Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mover and Shaker - Week 11

With slightly less than a month of action left in the 8th season of the WTHL, the leaders of the pack are making it tough for anyone else to cling onto any hope of winning. There is a fierce battle being fought between Greatness and FIGJAM at the top, who are separated at the moment by only 0.5 points. Lucky for them, due to the duo being about 30 points above any other challenger, they only have to worry about each other. There is another minor battle for 3rd overall taking place as well, as Milltown Moose attempts to hold onto the position ahead of the charging Caribous. Behind them are twelve teams who are jockeying for either their best possible rank to keep there average rank history in check, or worst possible rank - while reaching minimum games - in hopes for a better lottery position.

In moving and shaking we're going to do something slightly different this time around. Due to missing last weeks stats, we'll be looking at the top movers over the past two weeks - Note that we said 'movers', with an s. This week we'll be rewarding not one, not even two, but three of the biggest point gainers. There wasn't much of a gain from anyone however, with the top mover being Caribous with only a 9 point jump. This was enough to get him a move though, dropping him from 11 used to 10. The other two highest point gainers both captured 7.5 points over the 2 week period. No Homers and The inTIMidators were the teams and they both win a free move, both dropping from their max used of 16, down to 15.

Stats below. Just click to make it bigger.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mover and Shaker - Week 9

There will be no write up this time around, but a huge special thanks goes to GM Dave of the Caribous for collecting this information in week 9 (though it's unfortunate that he didn't continue for week 10. Tsk, Tsk). His calculations revealed that Porter's Penguins was the Mover and Shaker that week, meaning his number of moves drop from 2 used, down to 1.

Stats here. Click to make big.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mover and Shaker - Week 8

Another month has passed in this shortened season, bringing us to about the half way mark. GM's are jockeying for position as the weak begin to die off. In the top ranks, there is a battle - a war even - brewing nicely between FIGJAM and Greatness who both finished the month with an average placement of 1.5. Milltown Moose continues to nip at both their heels with his average placement over the month at an even 3 - having not moved from that spot all month. The inTIMidators and Untrust round out the top 5 in average placement, both tied at 5.25.

A new category has been added the tracking sheets this month, this one to help visualize how far, up or down, that teams have moved since the same point the month prior. The 'Month Movement' column tells us that FIGJAM gained by far the most over the month - 38.5 points - followed by King Flameheads, Ploughman's Posse and the Caribous with 22, 19 and 18 points up respectively. It also shows a epic dive from Fast and Bulbus, who fell 54 points this month.

Turning our attention now to the Mover and Shaker award, our focus goes to Caribous. This team gained a whopping 22 points over the week, 10 points up from any competition he may have had. With this achievement  he has been crowned week eight's award winner, giving him a free move. He now has 11, down 1 from 12.

The stats. Click to zoom in. Make it big.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mover and Shaker - Week 7

This week is all about dominance.

The most any team can possibly total in our league is 272 points (which is 17 stats times 16 points). This is being mentioned now because the top ranked team FIGJAM, currently sits less than 40 points behind that mark with his dominating total of 235.5 points. This team is also more than 20 points ahead of his next competitor in second place, Greatness, who sits with 213.5 points. We haven't seen dominance like this since Ploughman's Posse run to the cup a couple years ago.

In moving and shaking, we had a few teams who pushed hard this week. Caribous and King Flameheads both gained over 10 points - 14 and 11 respectively - but, unfortunately for them, they were held out of the win by none other than FIGJAM ,who gained 17.5 points this week. It's a rare thing to see a Mover and Shaker award be given out to the top ranked team, but this is not the first time that FIGJAM has achieved it. He was the first to ever do so back in the 10-11 season. With this spectacular achievement this time around, he wins a free move dropping him from 11 used to 10.

The stats - click to enlarge