Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mover and Shaker - Week 2

It's unfortunate that league offices has not kept any record books on the number of weekly transactions and trades, though even without it, it's not difficult to assume that this week broke a record. The number of bodies and picks that swapped teams, or from free agency/waivers to teams this week, was quite incredible: 16 trades involving 45 players and 60+ player adds since last Saturday. That is a lot.

It's too early to say what all this movement will do in the future, but it appears the league is tightening up in rank positions already (as it was assumed that this year parity would be high). Last Sunday, the highest point total for the team on top was Porter's Penguins' 222, and the lowest was King FlameHeads' 74. The KF still has the lowest this week, but it's 10 points higher at 84, and the highest rank - now a tie between Milltown Moose and FIGJAM - is at 179 points. It's also interesting to note that teams 1 through 13 are only 43 points away from each other, and this includes two separate tied positions (at 1 and 6). Last years champ No Homers and perennial bottom dweller Zig Zag Zambonies sit with King FlameHeads in the league depths, at least 20 points out of 13th.

In Moving and Shaking we have the team commanded by GM of the Year last year jumping from 13th overall to 6th with his 44 point gain. Roly Snipes beat out The InTIMidators by just 3.5 points to be crowned this weeks award winner. With this win, as always, he gets a free transactions dropping him from 7 used to 6.

The stats below. Make big by clicking, should you wish.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mover and Shaker - Week 1

This is the first ever Mover and Shaker award to be presented after only one night of action, as season game play generally begins on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. Due to the lockout however, the season began on a Saturday this year and popular demand said we should do the first award after that one night. So here we are and the results are interesting...

The first thing that jumped out after day one is that the two teams who battled each other from beginning to end of last season started out in the opposite position this year. King Flameheads, who finished second last year by just a few points, starts out down 139 points from last year to be dead last of the 16 teams. Current champion No Homers isn't having much of a better start after dropping 117 points to be second last. Not a great start after one day for these two, that's for sure.

In Moving and Shaking the opposite direction, we have a bit of a surprise. It was nearly certain that Zig Zag Zambonies would win today's award after finishing in such a horrible position last year; his record low final points total of 41.5 and all. While he did rise a massive 92.5 points, he did not have the best point gain in the end. That honour goes to Porter's Penguins who topped 100 points in gains, 107 total in fact. The point gain pushed him up 11 ranks from end of last season to start the year in the number one spot. With this achievement, he is crowded the 8th season's first Mover and Shaker, giving him one free move, dropping him from 0 used to -1.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

It Finally Begins

In just a few short hours the first of the games for the 12-13 NHL season will finally begin and with it, so will the 8th season of the WTHL. With the shortened season and everything that comes with it, combined with the spread of players in 'The Dub' this season plus the new minimum game rules, it is believed that this year will be one of the most exciting we've had yet. Parity is at an all time high and I believe all GM's have enough experience and interest to make a real go for the money and pride. Anything can happen in this wacky world of course, but it should definitely be an amazing year... half year. Good luck to all GM's!

Remember the Min Game Penalty

The main reason for posting today however was to reiterate the rules we've put in place regarding min games (even this season with the numbers being in ratio lower). Everyone must remember the penalty for not reaching those minimum games, which is quite severe (as posted in rulebook):

Failure to play the minimum in either of the above will result in a massive loss for the team. They will lose 3 of their top ranked non 3rd year keeper players/goalies (to be put back for drafting), their top 2 highest draft picks (swapped with the worst picks of other teams, to be determined by a lottery) and 10 transactions in the following season.

As a reminder from what was posted in the previous post, here is the info on min games:

Total Player Games ABLE to be played (14 x 56) = 784
Total Player Games MUST be played = 702

Total Goalie Games ABLE to be played (2 x 56) = 112
Total Goalie Games MUST be played (2 x 56) = 48

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lockout Adjustments

Due to the very unfortunate lockout, we have to make some amendments to our rule book for this season, mostly surrounding the new rules we put in place this year regarding minimum games. Because it would highly unfair, and likely impossible, to achieve the 1200 player games and 82 Goalie games this season, we've decided to adjust the rules using a percentage based on the number of games in the NHL season this year. Below is what we've done. It will apply to the 2012-2013 season ONLY (or if we ever have another half season).


NHL games per normal season: 82
Current season games: 48
48 / 82 = 0.585 = % of normal season

Total number of PLAYER games able to be played: 1330
Minimum number of PLAYER games to be played in normal season: 1200
1200 X 0.585 = 702 PLAYER games minimum = Minimum to be played this season

Total number of GOALIE games able to be played: 190
Minimum number of GOALIE games to be played in normal season: 82
82 X 0.585 = 48 GOALIE games minimum = Minimum to be played this season

Remember that NOT reaching these minimums will result in a severe penalty as we all agreed upon last year.


We will also have to look after the MAX GAMES situation in the league as well, which will also be a % of what we normally have; 95 games per roster slot. Using the same calculations as above, it would come out to be something like this:

48 / 82 = 0.585 = % of normal season
Max Games per position: 95 per (Player and Goalie)
95 X 0.585 = 56 MAX games per position


The only other thing we've decided to change is the max moves allowed in a season, which is normally 28. We will use the same calculations as above to figure out what our max is this year:

28 x 0.585 = 16 moves total available for this shortened season

Please note that these changes have now been applied to the league. Good luck this season!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lockout is Over

It appears to be a jubilant day for hockey as the NHL lockout is seemingly over, so they media and twitterverse are now reporting. Apparently a deal was struck late last night, and it looks like we'll get a half a season after all. This is great news for we fantasy hockey fans... provided everyone isn't so disgusted with the NHL that they don't even want to take part in the leagues any more. I can't see that being the case, but it is a possibility I'm sure. This lockout was horrible for we fans and to be honest, if it weren't for 'The Dub', I don't know if I'd be excited at all about the return of the NHL. I am though. I can't wait to get this thing started up!

With the league not losing a full year, all previous discussions on what we'd do if the full year was lost go out the window. We no longer have to worry about any of that stuff. What we do have to consider is what we do this season regarding max games, moves, and all that jazz. I'm suggesting that we just leave it as is for the year (unless yahoo prorates things on their own or something). Sure, we'll in no way reach our 95 games max and likely not max out in moves or anything either, but we've all suffered enough. I say we just state "Game ON" and away we go.

At the time of posting this, there is no certainty of when the league will actually start back up but it has been suggested that the season could start Jan. 15 at the earliest and Jan. 19 at the latest. More to come on all this in time. For now, get your teams ready!