Sunday, May 27, 2012

First Off Season Trade

The first of season trade of the year has been finalized and it's perhaps no surprise that it's one involving the reigning champ No Homers, as he is not one to shy away from trading. The deal involving picks and players was conducted with Milltown Moose who is out of the gates early on improving his team.

Here's what it involved:

From Milltown Moose:
Burrows ZZZ's 8th round pick

From No Homers:
Gigurere Milltown Moose's 4th round pick

The trade has been tracked in all appropriate places on the stats pages.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012 Lottery Results

Its' always an awesome time when a majority of the GM's can muster together for a celebration, and last nights gathering was no different. 10 of the 16 GM's were in attendance last night as we all shared a beverage while talking hockey reflecting on the season gone by. The big festivities of the evening was the lottery however, and what a doozy it was this year.

After things started off slow with no movement at all in the pre-lottery draw (Milltown Moose stayed in 9th) the main lottery was full of surprises. For the first time since inducting the lottery draft, the one ball was selected. This position has never moved until this year and this year it moved big time, dropping all the way to 6th position. It was a shocking moment and one can only imagine how ZZZ feels about it. The number one pick in the end went to Killbot Factory who moved up one to take that place.

Every other team moved up (Milltown Moose, Porters Penguin's and Sunnyvale Shithawks all up 2, Figjam and Killbot up 1) or stayed even (Caribous and InTIMidators) in the draft except Untrust, who dropped 3 positions down to 9th.

Check out the results below (also found on the Draft Pick Tracker page)

Thanks again to all the GM's who came out. It was a grand time had by all. Trading is now officially open and this Commish suspects we'll see a few off season deals this season. Some deals have already begun to be hashed out. None the less, trades or no trades, next years draft will be an exciting one.

Stay tuned to the blog over the summer as new posts will be made as relevant info comes up. First up will be an update of the Rule Book which will happen sometime in the near future.

In the meantime, enjoy the off season!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bash and Draft Lottery Next Week

In less than one week, next Saturday May 12th, one era ends while a new one begins. The 7th season will officially end that night as will the reign of Ploughman's Posse, with No Homer's taking control of the title.

The first ever end to 3rd year keeper contacts happen this season as well, making this years lottery an exciting one. We are now starting to see the fruits of all the development that poured into this league over the past few years. It doesn't end with the keepers either, as it looks like we have the league pretty solidified now. Barring any grievances that may arise next season, the Commish believes that no further surveys may be needed even. It's a beautiful sight when a democracy works to achieve near mass acceptance.

The lottery itself will take place this night while as many of the GM's that we can be mustered celebrate a hard fought season. It should be fun times!