Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Major Boo Boo

At the end of last season, one team made a mistake of epic proportions and it was a mistake that many did not even pick up on. Those who did pick up on it held the information tight to their chests in hopes that the one team that could gain from this other team's mistake would not notice.

Late last year, as the season was winding down GM Joe decided to drop one Daniel Sedin while he was injured and likely to miss the rest of the season. This particular player was a 3rd year keeper and one which could not be carried forward anyway. After being dropped, due to him being IR all teams passed up on grabbing him during the waiver period. A few days later however, GM Tim snagged him from free agency as a gamble on him coming back for a few games during the season.

Here's the kicker. Because Sedin had cleared waivers, his keeper status was removed (as dictated in the rule book) which means that this talented player is now available as a brand new keeper for the team which currently has him on their year end roster; Tim. There is no doubt that he will be kept and thus he will not be available for drafting.

That was one major boo boo.

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