Monday, April 29, 2013

2012-2013 Champion

It was an incredible run for this years champion, who dominated the majority of the season in the number one position.  Though Greatness - and basically nobody else - gave FIGJAM a run for his money throughout the year, he could not compete with the incredible game that this years champ has played, which essentially began last year by way of developing a wonderful draft. From there, to great picks in that draft, to solid moves all season, the champ title is extremely well deserved. There has been a few teams to have done such dominating over the years on their way to the championship, but none have finished with so many points - 245 in total. Amazing. Simply amazing.

Congratulations to FIGJAM for taking home the top prize this year, and also to Greatness who finished 2nd, plus Caribous who pushed his way up the ranks to finish in 3rd.

Bravo to everyone for another awesome season!

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