Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another Off Season Three Way

King Flameheads is back into the mix, this time starting off a 3-way trade involving Fast and Bulbus and Ellicott Inferno, which sees Ellicott moving up to 2nd overall pick.


TO King Flameheads:
Ellicott Inferno 2nd Rd and Ellicott Inferno 2nd Rd (via FIGJAM)

To Ellicot Inferno:
King Flameheads 1st Rd (via Greatness) and King Flameheads 6th Rd


TO Fast and Bulbus:
Ellicott Inferno 1st Rd and Ellicott Inferno 1st Rd (via Greatness - acquired above)

To Ellicott Inferno:
Fast and Bulbus 1st Rd and Fast and Bulbus 3rd Rd (via Milltown Moose)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another Off Season Trade

The flurry of trades this mid July continues, this time with one that does not include King Flameheads. Two past champions swap a couple of players and picks in the following transaction:

To No Homers
Greatness 3rd Rd (via Fast and Bulbus) & Greatness 4th Rd (via Caribous)
A. Niemi

To Greatness
No Homers 7th Rd (via King Flamehads) & No Homers 7th Rd (via inTIMidators)
M. Hossa
K. Bieksa

Will this end the mid summer trading, or are we just getting started? Who knows at this point!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yet Another Trade

King Flameheads has been on an absolute trade joyride over the past week. The firey GM has just pulled off another doozy with another familiar trading partner, No Homers. Check out the details below:

To King Flameheads
No Homers 1st round (via Greatness) and No Homers 5th round

To No Homers
King Flameheads 6th round (via Greatness) and KF 7th round
N. Kadri
J. Carter

This trade pushes King Flameheads up into the first round instead of his first pick being late in the 2nd round. It in turn pushes No Homers out of the top 3 rounds, for now at least.

The question now is; is GM Harris done for the off-season, or does he have more moves up his sleeve? Time will tell!

Three Way Trade

2013's off-season continues to be a busy one this mid July. We have another trade to annouce, this time between three teams, making it the season's first 3-way. Here's how it all looks:

To Greatness
CaptainPowerMoose 1st round --- 3RD OVERALL

To CaptainPowerMoose
Greatness 1st round (via Milltown Moose) --- 9TH OVERALL
Jeff Carter


To CaptainPowerMoose
King Flameheads 3rd round (via No Homers) and King Flameheads 3rd round (via inTIMidators)

To King Flameheads
CaptainPowerMoose 4th round (via Milltown Moose) and CaptainPowerMoose 6th round (via King Flameheads)
Jeff Carter

What a doozy!

Remember that all this is being tracked in the tracker section as well. The stats sheets are updated in near real time.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Second Post Season Trade 2013

The second post-season trade once again involved the King Flameheads. He quickly shipped out Alfreddson to the Caribous in the following trade:

To Caribous
KF 3rd round (via Greatness) and KF 4th round (via inTIMidators) picks.
Daniel Alfreddson.

To King Flameheads
Caribous 5th round (via untrust) and Caribous 5th round picks.
Dustin Brown
Jack Johnson

Seems the trade season is heating up!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First Off-Season Trade of 2013

Some teams have shrugged off the summer rest period and have been working at improving their assets. Beyond just chatter, familiar trading partners Greatness and King Flameheads, two teams who finished in very different positions last year, pulled off this years first off-season trade today. Here's what was involved:

To Greatness:
4th (via Caribous) and 5th (via inTIMidators) round picks

To King Flameheads:
6th (via Greatness) and 7th (via King Flameheads) round picks
Daniel Alfredsson
Cal Clutterbuck

One team improves their draft positions, while the other improves their keepers. What else would you be doing in the off-season, right?