Monday, June 3, 2013

2013 Lottery Results

The 2013 Draft Lottery was conducted during the annual party - which was a blast in itself - and it was quite interesting to see unfold. 8 GM's were in attendance at the time of the draw, and what they witnessed was pretty remarkable. While it was neat enough to watch the 5th place team, having only 2 balls in the bag, be selected during the pre-lottery, it was nothing compared to what was about to happen.

The odds stayed on target at the beginning with one of the 9 white balls being selected. The pre-lottery winner thus jumped from 12th pick to 9th. What came next was pretty amazing. With 36 balls left in the bag, split between 8 teams, the odds were in favor of selecting one of the 8 brown balls next. When 'THE ONE' ball was selected, the room erupted in amazement. A 1 in 36 chance of happening proved possible, and the supposed number 1 overall pick dropped to 8th. Simply amazing.

The results of the entire lottery can be viewed below for the first round, and on the draft picks stats page for all future rounds:

Please note that trading is once again opened for the off-season, closing again end of day September 1st, after the keeper picks have been submitted.