Friday, May 10, 2013

Off-Season Trackers Updated

The off-season has officially begun, and while the dust hasn't quite settled for all the GMs as of yet, updates are happening behind the scenes of the league. More specifically, though trading cannot begin until after the lottery, trackers have been updated in preparation for the potentially busy summer trading season.

The Draft Pick Tracker listing all the completed draft pick trades this past season is now ready for viewing. After June 1st, you can use this tool for trading of any of these picks.

The other handy spreadsheet that has been updated and posted is the Final Rosters sheet. Again, this will be useful when GMs attempt to pull of trades in the off-season.

Finally, the Keeper Tracker has been updated as well, adding the newest column for this years keepers - due September 1st. The Keepers that have been 'reset' after clearing waivers have been marked as well.

Like all the trackers and stat pages, all these can be found in the main hub for these pages - WTHL Stats and Trackers. Enjoy!

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