Friday, April 26, 2013

Important Dates 2013

Head's up to all GM's on some important dates to remember in the off season.

Monday April 29th
2012-2013 season ends with the champion being crowned. The final rosters and draft pick spreadsheets will be updated as soon as possible.

June 1st
A multi important date this will be. We will have our year end bash, and we will also conduct this year's lottery draft. Directly following that, off season trading will open. This will have to take place outside of yahoo, so be sure to let GM's know your email if interested in trading.

Sunday September 1st
10 Keepers are due end of day on this date (or 10 keepers will be randomly selected for you).

Late August / Early September
The yahoo leagues will open and all GM's will be invited.

Sunday September 15th
This is draft day for the 2013-2014 season. You definitely don't want to miss it.

Early October
NHL season (and thus 'The dub') will begin.

Be sure to keep these important dates in mind!

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