Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mover and Shaker - Week 6

After pointing out the tiers last week, things have begun to tighten up slightly this week, further defining said tiers. The top group of Greatness, Figjam and Milltown Moose remains the same, though the leading two are now in a virtual tie with only 0.5 points separating them. Untrust has pushed himself into the 2nd tier - this one begins about 20 points behind the top tier - giving some competition to Roly Snipes and inTIMidators who had command of the grouping this time last week. Ploughman's Posse still controls the third tier, which begins after another 20 point drop separating 2nd and 3rd groupings. Whereas this group had eight teams last week however, now there are five, as two teams have sunk into the dark depths of the league, all of which are at least 100 points behind the league leader.

In moving and shaking there are only six teams in contention as ten of them lost points this week. Only four of those gained more than 10 points, and two teams slugged it out until the bitter end. Untrust and Figjam were the highest point gainers the past 7 days with Untrust sneaking out the win by only 4 points, a total of 22. With this, he gains a free move dropping him from 12 used, to 11.

The stats - click to enlarge

NOTE: Updated shortly after posting. Untrust was winner, not Figjam. Sawry.

Monday, February 18, 2013

New Stats and Trackers Home

In fear that Google will cease their GooglePages thing some day (because, come on, who uses GooglePages?) I decided to move all the stats and trackers information to this site. It's better to have everything in a uniform fashion within the same location anyway, so taking the time to move things around was well worth it. I'll keep the other one active though, for the time being.

The links on this page have been updated to the new homes, and you can access the start page to the new section using the menu up top.

Go on b'y, check it out!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mover and Shaker - Week 5

After the first week of a new month we are seeing a few different tiers form, separating the competitors from the pretenders. On top we have one tier of three teams lead by Greatness at 208.5 points, and not far behind him are FIGJAM and Milltown Moose who are pushing to keep the ex champ in check within this tight top tier. Twenty points behind that tier we have The inTIMidators and Roly snipes within their own small grouping, virtually tied at 173 and 172 respectively. Nearly another twenty points behind them two stands another ex champ, Ploughman's Posse, who leads the next group with 157 points as part of a larger tier of eight teams. These eight have a lot of work to do to get into the higher groups, but not as much as the bottom dwelling three teams who aren't even worth mentioning, considering they aren't even above 100 points as it stands today.

In Moving and Shaking we had some fierce competition between KapetanSnagaLosa11.0 - who is part of the third team of 8 teams - and the higher ranked Roly Snipes. In the end, even though the Kapetan had an 8 point gain on the final night, Roly Snipe's 3 point gain was enough to push him 1.5 points higher to be crowned champion. With this win he gains a free move, dropping him from 12 used to 11.

The stats (Click to make big...)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mover and Shaker - Week 4

A month of stats have now been calculated, and with that information we can take a look at averages to see who has been constant competitors thus far. Looking at the average ranks over the month, there are two teams tied at top with a 2.5 average placement: Milltown Moose and FIGJAM. Just behind those two, and perhaps only because of one poor week, stands Greatness with a 4.5 average placement. Untrust sits in 4th with an average rank of 5.75, while Porter's Penguins is in 5th with his average of 6.75 - though it should be noted that the latter team is very much on his way down the ranks having finished 11th in the past 2 weeks after a strong start. The InTIMidators, Roly Snipes and Ellicott Inferno round out the top 8 with a 7.25, 7.5 and 7.75 average rank respectively, though the last team in that list does not currently sit in the top 8 spots. It'll certainly be interesting to see if any or all these teams are able to stick where they are or if other teams will rise to the occasion in the coming weeks.

In moving and shaking we have a team who has shot up the ranks lately, last week solidifying a 3rd spot overall and this week pushing to the number 1 spot. Greatness pulls out a 25.5 point gain this week and takes home the award for the second week in a row. His win gives him another move dropping him from 10 used to 9.

The stats, including average rank over the month (click to make big):

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mover and Shaker - Week 3

Now that we are couple weeks into the league, it's about time we check in to see how all the past champs are doing. Excluding the retired Pussy Pounders GM who won the first year, here's how they all the past champs stack up so far in this 8th year.
  • Ellicott Inferno, who relocated from being Ultimate Bohabs after winning the prize in year 2, are having a pretty good start to the year so far, though they seem to be sliding towards the middle after starting early at or near the top.
  • Untrust, the winner of the 3rd year, has see-sawed from 6th to 8th to 4th in the last few weeks. He currently sits at the top of a very tight 2nd tier of teams that has only 20 points separating teams ranked 4 through 11.
  • Greatness, the team who won the 4th year during his inaugural season, charged up the standings this past week and pushed into 3rd overall after finishing last week in 12th.
  • The inTIMidators, champion of the 5th anniversary year, has been quiet this year, mostly poking around the middle ranks. This is where he stands today, sitting in the 8th as the rest watch on wondering if he's a contender or a pretender.
  • Ploughman's Posse, who won just 2 years ago, is in similar see-saw pattern moving around the middle to upper lower ranks. It's uncertain whether this is a rebuild year or not for this team, but is somebody to always keep an eye on.
  • No Homer's, the current reigning champ, is in a tough spot. He opened the season in 15th overall and hasn't been able to push his team hard enough to raise past the 14th mark. Anything can happen of course, but the team better get moving in this shortened season if a go of it is to be made at all.
For the Mover and Shaker award this week we will be looking at one of these 7 teams. If you read the recaps closely, it's probably not hard to tell that it's Greatness who we're going to talk about. This team had a 45.5 point drive this past week, nearly doubling that of any close competitor. This 9 rank drive solidified this weeks award and with it a free move, dropping Greatness from 9 used to 8.

The stats (Click to make big):