Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mover and Shaker - Week 6

After pointing out the tiers last week, things have begun to tighten up slightly this week, further defining said tiers. The top group of Greatness, Figjam and Milltown Moose remains the same, though the leading two are now in a virtual tie with only 0.5 points separating them. Untrust has pushed himself into the 2nd tier - this one begins about 20 points behind the top tier - giving some competition to Roly Snipes and inTIMidators who had command of the grouping this time last week. Ploughman's Posse still controls the third tier, which begins after another 20 point drop separating 2nd and 3rd groupings. Whereas this group had eight teams last week however, now there are five, as two teams have sunk into the dark depths of the league, all of which are at least 100 points behind the league leader.

In moving and shaking there are only six teams in contention as ten of them lost points this week. Only four of those gained more than 10 points, and two teams slugged it out until the bitter end. Untrust and Figjam were the highest point gainers the past 7 days with Untrust sneaking out the win by only 4 points, a total of 22. With this, he gains a free move dropping him from 12 used, to 11.

The stats - click to enlarge

NOTE: Updated shortly after posting. Untrust was winner, not Figjam. Sawry.

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