Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Draft Commeth

In just seven days and a few hours, we will be starting the live draft for the 8th season on the WTHL. Due to the talent available after the first ever keeper contracts expired, this year's draft is one of the most anticipated days in league history, and is sure to draw most (if not all) GM's to the live event. The countdown above will keep you posted on when it's about to start, but as a reminder it's 10pm NL time, next Sunday September 16th.

When the draft is completed, trading, adding, dropping and everything else revolving around this beloved league will begin again. That much we know. What we do not know is whether or not we'll have an NHL to use for our league. Those details we should find out the day before or after, but no matter what happens we will be going ahead with the draft and anything else we can within the league. The plan is to wait things out and whenever the NHL starts, we will as well with whatever rosters we have at that time (after any trades or adds/drops).

So, what happens if the entire season is cancelled? The only thing we can really do in that situation is declare the season dead, but the keeper contracts must be obeyed. What this means is that a year would tick off any current keepers as they would any other year. Everyone will be able to choose next years keepers from this seasons dead roster (after the draft, trades, add/drops, etc), like they would any other year. This is really the only thing we can do, but we will certainly discuss this further as the season opens up. That's the plan as of now, but I'm truly hoping that we don't lose the full season anyway, so hopefully no plan for this kind of situation has to be implemented.

Regardless, be there for the draft folks. It'll be a doozy!!

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