Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mover and Shaker - Week 14

In the second to last week of the season, the story for the leading teams was all about keeping steady. FIGJAM, Greatness and Caribous are holding tight to the top 3 positions, and it doesn't appear that they will be moving, one way or the other, any time soon. The basement teams are holding tight to their positions too, as they attempt to solidify a high lottery pick.

There is another story working itself out, and it involves games played. It's clear that everyone is working towards maxing out their games - because, who wouldn't? - but the most interesting aspect of this story are the couple who have yet to reach the minimum games played. Fast and Bulbus, along with Porters Penguins, are the only two who have not reached the 702 game mark. It was iffy a couple of weeks ago whether they would make it or not, but it appears that something scared them into action - perhaps the reminder of loosing keepers, picks and moves - and they will likely now reach the minimum mark come end of next week. For their sake, I hope so.

In moving and shaking - perhaps a clear message that just playing games can achieve good results - we have Porter's Penguins who destroyed all rising competition this week. His 16 point gain was 10 above his next competitor and with that achievement, he is crowned champ, gaining him a free transaction. He now has 12 instead of 13 used.

The stats - click to make big.

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