glory. It'll be interesting to see how it all turns out...