Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lockout Adjustments

Due to the very unfortunate lockout, we have to make some amendments to our rule book for this season, mostly surrounding the new rules we put in place this year regarding minimum games. Because it would highly unfair, and likely impossible, to achieve the 1200 player games and 82 Goalie games this season, we've decided to adjust the rules using a percentage based on the number of games in the NHL season this year. Below is what we've done. It will apply to the 2012-2013 season ONLY (or if we ever have another half season).


NHL games per normal season: 82
Current season games: 48
48 / 82 = 0.585 = % of normal season

Total number of PLAYER games able to be played: 1330
Minimum number of PLAYER games to be played in normal season: 1200
1200 X 0.585 = 702 PLAYER games minimum = Minimum to be played this season

Total number of GOALIE games able to be played: 190
Minimum number of GOALIE games to be played in normal season: 82
82 X 0.585 = 48 GOALIE games minimum = Minimum to be played this season

Remember that NOT reaching these minimums will result in a severe penalty as we all agreed upon last year.


We will also have to look after the MAX GAMES situation in the league as well, which will also be a % of what we normally have; 95 games per roster slot. Using the same calculations as above, it would come out to be something like this:

48 / 82 = 0.585 = % of normal season
Max Games per position: 95 per (Player and Goalie)
95 X 0.585 = 56 MAX games per position


The only other thing we've decided to change is the max moves allowed in a season, which is normally 28. We will use the same calculations as above to figure out what our max is this year:

28 x 0.585 = 16 moves total available for this shortened season

Please note that these changes have now been applied to the league. Good luck this season!

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