Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mover and Shaker - Week 1

This is the first ever Mover and Shaker award to be presented after only one night of action, as season game play generally begins on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. Due to the lockout however, the season began on a Saturday this year and popular demand said we should do the first award after that one night. So here we are and the results are interesting...

The first thing that jumped out after day one is that the two teams who battled each other from beginning to end of last season started out in the opposite position this year. King Flameheads, who finished second last year by just a few points, starts out down 139 points from last year to be dead last of the 16 teams. Current champion No Homers isn't having much of a better start after dropping 117 points to be second last. Not a great start after one day for these two, that's for sure.

In Moving and Shaking the opposite direction, we have a bit of a surprise. It was nearly certain that Zig Zag Zambonies would win today's award after finishing in such a horrible position last year; his record low final points total of 41.5 and all. While he did rise a massive 92.5 points, he did not have the best point gain in the end. That honour goes to Porter's Penguins who topped 100 points in gains, 107 total in fact. The point gain pushed him up 11 ranks from end of last season to start the year in the number one spot. With this achievement, he is crowded the 8th season's first Mover and Shaker, giving him one free move, dropping him from 0 used to -1.

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