Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pre-Lottery Placement

In just under 2 weeks we'll be conducing the lottery draft to determine placements for the ultra exciting 2012-2013 draft which features a bevy of exiciting players available after the first of the keeper era contracts expire.

As a reminder, we have a 2 stage system setup whereby all teams (save the 1st and 2nd placed teams) get a chance at the number 1 draft pick, with the teams in the top 8 having by far the best chances.

For a breakdown of chances for the number one pick, please see below.

Total Balls = 12 - One ball selected - Winner bumps to 9th pick and gains entry into full lottery.

8th place - Milltown Moose - 3 Balls
7th place - KapitänMachtElch3.0 - 3 Balls
6th place - Greatness - 2 Balls
5th place - Flames - 2 Balls
4th place - Roly Snipes - 1 Ball
3rd place - Ploughman's Posse - 1 Ball

The main goal in the pre lottery is to HAVE your ball selected.

Draft Lottery
Total balls = 45* - First nine draft positions are selected in descending order. (*Changes per round as balls are selected and removed)

08th place - Winner of Pre Lottery / Milltown Moose - 9 Balls
09th place - The inTIMidators - 8 Balls
10th place - Sunnyvale Shithawks - 7 Balls
11th place - Untrust - 6 Balls
12th place - Porter's Penguin's - 5 Balls
13th place - Caribous - 4 Balls
14th place - FIGJAM - 3 Balls
15th place - The Killbot Factory - 2 Balls
16th place - Zig Zag Zambonies - 1 Ball

The main goal in this lottery as we select each round is to NOT have your ball selected.

Final Rosters Posted

The final rosters from the 2012-2012 season have now been collected and posted on the WTHL Stats Sheet pages. The page lists all the players found on the final rosters of each team and highlights all the year 3 keepers, as an easy reference. Remember, these players are no longer available to be kept.

You can easily find the rosters using the menu to the left or head on over the stats sheets and browse from there using the navigation menu.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

2011-2012 Champion


The 2011-2012 season was an exciting one that featured many different tactics from the GM's. Those who went for the win over rebuilding for future years battled very hard with two teams commanding the year on top. King Flamehead's and No Homers were those two teams and they stood neck and neck the entire year. No Homers pulled away in the final weeks of year and didn't look back. With King Flameheads and no other team able to take him down on the final days, he is crowned the leagues 7th champion. Congratulations No Homers!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

11-12 Year End Survey Results

Based on the opinions gathered in mid season survey, the results of the very short year end survey may not come as a surprise. For the topics covered, this is has perhaps been the most GM's have been in sync since we began the tireless task of making this league perfect. With that said, here are the results.


When asked whether or not we should instate a minimum number of total PLAYER games in this league to be played aeach year, here's what the 16 GM's had to say:

In reference to exactly how many games must to played, here's what GM's chose:

The results tell us that going forward starting next year, all teams are required to play 1200 games at least (out of the 1330 total) or suffer a massive penalty the following year (which will be fully discussed below).

This should be no problem for any team as if you used this year as an example, every team buy 2 have reached this mark without even worrying about a penalty. This will essentially prevent teams from tanking in the future by not playing games.


This season saw a new rule instated with goalies whereby every team was to play 50 goalie games. While this rule worked perfectly for most everyone in the league, a slight adaptation was still needed to make everyone fully happy. What was suggested was bumping this minimum number of games up to 82. When the GM's were queried on doing this, here is what they said:

So, it's done. We're upping the minimum number of games to 82, starting next season.


The penalty for not playing the minimum games is one that has been set already for the goalie games this year. We will therefore extend this to the player games as well. This can be challenged next season if 4+ GM's would like to open it up for debate. Until then, here is what it will be:

Should any team NOT play a minimum of 1200 player games and 82 goalie games, the team(s) will lose 3 of their top ranked potential keepers, the highest draft pick they possess and 10 transactions in the following year.


These rules that we put in place next year are intended to increase parity between teams in the league and to help ensure every is equally active, which potentially will help achieve said parity. This is a good thing and league offices are thrilled that most everyone is on board.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mover and Shaker - Week 25

This time next week we'll have declared the 7th champion of our beloved league. With this being the last week of play coming up, let's have a look at how all the past winners are looking. 

  • The Pussy Pounders franchise first year under new ownership and with a brand new team continues to struggle greatly. As he has been all year, he sits dead last... by a long shot.
  • Year two and three's champions Sunnyvale Shithawks and Untrust have nothing really to write home about and haven't really all season. The sit in 10th and 11th respectively.
  • Year four's champ Greatness continues to climb up the ranks as he has for the past couple of months. He currently sits in 6th place. It's not likely he'll climb much further but his compete is having a definite affect on the teams above him. 
  • Year five's champ The inTIMidators picked things up towards the end after a tremendous downward spiral a little while back. Sitting in 8th spot now, he's the leagues number one mover at the moment.
  • Last year's champ Ploughman's Posse continues to complete in impressive fashion. After fighting with Roly Snipes for 3rd overall in the recent weeks, he has now taken a big leap over him and in fact currently sits only 7 points back of number 2 and 14.5 below first.

It's certainly going to be an interesting finish, no doubt about that.

In Moving and  Shaking over the week, The inTIMidators took home the prize for the 2nd week in a row. His gain of 13.5 points this week gives him the title and a free move dropping him from his the max amount of 28 down to 27.