Sunday, September 16, 2012

Draft Day Regardless of Lockout

The season (for us) officially starts in less than 12 hours when the 2012-2013 draft begins. Regardless of what the NHL are doing, we are going to go ahead with our regular plans and hope that they get their heads out of their asses long enough to hammer our a deal before the entire season is lost. Whenever the NHL season starts, so will our scoring. Until then, everything else that the league has to offer will be available; trades, add/drops, etc.

Please take the time to review the conversations on the main league board. What will happen should we lose an entire season (or even partial) has been posted there. This is your chance to build on those thoughts or even negate them and keep in mind that if nobody challenges anything, those rules are what we definitely go with. Keep that in mind.

Have fun at the draft everyone. This is one we've been anxious about for a long time now. It should be a blast. Good luck all!

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